As our work in the Great Turning is dedicated to future generations of the ones yet to be, many Work That Reconnects facilitators are drawn to supporting the youngest generations among us.

Parenting and education for our youngest relatives is an essential part of working towards a Life Sustaining Society. Here, we are gathering resources and links to innovative ways that the Work That Reconnects is being used to support parents and educators and the ways it is supporting children in schools and families around the world.

If you have a project or a working group that we could highlight here, please let us know.

Facilitators and projects that bring the Work That Reconnects to children, parents and educators:

WTR Offerings for Parents by Jo delAmor, WTR facilitator and author of Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis. Cultural transformation begins with the way we raise our children. Every single moment of their young lives plants the seeds of our collective future. Learn more…


Jo delAmor is also facilitating the WTR Network Webinar Parenting in Tumultuous Times.


See Jo’s facilitator profile here.

WTR facilitator Jen Myzel created this inspiring children’s sing-a-long book Yellow Lotus Flower: How One Lonesome Seed Rose Up from the Muck, with forward by Joanna Macy.

Yellow Lotus Flower follows the journey of a lotus seed and a grieving young girl as they go through the murky, uncertain, tearful, and ultimately rewarding process of transformation.  Combining Jen Myzel’s inspirational song and Hillary Mendoza’s majestic watercolor illustrations, Yellow Lotus Flower cracks open the hearts of children and adults alike.  Joanna Macy praises it as “a story for our times.”


See Jen’s facilitator profile here and read more about her in our Featured Facilitator blog post here. 

More groups and projects coming soon!