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Active Hope Community Resilience Program

Oct 1, 2022

sliding scale

9-month program to support local action, collaboration, and community building, based in Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects.

About this event

  • 9 month program, October 2022 – June 2023
  • First Saturday of every month, 9:30am – 5:30pm
  • Takes place IN PERSON in Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland
  • Offered on sliding scale; payment plans available
  • Includes personal accountability partners, action groups, and apprenticeships (read more below)
  • Facilitated by Anna Swisher + team


This is a 9-month immersive program that is designed to:

  • Support local action, collaboration, and community building
  • Address our concerns and equip ourselves to respond to local + global crises with resilience and creativity
  • Build a strong and consistent Community of Practice within our group, that leads to stronger and more resilient local networks
  • Facilitate and move towards life-sustaining community action


This program acknowledges that our world–and we–are in multiple levels of global and local crises, and asks together: What shall we do about it? How then, shall we live?

Together over the span of 9 months, we will meet one Saturday a month, on the 1st Saturday, to spend the day together building community, addressing our concerns, evolving ourselves and our approaches, cultivating resilience and creativity, and inspiring + supporting each other to take collaborative action within our own communities. The program is capped at 15 people.

This program will weave together practices from Active Hope and the Work That Reconnects, as well as incorporating dance & movement. The Work That Reconnects is a set of tools and practices that helps us address our pain for the world, and discover new and inspiring ways to do something about it. We use dance as a method of cultural repair, village-building, and personal growth; to build resilience in our bodies as well as our minds, to give our brains a break, to access different perspectives, and to cultivate more emergent forms of inspiration, creativity and resource.

This program is ideal for people who are looking for ways to engage with the world, and play a role in doing something about the planetary crises we collectively face. Particularly, you are interested in supporting collaborative community-lead action. You may be someone who is new to the Work That Reconnects (WTR), and is trying to figure out how to navigate our current local and global situations; maybe you are simply trying to figure out how to face the enormity of the mess we are in, and keep going. Perhaps you are already familiar with the WTR, and you want to explore it more deeply, and/or apply it towards taking action in your community. All are welcome.

You may be someone who already values movement and dance, or someone who is totally new to the idea of dance as a modality for personal growth and community process. You may have never danced before in your life! Or, you may be curious to explore how dance can play a part in your own community action. Whatever your relationship is to dance & movement, you are welcome. No dance experience is necessary, and all movement abilities are welcome. Movement + dance will encompass roughly a quarter of our time together.


This program also offers 3 apprentice/mentorship spaces. The mentorship program is intended for people who wish to work towards facilitating the Work That Reconnects, and/or incorporate it into work they are already doing. These spaces include participation in the program, as well as individual and group support to develop your capacity as a facilitator. The mentorship program is participant-centered, meaning that each apprentice brings their own goals and intentions, and we work together to support each person in ways that work for them. TO APPLY FOR A MENTORSHIP POSITION, PLEASE EMAIL ANNA ([email protected])

The program also includes Personal Accountability Partners (PAPs) and Action Groups (AGs), which both are designed to support actual collaborative action to be taken individually and together throughout our program, as well as after its conclusion. PAPs exist to support your own personal reflection and action steps throughout each month, in between large group sessions. AGs are self-organised small groups which work together to explore a particular theme, project, initiative, or area of concern. Guidance and suggestions will be offered for the formats of these various meetings. They can take place according to your own schedule.


You do not need to know what you want to do to make a difference in the world, in order to participate in this program. That will be part of the process!


Below is a quote from the brand new edition of Joanna Macy’s book Active Hope. It describes well what this program intends to facilitate:

“So this is where we begin: by acknowledging that our times confront us with realities that are painful to face, difficult to take in, and confusing to live with. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling anxious, defeated, or in despair.

There’s something else we’d like to bring in alongside this difficult starting point. It is a recognition that when we’re at our most exasperated, we can sometimes surprise ourselves. We might discover strengths we never knew we had or experience degrees of aliveness we’d not even suspected were available to us. This is a time to reach out and find new allies, as well as to discard forms of thinking and behavior that have led us astray. In a process known as adversity activated development, our very act of facing the mess we’re in can help us discover a more enlivening sense of what our lives are about, what we’re here to do, and what we’re truly capable of.

Do you hope this will happen for you? Or that you might play a role in helping this happen for others? If so, we invite you to join us in our journey. Together we will explore how we can access unexpected resilience and creative power, not just to face the mess we’re in, but also to play our part in doing something about it.”


Scroll down for info about how to learn more about Anna and the Work That Reconnects. Here is tuition information:


Sliding-scale Tuition: The aim is to keep the program accessible, while still giving a fair and liveable wage for facilitators. Please consider your various levels of privilege and financial resources, to decide what you are capable of contributing.

Payment plans are available, with a simple written contract. We want to make this possible for people, but also want to make sure that those who are taking a space in the program are committed to its entirety.

Scholarships are currently unavailable; we have our fingers crossed that we will get some funding, but we cannot offer it at this moment in time. Scholarships may also become available if we receive tuition fees on the higher end of the sliding scale, from those in more resourced positions. If you are someone in a resourced position, and would like to help contribute to scholarships, please email me and let me know!

Monthly tuition: €75 – 200 per month

Mentorship Tuition: Mentorship spots include participation in the entire program, plus hours of additional support and resources from Anna + team throughout the 9 months. Mentorship spots are available on a sliding scale from €150-300/month.

DEPOSIT: To hold your space for the program, we ask for a non-refundable deposit which will carry over to go towards your first month of tuition. To register for the program, please click the “tickets” button and make your deposit of €75. If you prefer to make your deposit via paypalrevolut, or bank transfer, that is welcome as well; please simply email Anna.

Payments can be made through paypal, revolut, or bank transfer, throughout the program. If you prefer to pay in larger chunks or all up-front, please email me and we will set that up.


Please email Anna ([email protected]) to inquire further about any aspects of the program.


You can learn more about the Work That Reconnects here: Anna Swisher and the Work That Reconnects


Oct 1, 2022
sliding scale
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Yoga Moves, Gort, Ireland
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