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The WTR Network blog is a rich collection of articles, updates, interviews and contributions from the WTR Network team and our global community of WTR Facilitator Members.

Facilitator Members are encouraged to submit blog posts to share about the work you are doing in the world. Blog posts may be submitted in any language. If you are able to provide a translation into English that is also welcomed.

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November 30, 2023 · WTR Network
“Active Hope” in Myanmar The Myanmar Youth Project Team recently launched a beautiful new website for the Myanmar Youth Project (MYP) along with... BlogBook Releases and Reviews
Tree roots growing over rocks, image: Sven Lachmann
October 11, 2023 · WTR Network
Undoing Oppression: a “new” foundation of the Work That Reconnects Developing awareness of and working to end human oppression must be woven into each dimension of the Great Turning:... BlogUndoing Oppression
Joanna and Gaia Speaking colleague, Rachael Millson
September 29, 2023 · WTR Network
The Living Body of the Work that Reconnects Creating events that utilise the spiral and integrate song circles, ancestral ceremonies, local documentaries or nature immersions, for example,... BlogFeatured Facilitators
Het Nieuwe Kompas / The New Compass 2022 Future Generations
September 20, 2023 · WTR Network
Featured Facilitator: Manon Danker When I found this work, I was seeking ways to be better equipped to work with groups and combine... BlogFeatured Facilitators
September 7, 2023 · WTR Network
Featured Facilitator: Yuka Saito The WTR helped me to trust my feelings. Not only that, it helped me to connect with my courage... Featured FacilitatorsBlog
August 28, 2023 · WTR Network
Featured Facilitator: Anna Swisher I see the world changing very fast. The WTR is so alive, it’s able to meet people wherever they... BlogFeatured Facilitators
August 9, 2023 · WTR Network
Featured Facilitator: Margo van Greta Again and again, we simply follow the spiral, and every time people get results, and are encouraged to take... BlogFeatured Facilitators
May 8, 2023 · Jo delAmor
Parenting As Activism Our work here is to comprehend the dynamic, pivotal, powerful, precious, precarious, complicated, unfolding, changing reality in which we’re... Book Releases and ReviewsBlog
June 19, 2022 · WTR Network
Activating Hope: An interview with Helen Sui For the first time, I was representing nature to talk to human beings, which is such a deep and... BlogInterviews