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Parenting in Tumultuous Times: 8 week program

September 26, 2024 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Jo delAmor

Event Overview

Parenting in Tumultuous Times

an online Work That Reconnects program for parents

Meeting the needs of our children within the demands and chaos of pervasive economic crises, environmental devastation, the ongoing atrocities of social injustice and the erosion of democracy and sanity worldwide can leave us feeling exhausted, defeated and alone.

Being a parent in these times is probably asking way more of you than you could have ever imagined. In addition to all of the practical and physical challenges of being parents, we’re also carrying the emotional weight of fear, anxiety, confusion and sadness around the experiences our children are having (and not having) as a result of the state of the world.

This program is specifically designed for parents in the midst of all of this.

>> Registration closes September 19th <<



In this program we come together over the course of several weeks to dive into the joys and challenges of parenting in these tumultuous times and emerge with strategies and inspiration for meeting this unprecedented moment with empowerment and joy.

This deeply interactive program provides a safe and powerful space of connection with other parents from around the world along with Jo delAmor’s practical, loving support and guidance. During our time together we’ll conjure the clarity, courage and solidarity necessary to tune into what our kids really need and figure out how to provide that to them despite the challenges that our current times present.

Our sessions will be facilitated in the style of the Work That Reconnects using content and original practices from Jo’s book Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis: a Compassionate Guidebook for New Paradigm Parenting. Sessions will include personal reflection, deep sharing and interactive group work designed to strengthen and transform our relationships to ourselves, our children and the world in which we are raising them.

Between sessions we will be invited to read relevant sections of the book, try out practices with our families and engage with the other parents in the program through our private online platform.

Program details:


September 26-November 14, 2024

This program consists of eight live Zoom sessions. Each session will last two hours. Please be prepared to be present for the entire session without distractions. Sessions will not be recorded and the group will be limited to no more than 12 participants in order to create a more intimate container for connection.*

  • September 26
  • October 3
  • October 10
  • October 17
  • October 24
  • October 31
  • November 7
  • November 14


* In order to cultivate an effective container for the group experience, Jo reserves the right to decline or postpone participation for any applicant if she feels they may not be ready or appropriate for this interactive group experience at this time.

** Please note that many countries will experience a daylight savings change during this period of time. The start time will always be at 1pm Eastern US so, depending on your location, the start time for some of the sessions may be one hour later or earlier. Please double check and mark your calendars accordingly.

Pay as You’re Able

This program is offered by free-choice donation that is comfortably within your means. If you’re feeling called to participate in this program I want you to be with us, regardless of how much you can afford to contribute. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. No questions asked.

Please give what you are able and feel welcomed.

To help guide your donation decision and give you a ballpark to work with the general suggested donation is $600 USD. But, please don’t let that amount stop you from participating. I am committed to making this support available to any parent who needs it regardless of the amount they are able to pay.

You will have the opportunity to send your chosen donation at the end of the registration process.


Important things to know about this program:

  • Choosing to participate in this program is a commitment to an interactive group experience. Please arrive to each session willing and able to be present and participate for the entire session without distractions.


  • For each session you’ll need to be set up in space that has a solid internet connection where you feel safe and free to express yourself and emote openly about your experience as a parent. It’s important that this space is not within earshot of your kids.


  • Before each session you’ll be given a section from the book to read that we’ll work with and reflect on together. The readings shouldn’t take more than 30-60 minutes each. The prep reading before the first session is a bit longer so I encourage you to register early to give yourself plenty of time with it.


  • Between sessions you’ll be given practices to work with at home. These practices can be incorporated into your family life and will include your children, partners and co-parents.


  • You have probably heard the Nigerian Igbo proverb…“It takes a village to raise a child.” This is so true and, in the context of our work, it means that this work is best done with other parents that you live with, co-parent with or otherwise interact with on a regular basis. Please invite those people in your life to register for the program along with you so you can share this experience with them. You’re also encouraged to share the learnings and insights you gather from this program with your partners, co-parents and friends who are parents, whether they’re in the program or not. This is a great opportunity to deepen the connections and parenting practices within your version of the parenting village.


>> Registration closes September 19th <<


We will move through the spiral process of the Work That Reconnects in these sessions:

Session 1: Greeting the Precious and Precarious Moment

Session 2: Grounding in Gratitude

Session 3: Embracing Emotion and Developing Emotional Fluency

Session 4: Cultivating Emotional Safety for our Kids

Session 5: Nurturing Thriving Life ParadigmQualities

Session 6: Partnering with our Kids

Session 7: Parenting in Deep Time and Healing Intergenerational Trauma

Session 8: Parenting for the Great Turning


For more info and questions email Jo at


About Jo delAmor

Jo delAmor is a mom and a step-mom to two young adults (22 and 23 years old) who graduated high school in 2020, right in the midst of Covid lockdowns and school closures. She has also cared for and worked with hundreds of other people’s children of all ages in a wide variety of situations from longterm co-parenting community to public schools, from wilderness camps and preschools to in-home nannying over the last 25+ years.

Jo has been facilitating the Work That Reconnects since 2013 with a focus on dismantling oppression, transforming our cultural paradigm and supporting parents through these unprecedented and challenging times.

In her dedication to personal and cultural transformation as a catalyst for planetary healing, she has paid close attention to what this new generation needs at this pivotal time on planet Earth; charting what works, what doesn’t and what is being called forth from us as parents. She has woven the insights and practical tools she’s gathered through all of this experience into her practice of New Paradigm Parenting and her forthcoming book “Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis:A Compassionate Guidebook for New Paradigm Parenting


>> Registration closes September 19th <<


You’re Not Alone…

Even if you’ve been feeling isolated in some major ways in your parenting experience or you feel that the people you’re closest to don’t understand your feelings about the world, you are most definitely not alone.

This program offers the opportunity to deeply connect with parents from all over the world that are struggling with the same kind of heartbreak and confusion that you are and working hard, just like you, to find creative ways to care for their kids.

Connecting with other parents in authentic vulnerability and conscious attention about the challenges and opportunities of parenting in these tumultuous times is empowering and inspiring.

Experienced Guidance for New Paradigm Parenting…

As many of our “old-school” institutions and ways of living are buckling under the strain of this changing world, our children are counting on us to guide them through this difficult and uncharted terrain. They need to know that we’re in this with them, willing to feel all the feelings and rise to meet the moment with courage, creativity and resilience.

With over 25 years of childcare and parenting experience and a profound commitment to personal and cultural transformation for the healing of our world, Jo brings to this program an unparalleled depth of perspective and guidance for New Paradigm Parenting.

During this program we’ll use powerful group practices and heart-centered discussions to deepen our daily relationship with conscious parenting so that it can become a powerful form of activism that nourishes a whole new way of seeing the world and living with the world, for ourselves and our children.

Personal Attention…

This program is designed to provide a strong container for deep sharing and plenty of opportunities for you to work with your own personal edges and the specific challenges and opportunities you are experiencing in your personal life as a parent.

With over 15 years of experience as a personal transformation coach and groupwork facilitator, Jo is able to skillfully weave together group work and personal work so our collective experience is powerfully relevant for each participant. We’ll also have time to work with and explore the unique facets of each of your personal parenting experiences through small breakout group practices and whole group discussions.

Between each session you’ll receive a selection of at-home practices to choose from in order to weave our work into your daily life with your kids and your family. Part of each session will be dedicated to sharing about how these at-home practices went and exploring what they bring up.


During our special time together, you’ll gather a plethora of practical skills and insights to bring into your everyday parenting experience so you can emerge with strategies and inspiration for meeting this unprecedented moment with empowerment and joy. That’s what it’s all about!


>> Registration closes September 19th <<


What parents are saying…

About five years ago I found myself paralyzed by eco-anxiety. I didn’t have a name for it but I had all the symptoms: overwhelming guilt, dread, anger, sadness and helplessness; a sense that everything was doomed, including any future for my or anyone else’s children on this planet. I still feel those things from time to time but meeting Jo and participating in her Parenting in Tumultuous Times program with others from around the world helped me feel solidarity and hope.

“Since partaking in Jo´s wonderful parenting program and listening more within, our family life is blossoming! We are working together as a family to make decisions and set boundaries. With the ongoing and ever loving support from Jo and other new paradigm parents, I feel more connected in my parenting knowing I am not alone on this journey. As a parent, I love seeing my children’s joy and wellbeing as we grow and learn together. Thank you Jo!”

“I’m SO freaking glad I signed up for this. Amazing the deep connections you can feel – even on Zoom! – when you are in a group of people to talk about something you all care deeply about. I wish all parents could afford time to do this work.”

“I so appreciate the common threads that I hear from this group and knowing I am not alone. Thank you!”

“I value your effort, the love, and the courage you show as you take the risk of opening a space like this, where so much can be stirred. THANK YOU!!!!”

“I am an introvert and was a little nervous for the breakout rooms, but in the end found them to be so helpful and heartwarming. And a way to help us feel even more connected to everyone.”

“Thank you Jo! This is hard, painful work but I’m so happy that there are others doing it too <3”

“I have noticed that you pay great attention to make the materials compelling and understandable to any person. Keep going!!”

“Our usual giving thanks around the table was getting stale. The gratitude practices gave us a sense of refreshing and deepening our senses of gratitude. We all felt renewed in our connection with more subtle essences of thankfulness and gratitude”

“Thank you so much for voicing what so many of us as parents are feeling and for holding space for us to feel our way through this together for a short but really important time. Blessings and love to you, Jo.”

“I’m so touched by your tears and your passion and so grateful that you’re teaching this work. Thank you Jo <3”

“I love the way you facilitate, we can feel you so right there, so present and sometimes so raw, that’s precious because it awakens and calls us.”

“Dear Jo, thank you for your presence in this world. This is H A R D work, so thank you for supporting us.”

“I thought your facilitation was excellent throughout all of the sessions. The mix between teachings, breakout rooms, and sharing was great – the environment felt safe, and I loved hearing comments and reflections from everyone. It was really amazing how we were all able to connect even though we all live in different states and continents.”

from a parent taking the program for a second time:

“I’m so different this time around. I remember how scared and full of grief I was at the beginning of my first course. The feelings are still there now but I feel like I have a much better handle on them. Like I faced them and they are not as overwhelming anymore. I have a better idea how to move forward with them. I’m amazed actually how such little work (compared to the enormity of the issue and my feelings about it) brought such big change already. How helpful just a few sentences, a new idea can be. I wish I had a way to communicate that to the people who shy away from the whole topic because they fear they will be overwhelmed with it.”


>> Registration closes September 19th <<


September 26, 2024
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT
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Jo delAmor
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