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Date: 09/02/2020
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Ecopsychology Voices Interview with Joanna Macy and Rebekah Hart

Ecopsychology Voices is an interview series with some of Ecopsychology’s luminaries. This month Rebekah Hart will interview Joanna Macy about ‘Taking Heart in Turbulent Times.’ Joanna Macy is considered to be one of the founders of the field of Ecopsychology. Joanna is a scholar of Buddhism, systems thinking, and deep ecology whose decades of writing, teaching, and activism have inspired thousands of people around the world to reconnect with the web of life. Rebekah Hart, a devoted student of Joanna’s, a Work That Reconnects Facilitator, and an Psychotherapist, will be in conversation with Joanna about taking heart in turbulent times and her latest book “A Wild Love for the World.”

Contributor/Author: Rebekah Hart