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Date: 05/03/2024
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May 4, 2024 – “We are the Great Turning” is a podcast series of dialogues between Joanna Macy and her friend and student Jessica Serrante. In this 10-part series, Jess and Joanna discuss climate change, spirituality, possibility and this moment in history we’re living in, all through the heart of the Work That Reconnects.

During the extraordinary experience of working closely with Joanna on this project over the last year and a half, Jess learned a lot about what it means to carry the wisdom of the Work That Reconnects in this time.

In this podcast launch webinar, Jess shares the lessons she gleaned from Joanna’s mentorship and how that wisdom can support Work That Reconnects practitioners.


Participant feedback from the webinar:

“It was wonderful to connect with people from around the planet.”

“In answering those questions, I found such self-knowledge. I’m really blown away, I was not expecting this.”

“I really want to be in groups like this, where this kind of sharing is really respected.” 

“The wisdom of the group… there’s a truth that is built by the group… it’s larger than the individual… and something larger emerges.”

“What was so striking was how immediately humanizing the experience was.” 

“This has been an extremely eye-opening and beautiful experience and the podcast is amazing. As a human who holds a lot of power and potential to do great things, but someone who has been held back…. This has been a catalyst.”

“I am thoroughly inspired. And I have hope again.”


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Jess is a coach, trainer, facilitator and teacher with over a decade of experience leading and supporting groups of environmental activists. I support climate leaders to do visionary, creative work, while living lives full of joy and satisfaction. My passion for climate justice is at the core of my work and my mission as a coach is to support climate leaders to be nourished by their life and work rather than burning out and to do work that truly lights them up. Learn more about Jess here and here. Connect with Jess here.

Contributor/Author: Frieda Nixdorf