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10/02/2017 - 10/18/2017

Sliding Scale
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NOTE: In person program offered by Mutima Imani in Oakland is open to People of the Global Majority.  Contact <thequeenmutima@gmail.com> for an application and more information. It will start the last weekend in October.

Applications closed for online program described below.

Molly Brown, Mutima Imani, and Constance Washburn are offering the first Facilitator Development Program (FDP) in the Fall of 2017 as one of several pathways available for deepening theoretical understanding and facilitation skills in the Work That Reconnects.  

We want to meet the needs of people who aspire to facilitate the Work and want to develop their skills in facilitation and group dynamics so they feel confident in bringing the Work to their communities. The program will give special attention to social justice issues within and beyond the Work That Reconnects. We are planning two parallel tracks:

  • one for People of Color in Oakland, with four weekend workshops and study and practice recommendations between weekends.  If you are interested in this track, please contact Mutima Imani <thequeenmutima@gmail.com> for an application and more information. It will start the last weekend in October.
  • an online program open to all aspiring facilitators, with webinars every 4 weeks, and study and practice recommendations between webinars. The online track will begin in September 30, 2017, and is fully enrolled as of August 31, 2017.  
  • Programs may come together for a closing weekend in California to unite and work together to build the Work That Reconnects Network.  (Regional gatherings may be set up as needed for people unable to travel to California.)


In this moment in history, people are waking up to the realization that our society is not sustainable. Violence in its many manifestations is causing pain and suffering. Climate disruption, systemic racism and oppression, endless war, and our political reality are  some of the things creating fear for our people. We need ways to reduce fear and heal from trauma.  People are looking for community and ways to be with the pain they experience from what’s going on in the world.  They also want to find their particular gifts and how they can contribute to the Great Turning. This program will give facilitators the support needed to make this transformational journey themselves and to assist others on the path to coming back to life.  

One’s ability to guide others through the Work That Reconnects is enhanced by one’s own personal work, knowledge of and engagement in social and ecological challenges, developing one’s skills as a facilitator, and working to dismantle the socialization that has lead us to behave in ways that continue oppression.  This course will weave all these dimensions together.

Our text books for this course include Coming Back to Life and Active Hope, along with other materials on environmental challenges, systemic racism and other social justice issues, and facilitation skills. Those participating in the program will also be expected to do homework between webinars, participate in regular study groups as well as engage in personal/spiritual practices and community activism.

Perhaps most importantly this program will help build a widening community of facilitators who support each other through sharing resources and experiences, as well as helping each other face the difficult times ahead with open hearts and minds.

The trainers/facilitators of the 2017-18 Program are Molly Brown, Mutima Imani, and Constance Washburn, along with guest teachers who have extensive experience in facilitating the Work That Reconnects.


-WTR theory; systems thinking, deep time, the spiral, deep ecology, The Great Turning, confronting and exploring together current social, environmental, political, racial, and spiritual crises.

-Facilitating WTR practices; workshop design; principles of inclusive, respectful facilitation; group process; awareness of power, privilege, and systemic white domination and racism, as well as “best practices” for counteracting that social conditioning.

-Living the Great Turning: exploration of how each of us makes the Great Turning real in our personal, spiritual, and community lives. 

 All registered friends and facilitator members of the Work That Reconnects Network will be notified of future plans for this program.  Plans and application forms will be posted on this website as well.


Sliding Scale
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