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  • Aravinda Ananda
    United States
    I have been co-facilitating the Work That Reconnects for the past few years and am delighted with this form of group work. I periodically offer day-long workshops at my home in Watertown and also offer weekend-long workshops at Starseed Healing Sanctuary in western Massachusetts. I particularly love offering this work in a nature setting and involving lots of interaction with the more-than-human world.

  • rosalie anders
    I am a recently retired environmental planner for the City of Cambridge, and a lifelong peace and environmental activist. I was a social worker doing both family therapy and community organizing for many years, until my volunteer peace activism led me to switch to working for the peace movement and from there became an environmental planner. I have remained active in peace and justice and climate work. The WTR has kept me going and it is a gift I love to share.

  • Vitalia Baranyai
    Csongrad 6600
    Vitalia gives interactive workshops and lectures on permaculture, soil science and sustainability in Hungarian and English. Every now and then she facilitates Work That Reconnects workshops with Pandora Association in Hungary, but more importantly she infuses the messages of WTR and deep ecology into all her work and facilitation. She is deeply commited for bringing participarory and community learning experiences to life. She belives that we have all the knowledge and tools to heal ourselves and the Earth; all we have to do is to give space for the solutions to reach the surface. Goodness, ancient knowledge and creativity is inherent in every single one of us; Vitalia’s main goal is to awaken these and move towards a life sustaining society, so that we can live in harmony with all beings. She studied an environmental engineering and soil science in Hungary, Sweden and the United States and today lives in a tiny little corner of the Great Plains of Hungary.

  • Cindy Barnes
    Cookham Dean
    Berkshire SL6 9BH
    I work with organisations and large businesses as a business and psychology consultant. I help them to understand their interconnectedness with all stakeholders and uncover their true values and value to contribute to society and the world. I also work with individuals as a counsellor in Transactional Analysis. I facilitate introductory sessions of 90 minutes of The Work That Reconnects as well as longer 1 day and long weekend workshops. I'm a co-founder of my local Transition Town and regularly talk at conferences on sustainability.

  • Kiri Bear
    Victoria 3124
    I have worked in the community sector for over 10 years largely in the area of preventing violence against women. My group work skills have been honed through raising consciousness about power, social inequalities and respectful relationships with people of all ages. Over that time I have travelled along a parallel spiritual path that has taken me through goddess archetypes, buddhism and deep ecology not to mention wrangling with the standard human experiences of grief, despair and numbing. I am passionate about creating space for meaningful conversations where people can acknowledge shame, come to a sense of worthiness and discover their connection with Earth and all life.

  • Ellen Bermann
    Como 22060
    Ellen Bermann, born in 1965, has always been living on the cusp of different cultures and languages, particularly the german and italian one. She sees herself as a change agent, trying to contribute to these changing times and to a positive paradigm shift. She's a permaculturist and transition town activist based in italy. Passionate about Joanna's work, Ellen is disseminating the work that reconnects since 2012, but had already offered deep time work within transition trainings previously. She's a trainer for John Croft's dragon dreaming as well and loves to integrate different skills and approaches when delivering workshops.

  • Gabi Bott
    Sachsen-Anhalt 38489
    I live in the ecovillage “Sieben Linden” in the North of Germany (www.siebenlinden.de) a community with around 140 people which is a deep ecology project for me. Deep ecology or „The Work that Reconnect“ I discovered 1997. In the year 1998/99 I did a training for WTR in Germany. In 2000 I was in America and worked with Joanna Macy. Since I am back I offer workshops in WTR and holon-trainings (one year training in WTR) (www.tiefenoekologie.de) and also workshops in community bilding. And I work as a yoga-teacher and practice buddhist meditation a long time.

  • Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera
    Ontario N6P 1P3
    Co-founder and director with her husband, of The Living Centre eco-spiritual education sanctuary, est. 1083. Eco-Creativity guide and founder of Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings est. 1989 - Permaculture Educator and co-founder of WomanEarth est. 2011. Her work is inspired by indigenous cultures, The Work that Reconnects, Continuum, the science of Living Systems, Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry. and many hours in nature. Author of the Shamanu Correspondence Course, co-author of the Conscious Living Manual and Sevenfold Path of Peace Correspondence Course.

  • Werner Brandt
    I am committed to the mindful use of technology to foster social justice and ecological equality for all species. For over a decade I have been involved with The Work That Reconnects, and have facilitated the work for men. I am a lover of the earth and hold the intention that our great great grandchildren will be able to look back at our time and see that our work contributed to the Great Turning.

  • Molly Brown
    Mt. Shasta
    Molly Young Brown, M.A., M.Div, I co-authored Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World with Joanna Macy. I combine WTR, ecopsychology, psychosynthesis, and systems thinking in my work: on-line courses, writing books and essays, phone coaching, talks and workshops. Other publications: Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning; Held in Love: Life Stories To Inspire Us Through Times of Change (co-editor Carolyn Treadway); and Lighting A Candle: Collected Reflections on a Spiritual Life.

  • Vicente Brown
    As a grandfather and concerned citizen I am currently enrolled at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, for a Masters Degree in Transformative Leadership. My goals are to support the Great Turning, using myself as change agent, to bring about a environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on Mother Earth. I was born and raised in Northern California, where I have witnessed the destruction of land, water and biodiverstiy and have spent the last 20 years working in watershed restoration, fish and wildlife habitat development, job training, and environmental education.

  • Tom Butts
    Port Townsend
    I've been an anti-war activist, a professional wildlife ecologist since the sixties,. After reading Despair and Empowerment in the Nuclear Age and Thinking Like A Mountain, I have been impressed with the approach developed by Joanna Macy in the WTR to actively work toward a live able future, and am committed to bringing that work to others.

  • Victoria Byrd-Rinck
    I am a woman of 61 years and have had a life long love affair with Earth and the cosmos. After years of seeing and intuiting the unraveling of Earth I was directed to Joanna Macy's work which powerfully crystallized my feelings and understanding of my part in the Great Turning. "Coming Back To Life" was the catalyst that gave me the skills and format that launched me to more public action.

  • Gina Cenciose
    QU J0E 1P0
    I am a full time professional group facilitator offering practice for coming back to life, such as inquiry, WTR, Nonviolent Communication, Focusing, nature reconnection work, and circles of healing.

  • Kathleen Clarke
    United States
    When I am facilitating the WTR, I feel more myself than most any other time as it uses so many parts of me. For example, the process of co-facilitating provides beautiful mirroring of the Work, so we can see the love and courage in others and in ourselves. I have co-led several workshops in Tempe AZ and Portland OR. I am a bililngual clinical social worker and progressive toastmaster and have been using my writing, speaking, and expressive skills to spread the message of Active Hope. I particularly love the cross pollination between young people and elders that can arise in mentoring now that i am becoming an elder.