Welcome to our evolving resources database. All the resources listed here are free to use and distribute as long as the appropriate source and/or authors are acknowledged.

The resources have been submitted by different facilitators and contributors who have kindly shared with the extended network of facilitators and the general public, for the benefit of all.

A team of volunteers and paid staff review the resources for edits, accuracy and alignment with the “Work That Reconnects” vision, mission and values before they are posted. Some resources have been in our network for a long time and may need extra review. If you see anything missing or have suggestions or edits, please send us an email or contact us.

Most of the resources are in English. There is a plan to translate and incorporate resources from diverse languages and approaches to the Work. If you want to volunteer for this project, please contact us.

Disclaimer: while we make every effort to ensure resources are inclusive and appropriate, we have no control over the original authors work. If you have any feedback that pertains to the content or format, please connect with the actual author/creator of the resource.

Types of resources you may find:

Resources may also be categorized under themes of the Spiral: Gratitude, Honouring Our Pain for the World, Seeing With New/Ancient Eyes, Going Forth, or under “Foundations of the Work”, or topics relevant for facilitators: Deep Ecology, Systems Thinking, Deep Time, Facilitation, Anti-Oppression Work, etc. as well as under sub-types: Meditation, Games, etc.

Submitting a new resource?

This is a tool for anyone registered with the Work That Reconnects Network to share resources relevant to the Work That Reconnects and its use. The submission, once approved, will be listed in our Resources area accessible to the general public.

Guidelines for submissions:

Please only submit resources directly relevant to the Work That Reconnects. Due to the size of our database and the nature of our network, any unrelated resource will be rejected. Topics relevant to The Work That Reconnects include the Spiral and its stages, the Three Stories of our time, deep ecology, systems thinking, power and oppression work within the Work That Reconnects and facilitation, how the Work That Reconnects is being implemented in different settings and with diverse population groups, etc. If you have doubts about your submission, contact us.

Types of resources we accept include books and book reviews, videos, presentations (slides), practices, songs, facilitators development, articles, audio, poems, research and best practices.

All submissions need to include the author’ name and contact, a brief explanation of what the nature of the resource is and how it relates to the Work That Reconnects. If you are not the author, please provide the author’s contact information or the source of the resource and explicit permission to share.

Any resource including third party media or people needs to show evidence of authorization from the third party and/or people to be shared publicly. 

If your resource is in a language other than English, please specify. When applicable, it may be translated by a volunteer and posted as bi-lingual or in the appropriate language section of our network

We assume good intentions and education in social justice and anti-oppression work. We cannot accept resources that contain offensive or hurtful language or media, patronize or otherwise discriminate or resources that represent cultural appropriation.

Please allow up to four weeks for the resource to be approved and listed in our website.

For any questions or concerns, please connect with us.