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Spiral Journey Webinar Series

Jul 23, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm PDT


The Spiral Journey Facilitator Development Program has supported over 200 WTR facilitators since 2017. Many of our graduates are now integrating the Work That Reconnects into their lives, livelihoods and communities.

In this webinar, we celebrate their experiences and involvement. Join us to be inspired by their stories and projects.

The Great Turning is happening. Some people are sitting around watching it happen, wanting it to happen. Spiral Journey presents the innovative and exciting work of international facilitators who are making it happen. Come hear Jo del Amor, Krista Gaston, Amy Lister and Simone Hanchet talk about their fascinating projects and programs.

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Our Panelists 

Jo del Amor, New Paradigm Parenting: Reframing parenting as a powerful opportunity to contribute to the radical shift from the Power Over Paradigm to the Thriving Life Paradigm.

Krista Gaston. The Spiral as a Life-Sustaining Practice: Community Process Groups in Community Mental Health NonProfits.

Amy Lister and Simone Hanchet: Spiral Center – Our Spiral Journey: Going Forth Together.

Jo del Amor – New Paradigm Parenting

New Paradigm Parenting is a body of work that grows out of the fertile soil of the WTR. It is designed specifically for parents who feel anxious and overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising emotionally and physically healthy children in this time of social, economic and environmental collapse. It reframes parenting as a powerful opportunity to contribute to the radical shift from the Power Over Paradigm to the Thriving Life Paradigm that is being called forth by the converging crises facing our world today. It empowers parents with practical tools and inner resources for rising together, with their children, to meet the challenges and opportunities of this unique moment in history.

Bio: Jo delAmor is a mom and a step-mom to two brand new young adults (19 and 21 years old) who graduated high school in 2020, right in the midst of Covid lockdowns and school closures.

In her dedication to personal and cultural transformation as a catalyst for planetary healing, she has paid close attention to what this new generation needs at this pivotal time on planet Earth; charting what works, what doesn’t and what is being called forth from us as parents. She has woven the insights and practical tools she’s gathered through all of this experience into her practice of New Paradigm Parenting and her forthcoming book “Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis: A Compassionate Guidebook for Parenting in Turbulent Times

Krista Gaston

The Spiral as a Life-Sustaining Practice: Community Process Groups in Community Mental Health NonProfits.

Folks who work in Trauma-Organized Non-profits bring their own grief for the world into their healing work. In addition to supporting folks in active trauma to navigate dead-end systems, mental health agency staff carry the loss of our clients, our peers, and grief for local and national headlines along to our sessions. For almost 2 years via zoom, I facilitated a monthly Community Process Group, in which staff gathered to process current events. The Work that Reconnects Spiral was foundational for this group, with folks prepared to gather in gratitude, move into honoring our pain in breakout rooms, reflect on the community witnessing and impact of showing these emotional burdens to new eyes, and move forth. Over time, Moving Forth, became our Call To Action space, and action items for change were shared out to leadership and workgroups based on these conversations. Over even more time, and in a moment of loving chaos and change, the Spiral framework was blown across the agency and became a responsive tool for navigating cultural conversations across programs. Staff who had been participating in Community Process Group were now called to hold difficult cultural conversations in their fractal groups, and I began consulting leadership in a Spiral framework. By rooting in consistent practice within an eco-system, when the time was right, the Spiral was propagated to provide community wellness spaces. And while, I’ve left the agency, I trust that the life-sustaining nature of the spiral whenever exposed to industrialization will have lasting impact.


Bio: Krista/She/They) is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, Organizer, Eco-Therapist, andTrauma-Informed Systems Specialist. They’re a white, ADHD, queer/femme, and lovingly rocking it in the upper-lower class, Krista is TX-seeded-CA-Grown and currently back in Texas at the foot of the mother tree.



Amy Lister and Simone Hanchet
Spiral Center – Our Spiral Journey: Going Forth Together

Amy Lister and Simone Hanchet are looking forward to share their journey from dreaming and working in isolation to training alongside one another, to most recently creating Spiral Centre, a platform through which they are delivering online workshops and practices to a global community of participants. They hope their spiral journey will help encourage and inspire your own in some way! They look forward to holding space for a Q&A and/or facilitating a creative mindfulness practice from one of their programs – based on what is deemed most meaningful or needed during our time together. Spiral Centre – Home | Facebook


Amy Lister, Bio: Amy Lister runs a successful coaching business serving clients across the globe. She supports people to explore and integrate pivotal transition experiences in life and work so they can courageously live in alignment with their values while expanding their capacity for caring for self and the wellbeing of the planet. More recently, Amy has pursued education in art therapy through the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. She is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people and their gifts to honour and process the challenges that arise in today’s world and to connect with inspiration that nourishes the soul and the ceaseless creative process of sacred living. When she is not working, she enjoys being creative, learning about living more sustainably, engaging in social outreach and spending time outdoors with her family.


Simone Hanchet, Bio: Simone Hanchet came to the Work That Reconnects after almost two decades working with various international conservation and human rights organizations, and several years in an academic setting. As a life and health coach, she supports environmental and social justice activists and other heart warriors around the world who are struggling with health, energy, direction, and hope. She loves watching people discover that they can heal, thrive, and lead with integrity and joy. She holds a Masters in Public Policy from Concordia University and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from McGill University. Simone lives on the shores of the magnificent Kitchissippi River near Ottawa, Canada, with her beloved partner and their two young children. Half her heart resides in Rwanda, her beautiful, complicated country-inlaw. Our Spiral Journey: Going Forth Together Follow Us at Spiral Centre


Jul 23, 2022
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm PDT
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