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10,000 Grandmothers – an Ancestral Exploration

September 6, 2024 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm BST


Gwyneth Jones

Event Overview

Ten Thousand Grandmothers is an experimental workshop space, utilising Deep Time, an essential aspect of “Seeing with New & Ancient Eyes”: a pivotal phase of the Spiral of Work That Reconnects. Deep Time is a wonderful source of insight and inspiration when it comes to exploring the shift in consciousness that many of us are experiencing, both in the individual and collective realms.

In this workshop, you will be led on a magical journey as we connect with grandmothers long passed, hearing the whispers of our ancestors and reminding us of our place in the vast web of life. Perhaps they will offer us some wisdom for the precarious and challenging times we find ourselves living in.

This workshop is offered by Banduri, a new collaborative offering from Gwyneth Jones and Shayontoni Ghosh.

More about Deep Time:

We parcel out our moments in smaller and smaller increments of time – and what is the result? Many of us feel too exhausted and depleted to consistently tune into our optimism and hope about the future. What’s more, we are often far too overwhelmed by choices and information to know how we can meaningfully contribute towards creating a better future.

In a world of one-click buying and 24/7 news, it can be hard to imagine how we can be capable of long-term visioning at all. Our fast-paced, instant gratification culture is largely what has plunged our society, ecosystem and collective wellbeing into crisis in the first place. 

Was there once a different way of perceiving and understanding time? Humanity is, in fact, capable of long-term thinking on very large scales – and we can tap into our ability to think long-term once again.

Joanna Macy says:

“As we take part in the Great Turning to a life-sustaining society, we learn to act like ancestors of future generations. We attune to longer ecological rhythms and nourish a strong felt connection with past and future beings. For us as agents of change, this isn’t easy, because to intervene in the Industrial Growth Society, we can’t avoid falling into its tempo. We race to find and pull the levers before it is too late to save this forest or stop that weapons program. Nonetheless, we can learn again to drink at deeper wells.

Deep Time work has arisen for that express purpose: to refresh our spirits and inform our minds by experiencing our present lives within larger contexts of time. This work brings a sense of relief and lasting resilience, as expressed in Molly [Brown]’s poem:

Ancient Ones,

residing in this forest,

speak to me.

Fill me with your wildness,

your wisdom,

your abiding Now.

Let me see all the projects and tasks

that consume my days

in the vast perspective of your time.

Let me see them as at one with

the forming of a seed cone,

the pushing out of leaf and stem

the chatter of grey squirrel

the flight of chickadee

the flow of water in the creek:

All taking place within the embrace of Life;

All held in love.”

Excerpt From Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown.

This workshop is an introduction to Deep Time, specifically on connecting to our ancestors. It is recommended for people who are already somewhat familiar with The Work that Reconnects and want to delve deeper into this specific aspect.

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September 6, 2024
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm BST
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Facilitated by
Gwyneth Jones Shayontoni Ghosh
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