Work That Reconnects Network Community Member Registration

Welcome to the Work That Reconnects Network. We’re here to provide support, connections and inspiration for your journey with the Work That Reconnects. 

When you register as a Community Member of the WTR Network, you will have the option to:

♦  Appear on the WTR Network map

♦  Contribute comments on the website

♦  Create a Community Member profile

♦  Participate in the WTR Network Community Forum 

♦  Receive WTR Network newsletters and issues of the Deep Times Journal

♦  Help to support and sustain the WTR Network

As a Community Member, we ask you to pledge a monthly or annual donation that is comfortably within your means. Disparities in access to funds within our global community are significant. As a Network, we’re working to create regenerative structures and dismantle oppressive hierarchies of access based on wealth. We trust that we can sustain our collective work – and create a community of abundance – by pitching in together at our respective levels of ability. We welcome your donation at the level that feels right for you.

** After you make your donation you’ll be directed to the registration page where you can set up your Community Member profile. This step is necessary to be able to participate in the forum, appear on the map and contribute comments to the website. Community Member registration is also the first step in the process of applying to be listed as a Facilitator Member of the WTR Network.  **

Suggested Donations

Monthly donations are the most helpful, as they sustain us and help cover the expenses of operating the Network on an ongoing basis. Our suggested monthly donation range is $10-$25 USD per month

If you choose to make an annual donation instead, our suggested annual donation range is $25-$150 USD per year.

The minimum donation allowed in this form is $5 USD. If you’re not able to make an annual donation of $5 USD due to financial need or lack of access to the online payment process, we invite you to email us at [email protected] so we can add you as a Community Member free of charge.