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Coming back to life: wise hope in challenging times

Apr 4 - Apr 5


We are living through difficult times, witnessing immense injustices and the sixth mass extinction. Many of us feel called to act, and while political engagement is crucial, many are also asking, how do we sustain ourselves on this journey? How do we live with the fear, the heartbreak, the anger? How do we create a regenerative culture from within as we move toward a life-sustaining culture and society?

We build resilience when we come together and share our grief and our love for the world. To advocate for the flourishing of life we ourselves must return again and again to the ground of our own aliveness. This weekend will offer embodied and experiential practices to support you in doing this. We will make space to mourn what is being lost, and to rediscover the energy to take action. We prioritise restorative practices that nourish self and community.

This workshop will offer you tools to ground in the present moment. Together, we will learn how to bear witness to the suffering – your own and that in the world all around us. We will open to fresh ways of seeing and understanding who we are and our interconnectedness with each other and the earth. We will support you with ways to think about how to go forth, with exercises that invite you to discover what is yours to do in these times.

This is an invitation to those who are curious and new to these practices to dive in and experience them for the first time, as well as an opportunity for those more familiar with Joanna Macy’s wisdom and deep ecology, to return and re-kindle connection with this work.



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