Facilitator Application

The Facilitator network is comprised of people who are currently engaged in facilitating the Work That Reconnects. Please submit the following information so we can best evaluate your level of experience for joining the facilitators' network. You will receive an email from us as soon as we review your application, usually within one week.

We ask for a yearly membership fee of $50 that supports the continuing development of the workthatreconnects.org website, Deep Times Journal, and Network Weaving: including membership directory, in-person gatherings, building communication platforms, mapping, surveys, and other methods for supporting collaboration and connectivity.

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Please list your background in the Work that Reconnects including the workshops/intensives you have attended, specifying when and with whom.
Describe your experience facilitating The Work that Reconnects including where, when and the size of the groups you have worked with. Are you currently offering the Work that Reconnects? In what capacity?
What additional practices, tools or skills do you include in your facilitation of the Work that Reconnects? Also list any website, facebook page, wiserearth profiles, etc. that you might like to share.
Please specify any target groups you work with (i.e. Youth, clergy, academic settings, etc)
Are you willing to be a mentor to new or existing facilitators of the Work that Reconnects? This would entail being willing to be available to share practices, supportive conversations and potentially co-facilitate with new facilitators.