The global WTR Network is a thriving community of inspiring facilitators, engaged volunteers and lovers of the Work. We work together in the Great Turning as an interdependent, intentional and international community.

As the WTR Network continues to develop and breaks ground into new and exciting spaces, we are calling in dedicated and imaginative individuals who resonate with the values and principles of the Work and who wish to engage deeper in the Great Turning with a worker self-directed non-profit organization.

We value our volunteers and strive to cultivate connection, deep respect and empowerment throughout our volunteer relationships. As an organization that centers around collaboration and uses sociocracy as our governance model, our volunteers have a voice in shaping the direction of the Network and are encouraged to use it.

Additionally, benefits of volunteering with us include opportunities to engage and cultivate relationships with facilitators and change-makers from around the world, through regular committee meetings, special online events and seasonal gatherings curated for the whole team, including moving through the spiral together and holding council. We have a wonderful time brainstorming creative ideas for the future, organizing and hosting webinars and online cafes, thinking about how to support facilitators all over the world, working with artists and authors and supporting each other in our work.

If you are interested in volunteering and believe in collaborative work, please begin by exploring our various committees to find out which one(s) best match your skills and interests.

After completing the Volunteer Application below, potential volunteers will have an interview with two of our current Weavers and may be invited to volunteer for the Network. The new volunteer’s placement within a committee will be based on the specific needs of the organization at the time and consideration of the best match for a working relationship.

Requirements for Volunteers:
  • Membership in the WTR Network as either a Community Member or Facilitator Member.
  • Written and verbal fluency in English. Fluency in other languages is deeply valued, as well, and will help in translations and communicating with other members and the larger audience in that language.
  • Completion of our volunteer orientation upon acceptance.
  • Availability to contribute 10 to 15 hours per month.
  • Ability to attend committee meetings via Zoom and use Basecamp for communications between meetings. Training and access to these tools will be provided, as needed.


Stories from our Volunteers…

“As a volunteer with the WTR Network, I’ve had unforgettable experiences supporting global online workshops, welcoming people online, and contributing to meaningful conversations related to the Work. What I appreciate most about being a part of the volunteer team is the ability to connect with people worldwide in support of the Great Turning and thus contribute to the web of WTR and the web of life.”


“There is a deep satisfaction that comes when you take action in service of things that you deeply believe in.”


“Supporting the people and mission of The Work That Reconnects Network is a blessing and a gift. Of the many organizations with which I am connected with that support folks in re-framing our perception of who we are and how we live in respectful concert with other humans and the beyond-human world, this is the one whose work most directly aims at the heart of the matter, at the source of both the crises we have triggered and possible generative responses, and I am grateful to be able to lend a hand.”


“I am incredibly grateful for my experience volunteering with the Work That Reconnects as a part of the Communication Committee, which provides support with WTR’s social media presence and online forum. As a part of my time volunteering with Work That Reconnects, I was able to work with the WTR staff to track my hours, which helped me meet a volunteer internship requirement for completing my Master’s graduate degree, and eventually led to researching Work That Reconnects and Embodied Environmental Justice.”


“Working as a volunteer for the Work that Reconnects international network makes me experience its breadth and breath and helps me to focus with more trust on what I have at hand in my own facilitation. As I find it sometimes difficult to communicate about the Work and promote new offerings in South Africa, where it is still only budding, this constant connection is a great support for me and an honour too. Thank you.”


If you feel called to help build our Network and international community, apply using the button below. Please note that you will hear back within seven working days of your application and be invited to an interview.

Although most of our volunteers work directly through one of our committees, there are occasionally other opportunities to contribute your unique skills and talents by volunteering to do things like translate, create art, consult, etc. If you have an idea of some way you think you could contribute that doesn’t fit into a committee role, please let us know.