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Wheel of the Great Turning

This lively process is a great way to learn about the Great Turning and generate appreciation for what people are already doing.

Gratitude Rounds

Then it helps to move back a little, and gain a bit of distance, in order to glimpse how precious and how uniquely real they are.

Big Welcome

An inclusive welcome message to be used at the start of workshops and events.

Open Sentences on Gratitude

Open Sentences is a structure for spontaneous expression. It helps people listen with rare receptivity as well as speak their thoughts and feelings fr…

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving-kindness, or metta, is the first of the four Abodes of the Buddha, also known as the Brahmaviharas.

Elm Dance

Around the planet, as people gather to work together for the healing of our world, a simple, beautiful practice is often shared.

Mirror Walk

Suitable at any point in the workshop, it develops trust among participants and moves beyond words to immediacy of contact with the natural world.