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Council of All Beings: An Exploration of EcoAwakening

October 29, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT

$30-50 USD

Frieda Nixdorf

Event Overview

Council gathers for 3 hours on
Sunday, October 29 @ 10m PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT
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A practice of empathy and connection, the Council of All Beings – a staple practice of the Work That Reconnects – supports the shift from an egocentric to an ecocentric perspective.

Each of us – every being – is an integral part of the greater web of life. Nature is not ‘separate’ from us; we are nature. The manufactured lines of division humanity has built have caused a severance of our sense of our intrinsic place within the web of life and negatively impacted our ideas of belonging.

Yet we long for that feeling of connection – the sense of belongingness, to feel at home and held within the cycles of life. We long to awaken to our place in the world. Through practices that expand our awareness to the vibrancy of life around us, we can build those relationships with the natural world that support our wholeness.

Join us for a Council of all Beings to speak on behalf of the beings who have called out to us from the wider web of life.

What is the Council of All Beings?

“The Council of All Beings is a communal ritual in which participants step aside from their human identity and speak on behalf of another life-form. A simple structure for spontaneous expression, it aims to heighten awareness of our interdependence in the living body of Earth, and to strengthen our commitment to defend it. The ritual serves to help us acknowledge and give voice to the suffering of our world. It also serves, in equal measure, to help us experience the beauty and power of our interconnectedness with all life.” – Joanna Macy

A practice of empathy and connection, the Council of All Beings, supports the shift from an egocentric to an ecocentric perspective.

During the Council, beings come forth to speak of their concerns and the challenges they face, and to be witnessed and received by the humans. Through sharing, recognition and acknowledgement of the suffering caused by the human species, all beings begin to experience a deep empathy for each other and a broader awareness of our inner-connectedness and interdependence grows. As the beings share messages of their unique gifts, the humans begin to gain fresh perspectives on ways to act on behalf of life.

Key Potential Takeaways for Participants:

  • Listen and converse with the natural world.

  • Practice deep listening, empathy, and mirroring.

  • Develop a greater awareness of the web of life, and the interconnection of all beings.

  • Step out of your personal identities and into the truth and wisdom of another being.

  • Gain insights into your own longing for connection to the gifts available in nature.

  • Identify and release painful emotions that hinder connection with Soul.

This workshop will be limited to 15 participants.

This workshop is offered in the spirit of generosity. Your generous contribution helps to sustainably offer more places and spaces in support of The Great Turning. Requested contribution for this 3-hour workshop is $30 – $50 USD. Please note where you align and contribute accordingly via PayPal at or via Venmo at Frieda-Nixdorf. If this payment presents a hardship to you and you feel strongly called to join this offering, please do reach out!

Your Facilitator: Frieda Nixdorf

The thread that underscores all Frieda’s work is the recognition of the healing and regenerative powers of nature and her commitment to serving the planet and contributing to the cultural shift of the Great Turning.

In addition to mothering a young human, on the brink of venturing out into the world, she offers her gifts as a soul aligned purpose guide and mentor, a group facilitator, teacher, a playful and connected weaver of dream world imagery and tender of earth consciousness.

Frieda’s background is in psychology, education, art history, visual culture, expressive arts and the non-profit environmental field. She currently serves as adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University and as a staff Weaver on the Work That Reconnects Network team.


October 29, 2023
10:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT
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Frieda Nixdorf
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