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Circle of Blessings

One at a time, each person steps forward into the circle and declares to the others a particular action or path they intend to pursue.

Four Questions of Preparation

May this guide support you as you find your own language to assist participants in knowing deeply that they are their ancestors’ gift to this moment…


This is a freewheeling process, often good before a meal when people can continue to talk informally.

Life Map

This simple process can be counted on to yield a fresh perspective on one’s life, with unexpectedly appreciative insights into its valor and purpose…

Imaging Our Power

Imaging on paper with colors can give us access to intuitive wisdom. This is especially useful following the Life Map practice.

The Sword in the Stone

Joanna has recounted this story in workshops because it portrays the dimensions of power available to us as open interconnected systems.

Callings and Resources

This practice helps us clarify our part in the Great Turning, and to focus on a specific path or project.

Consultation Groups

As a follow-on to the Callings and Resources exercise, people meet in four-person consultations to “get real” with their visions and plans.