Date: August 5, 2019
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August 5, 2019 – Interview with featured facilitator, Gina Cenciose

Location: Sutton, Québec, Canada
Involved with the WTR since 2004 (the year of my first 7 day retreat with Joanna in Maine)
Groups Gina works with: elders, youth, women, immigrants, Indigenous and mixed populations
Language: English and French

How many workshops and/or events WTR focused do you run a year?

Gina: At least 6

Are you part of a hub? 

Gina: I know Rebekah Hart in Montréal and Kristin Masters in Santa Cruz CA. Pat Kerr is one of my long-time students and is now becoming a facilitator in WTR.

Do you have an upcoming event?

Gina: our events are usually with groups that are closed, like environmental groups, women’s and men’s circles, Indigenous groups, but I offer general public WTR workshops once in awhile

Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you become involved in the WTR and what role does it have in your life?

Gina: I have always been a social activist in many areas, I am a Nonviolent Communication teacher full time, and heard about Joanna’s work through friends 15 years ago. I find the 2 approaches very complimentary. I work full time as a group facilitator, meditation teacher and have prison programs, family camps and yearlong programs where I combine NVC with the WTR for 15 years now.

What are you grateful for in the WTR world?

Gina: Everything, Joanna’s deep wisdom, fiery passion, I love the books and the network.

What challenges and struggles have you experienced as a facilitator of the WTR?

Gina: Getting the work out in French, and I am grateful that ACTIVE HOPE has now also been translated into French.

What has been the most difficult moment in your journey through the WTR?

Gina: Not having the time to connect with other facilitators much has been hard. We live in the countryside and because of heath limits we no longer go into the city (Montréal) at all, so we have had limited contact with other facilitators

What has emerged for you since you started facilitating the WTR?

Gina: Lots of healing and awareness about the limiting beliefs we all hold that keep us feeding the industrialized society

What are your next steps in this Work?

Gina: Attending a regional gathering.

What would you say to someone who is new to the WTR?

Gina:This work is wonderful, it connects you to your true self, in community with others, and allows your grieving and pain to be held. A very important step in healing our world.

What recommendations you have for new facilitators?

Gina: Start grieving circles!

Do you have a favorite practice? Why?

Gina: Truth mandala is one of my favorites. I am also a circle facilitator and I find that bringing folks back into circle practice is very helpful to break isolation, and other symptoms of the industrialized society.

Anything else you want to share with us:

Gina: The social change aspect of NVC and of WTR go beautifully together, and the practices of both approaches flow beautifully together, I would like to see more WTR in all NVC workshops.

Gina can be reached on her website at

One of Gina‘s circles