The Work That Reconnects is, and always has been, an evolving body of work informed by the experiences of the people who practice it and by the needs of the world.

Through decades of development by Joanna Macy and her colleagues, the Work came to be called the Work That Reconnects. This powerful collection of philosophies and practices has been shared in an open source way with people all across the planet, empowering them to engage in the Great Turning in meaningful ways while further sharing and adapting the Work to meet the needs of their unique places, times and communities.

This Evolving Edge page highlights some of the areas in which the Work is evolving and being adapted by WTR facilitators in our global community. If you are working an evolving edge in a category that you don’t see listed here or you have a project that would fit into one of these categories, please let us know so we can include your work.

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