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Stepping into Sacred Activism

August 23, 2024 - August 25, 2024


Emily Coralyne

Event Overview

“We will probably not know in our lifetimes whether we are serving as deathbed attendants to a dying world or as midwives to the next stage of human evolution. We simply don’t know. So, what is it going to be? With nothing to lose, what could hold us back from being the most courageous, the most innovative, the most warm-hearted version of ourselves that we can possibly be?”  – Joanna Macy

Come for teachings and interactive processes that awaken us to the hope and potential for global healing that is possible as we face the planetary crisis and open to our authority to act for life on Earth. 

Come with your questions, grief, and confusion; come with whatever is real for you in this in-between space.  By reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and the magic at the source of all life and its mystery, we discover a form of “Active hope” beyond solutions, certainty, or the guarantee of a promised future.

The Bowden Pillars community invites you to join them for a weekend of ritual, storytelling, and practices that will create a space to touch our grief for what is happening to our world, expand our perspectives, and emerge with a new sense of how we want to show up with our gifts in this moment of the human experience.  


We offer this workshop on the spirit of gift economy. It is free to sign up and we will offer an opportunity to give “Dana” or reciprocity at the end of our time together.


Emily Coralyne is a water activist, ritualist, and peer counselor. Descending from European settlers, she was born and raised in what is now known as Central New York, originally the territory of the Onondaga Haudenosaunee People. Her studies of spiritual ecology, sociology, and community development have guided her to bear witness to the global water situation in Ecuador, the US, and Portugal, and to guide groups and individuals in the integration of their spiritual & political work. She is currently the Distribution & Impact Manager of Water is Love: Ripples of Regeneration, a documentary about how water is an essential solution to healing climate and has been an international facilitator of the Work That Reconnects for 9 years. 

Andy Wolfrum is a researcher in peace work. One of his main motivations is to discover what it means to be a true pacifist, getting to know and liberate all life energies within him and bringing them into contact with his surroundings. Creating community is an essential political task for him to face the challenges of our times. He joined Tamera in 2012 and is currently engaged in Tamera’s education center. He’s educated in communication and media and joined various non-professional theater projects throughout his life. He’s the father of a 13-year-old who was raised in Tamera.


August 23, 2024
August 25, 2024
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Emily Coralyne, Andy Wolfruhm
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