Date: December 16, 2021
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December 16, 2021

Dear WTR Network Family and Friends,

Over the past couple of months I’ve had the great honor and joy of supporting the WTR Network-sponsored international release of the film Once You Know. It has been a profound experience of weaving connections and deepening dialogue within (and even beyond) our global WTR community as we’ve explored the central question posed in the film, “Once you know, what do you do?

The film presents a world in Collapse, in no uncertain terms. It is an honest and deeply personal reckoning with knowledge of irreversible climate change. After viewing the film many people expressed feelings of despair and anxiety, even hopelessness. Others expressed feelings of hope and inspiration. Each gathering seemed to be a container for the full spectrum of feeling and the radical act of holding and honoring all of the feelings at the same time.

As we gathered in these small groups to process and explore what the film brought up, many people expressed a sense of relief and appreciation for actually naming Collapse. For bringing this reality into clear view and facing it with honesty and love. For the deep mutual acceptance that comes from that shared honesty. And for the motivation to act on behalf of Life that arises as we find ourselves here together, still alive in the living Earth, at this critical time.

Poster: Benjamin Adam
The film introduces and explores Collapsology, the study of how collapse works and how we may respond to the collapse of systems and structures that we, as humans, have become dependent on. It turns out that we know quite a lot about what happens as systems and societies grow, but not so much about what happens as they fall apart.

In this time of Great Unraveling, we need to learn how systems collapse and each discern: What is our work to do as these changes take place? How can we respond in the unique ways that we are called to and capable? How do we work together? What can we learn as we arrive fully in this moment, with minds and hearts wide open?

In the film, Jean-Marc Jancovici ponders the question, “What do I do tomorrow about the one little thing I can change? Life is nothing but transitions.” Pablo Servigne also notes, “We must try as hard as we can, even if it fails.” In light of that, Susanne Moser, one of the climate experts interviewed for the film, joined us for the culminating event in the series. She posed this question: “What is meaningful work on the way down?

Once You Know Trailer

A message of reflection from a participant:

“I really enjoyed the post-screening session. I realised afterwards how much it helped me assimilate some of the information, ease the pain I sometimes feel of ‘remembering’ what’s happening to our planet, to transform the despair into an exciting invitation to dare to do what my heart calls me to do, as an act of love and service. I felt encouraged to see so many people who care, who feel affected like I do. There was a sense of community. The guidance was gentle but structured and we managed to do so much in the time we had (without it feeling rushed). Finding that balance of deep listening while also respecting the plan of activities and people’s time is a delicate art! 

Here in Colombia, I guide ecology and mindfulness workshops for teens in schools and I would love to start guiding the Spiral and other WTR practices in school and other educational and community settings so I was keen to see how some of the WTR activities could be used in this context (after a film screening, and online, for example). I found both the film and post-screening session motivating and I’m excited to connect further with the WTR community to see how I can receive further training to then bring these practices to groups here in Colombia.”

– Esme Joy McAvoy, Colombia

The WTR Network-Sponsored Film Release and Impact Campaign

Early in 2021, filmmaker Emmanuel Cappelin asked the WTR Network for help in bringing his film to the WTR community. Inspired, in part, by WTR and Emmanuel’s encounters with Joanna Macy, this film was meant to be more than a film. It was meant to be an experience and an opportunity to connect. To fulfill this purpose, WTR Facilitators Charlotte Ogier, Brianne Parquier and Kelly Motte Kronheim created a WTR process designed to directly follow the film, to help viewers work with the feelings evoked by the film and experience deep connection with each other and Earth.

We reached out to our Facilitator Members to see who would be interested in hosting a screening and facilitating this special post-screening experience. Working together with almost 30 facilitators from around the world, we hosted 22 events in 9 countries with 780 people participating. Over 40% of the people who joined us for this experience were new to the Work That Reconnects. If you are one of those people, welcome!

A message from a WTR Facilitator Member who hosted two events in Israel:

“​​It was brilliant to arrange the post-screening events to experience WTR practices. Many of my participants commented that usually they are left to view these films without personal sharing and processing. And doing Spiral practices fit beautifully with what the film portrays. Thanks for including me!”

– Ellen Serfaty, Israel

Keeping the Conversation Going

You are invited to continue discussions generated by this film in the WTR Network Community Forum. You’ll find this conversation in the “Webinar and Cafe Conversations” category. If you already have an account with the Network as a Community Member or Facilitator Member simply login to your account through the website and follow the “Go to the Community Forum” link on your account page. If you don’t have an account yet you can register as a Community Member here.

Message from a participant:

“The cinematography of the film was astoundingly beautiful and that beauty makes our grief even more potent – How can we lose this beauty? How can we destroy it? The moments of joy, sorrow, protest were woven together in a heart-breaking and heartwarming way.

The feelings the film brings forth are too great to be borne alone, and the post-screening event was a welcome way of holding these feelings. As Susi said, what meaningful work can I do on the way down? That is the question of our times, and I do not need to ask (or answer) it alone.

The exercise at the end showing how interlinked we are was also an astonishing example of how exponential growth works – I will definitely use and adapt in my own online workshops.

Feeling touched and inspired. Thank you!”

– Eileen Laurie, Sweden

Further Opportunities to Engage with this Film

The WTR Network will not be offering any more screenings and events for Once You Know. If you’re interested in viewing or sharing this film in the context of an educational institution, community group or movie theater please contact one of the following:

  • For United States locations contact Michael at Video Project. All types of ideas and requests for follow up screenings after this program are encouraged. To purchase the DVD and or an educational license for perpetual streaming in educational settings (K-12/College) you can use the discount code WTR20 to receive a 20% discount. All other requests, including community screenings and semi-theatrical showings, will be gathered and considered by the Video Project team.For
  • France/Belgium/Switzerland/Luxembourg visit this website for more information about the theatrical release.
  • For all other territories and for international sales, please contact Pulp Films.

Great thanks to the participants in this important international film release, and for the countless ways in which all of you are showing up and contributing during these precious and precarious times.

Yours in the Great Turning!
Jo delAmor