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Spiral Journey

Spiral Journey: Programs in the Work That Reconnects. Online WTR facilitation training and other programs supporting facilitators

School for the Great Turning

School for The Great Turning offers online and in-person education that fosters personal empowerment and planetary care.

Gaia Education

Holistic Education for Sustainable Development. Programs in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Capra Course

Exploring the systemic conception of life and its application in economics, management, politics, design, medicine, and law

Lydia Violet Harutoonian Music

Lydia Violet is a WTR facilitator, a violin player since the age of three, and founder of the School for the Great Turning, an educational…

Rising Appalachia Music

Rising Appalachia is an American Appalachian folk music group led by multi-instrumentalist sisters Leah Song and Chloe Smith.