We hope you are safe and healthy wherever you are physically distancing yourself during this COVID-19 pandemic while building social connections. Stay connected virtually! We are stronger and more resilient together.

In an effort to support our worldwide WTR community during this global pandemic we are gathering resources to help you use tools to meet, offer support and run WTR workshops in online settings. This is an evolving page where we’ll continue to add material.

Stronger Together – Building Resilience

Over the past few years many Work That Reconnects workshops have been offered as webinars online. Though in-person connection is wonderful, online groups can be very powerful and enable people who are socially or geographically isolated to connect. In this time of physical distancing and self-isolation due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, having access to the Work That Reconnects practices online can be very helpful for individuals and can build community resilience. 

We are encouraging facilitators, new and seasoned, to offer webinars to their geographic communities or neighborhoods. This will bring people together to form bonds of support that will hopefully continue after the pandemic, and allow them to work together to build ongoing community resilience in these times of the Great Unraveling and the Great Turning. 

All of the Work That Reconnects practices from Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown are listed under Resources. Some have been adapted to be more inclusive and less Eurocentric. Please adapt practices, as needed, for your audience and for online use. You can look at the Evolving Edge section for more ideas on integrating anti-oppression into the Work. Also, Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy by Chris Johnstone and Joanna Macy introduces the Work and provides guided practices to share. Chris and long time facilitator Barbara Ford have been offering online courses on Active Hope and the course outline is available on ruzuku. Active Hope online has been used in China during the pandemic and has been of benefit to many. Here is a short video on Active Hope in China.

We’re working on adding additional resources and tools to support you! We will be updating this page often. Feel free to reach out to ask for or offer resources and tools for offering the Work That Reconnects online by emailing [email protected].  There are facilitators and Zoom experts who can help. 

Thank you for offering this much needed work to the world which is in the midst of the Great Unraveling. We also are in the middle of The Great Turning towards a life sustaining society. We hope you are able to bring together your community for support and connection in these scary times.

You Can Do This! Don’t worry about being perfect – you will be awesome and gloriously imperfect. 

Webinar: Technical Support, Set up and Promotion

This webinar focuses on the technical side of setting up and facilitating an online WTR offering. Learn to prepare, schedule, and promote online meetings, including: registrations, interactive features, recording and posting. Also covered are best practices when facilitating online from social justice and the WTR, and how to stay connected and strong. This webinar was offered by Silvia Di Blasio and Jo delAmor on March 30, 2020. 

Webinar: Offering WTR Online to Build Community Resilience

This webinar explores ways to use WTR online to build community resilience in an online format. Also shared are suggestions for timing and structuring webinars using the Spiral that we have found work well, while mentioning pitfalls to avoid and offering templates for designing your own offerings. This webinar was offered by Constance Washburn and Mutima Imani on April 9, 2020.