On July 23rd, Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone joined us to share in celebration of the launch of the second edition of Active Hope.

This was a highly interactive webinar. We have harvested the chat – all the wisdom and inspiration (and resources) you shared – here. 

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Joanna shared the Shambhala Warrior Prophecy and posed two questions.

1) What do you hear in the prophecy? What does it mean to you, particularly about your own life?
2) What does the Shambhala Warrior Prophecy call your attention to, in terms of what we are facing today?

(These are your responses)

I am called to be a more dedicated activist for social change, especially climate change. Earthling as my primary identity. What has been made by the mind can be unmade. It’s like discovering one’s ancestors for the first time and one’s close relatives never known before. Nonviolence and civil disobedience are vital. Compassion and insight. I feel empowered and connected when hearing the prophecy. I’m listening to the prophecy as if for the first time. How exactly relevant it is to what is happening now. For me, it’s the two pieces of mysticism/transformation of understanding of my deep interconnection with all AND the necessity of action. 

I find it gives me hope and brings up a lot of emotion to think of myself as part of a bigger group of people rather than being alone. Also something about the difficulties and struggle not meaning that there is no point or no hope but rather that the struggles are part of this path of the Shambhala Warriors. I am reminded how many of us are divorced from the earth. People may fear nature and/or each other. Fear is strong right now. We must come from wholeness to meet the darkness.

My Eldership is a power that I am called to discover and express in this stage of life. I am thinking of how many other warriors are put there, and have a renewed motivation, to seek them out to work together. When I hear “Barbarians” I am feeling scared because I have a deep longing for every human being being seen as such – a human being doing all they do to contribute to needs while sometimes we do that in a way that is harmful for others, the planet, and ourselves. It reminds me of the story that was told by Benjamin Creme (schottisch artist) about Maitreya Buddha and the new age. The ringing Bell ignited inter-being.

I am struck by the fact that there is both wisdom and compassion. Feel I’ve forgotten about the wisdom aspect in the compassionate rush to blockade the nearest fossil fuel infrastructure. It provides this framework of meaning and purpose that Joanna spoke about for me. Difficult things become meaningful in the context of the bigger story. The prophecy feels empowering to me in the sense that I can access the fire inside to ignite wisdom to dictate how I act in the world and what path I follow, and that no matter how small, it will help in the Great Turning.

I’ve found purpose in counteracting doomism and the idea that the damage we’ve done to nature is completely permanent and irreparable, and helping to spread hope and motivation for action. Last night I shared some “we belong to the planet” messages with two 21 year olds. They visibly sagged in relief. They were also confused about the difference between the great unraveling and business as usual… a poignant realization for me about how our youth see business as usual as the great unraveling. May I keep sharing love and a message of belonging. I think taking action is key. Insight + Action. I see that so many people are aware of problems, like climate change, but not yet taking action. I know that place. Yet we MUST move ourselves to take action for systemic change. What does belonging mean, now? Perhaps belonging is where we cultivate and nourish our capacity for awareness? 

I teach teenagers who are so depressed that they’ve adopted a totally defeated attitude to the world. I actively and gently work to reconnect them with what they love in the world and remind them of our equality as human bodies /human beings. The idea of balance (or lack of it) is coming up everywhere for me. Our world is out of balance and the need to restore balance between tech and nature, mind and spirit, yin and yang, male and female is at the root of so many of our challenges these days. Feeling fellowship with a network of fellow warriors and remembering that everything we do matters, even small acts. I hear from the prophecy a call to all people with a higher consciousness to unite for the higher purpose of changing the world order to a New Earth. I was called in this life by the suffering of nature and then I see the suffering of humanity. With what we are facing now, I feel the need for self austerity. Why do I need to drive or have hot water instantly? I also embrace renewable energies and indigenous wisdom.

When we grow our awareness of what is happening and now the prophecy it becomes more clear how/what we need to do. My goal is to use my loving voice to assist others. Presently this is giving hope for me, that what is deep inside me of what is most sacred…the earth and developing community instead of division…is shared by others. I’m so aware of the barbarian aspects of myself and not sure what to do with them! Fear of letting go of the ego-protections of money, status, title. Do I throw these away?

How to care for myself in kind and compassionate ways that allow me to care for all others. If we operate from compassion alone we may not be informed with the knowledge and wisdom we need to take correct action. With both compassion and wisdom in balance, we can take action from a place of understanding of our interbeing. This seems so critically important to me in these times of such polarization. I am called to guide people to discover the meaning behind their lust for money and power and find what they are really after: agency, contribution, connection, and so on. We are not alone; we connect with each other across the entire globe. Citizens of the planet indeed. I feel a passion to reflect on my personal behaviors and actions that affect my environments-with other people, with the land on which I live and explore, the communities around me. Profound gratitude for this offering. 

Rebuild community – the commons where we can come together – not just humans but all creatures. Ecopsychology…learning to reconnect men and nature. Seeing and reacting to everyone and every species as “earthlings”!! My sense of compassion is called to broaden much broader than my immediate community. Yet I don’t know that humans are as capable as needed to be truly available to feeling, truly feeling, the needs of all living beings. It feels like asking too much and so I come back on scope and limit my compassion. Insight tells me though, that I can stretch a little bit at a time. Learning to not shut down. I too believe that we all have these Barbarian parts within us. Each warrior can’t do everything – so I have an ongoing reflector on what is mine to do…. “Sacred Eyes”? Seeing with sacred Eyes. I am recognizing, maybe remembering, my connectedness to all beings, and that I must continue to fight with love and wisdom to protect our earth and each other. Be a witness with the awareness of collapse. Absolutely in awe hearing the prophecy directly from Joanna. I have watched and rewatched recordings but the live telling just gave me goosebumps and so much inspiration. ❤️

“We save us” is something I keep coming back to. Individualism isn’t working and individualism isn’t the way out. Since I am connected to all of you, I do not have to do it all, or direct what is unfolding, or even see where we are going. I have a deep sense of trust in the small part that I play in the Great Turning. The prophecy — when I recall it — helps me to bring balance to dealing with every situation. And not get overwhelmed by freezing or burning out. I work with the Esoteric Tarot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and this speaks to me of the Masculine and Feminine energies of Force and Form, Fire and Water that Create, that manifest as Matter. I love this idea of Shambhala Warrior. Already doing this work and encouraging others to follow. Excitement rises to find this community who understand this idea of rising up in the vibration of our point of view that we can see the purpose of what is happening on our planet. The prophecy comforts and empowers me to move forward with inner strength, compassion, and energy. I learned that my radical looking at the world and nature as a child was visionary and I want to go back to it! Trusting the collapse – like the tomato. I LOVED the tennis ball/tomato analogy. Resilience is NOT just “bouncing back.” We need to move and help others join. Maplessness.

We are not alone and there is hope! I feel an urgency to connect deeper and wider with my community to discuss the urgencies we are facing as citizens of planet Earth and how we can work together planting our seeds of change. I find it surprisingly hopeful what is being revealed in the Shambhala Warrior prophecy. I receive “purpose”. I receive meaning in the midst of it all. Reminded of Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning and how some people in the concentration camps actually THRIVED and found purpose in their traumatic situation. I need that.

Reaching the young in particular, holding space for them and creating a secure platform to give them hope and knowledge. Deep history of Shambhala warriors in many religious traditions. e.g. Christianity: training in deep contemplation, cultivation of being a vehicle of the Holy Spirit with the gifts of discernment & healing love. Also giving oneself to this learning is applicable whether I’m caring for my 102 yr old mother or working to enhance Democracy within the community. Our world has been infected by the barbarian dominant culture and now is the time for transformative justice in order for all of us to become shambala people and learn how the non-human Earth community models this for us human beings. I hear that there is another way that can emerge to dissolve the barbarian illusions and I am called to join with others to be part of the other way; detaching from the accrual of money and power and other addictions of this age.

Indigenous people have experienced the end-of-their-world and survived, in spite of horrific odds and genocide. Those of us from colonial ancestors can learn resilience and community from them. Thank you for the question about and explanation for “warrior” language. I have struggled with this when I’ve encountered this as a label for what I so strongly believe in. Thank you Joanna for this teaching. After I met you in Olympia WA at training many years ago, I stayed at the same bed and breakfast as you and had breakfast with you each morning – You inspired me to start nonprofit Climate Action Families bringing your work to families and youth. Building a movement of Shambhala Warrior families. Thank you 🌷 

I often feel lonely, yet I am not alone. How is this possible? Because I forget or ignore the endless connectivity that I always enjoy, if I am open to seeing and feeling it. Unitarian Universalist 7th Principle is the Interdependence of Life of which we are a part. Eleven years ago, I was blessed to go on a retreat with Joanna in Massachusetts, where I first heard of the Shambhala Warrior prophecy. Because of my background at the time – working in the House and the Senate, for DoD and cleaning up nuclear weapons waste at DoE – I was super excited. I thought, I can get in there and create positive change! Many years later, I’m struggling, because I feel like things didn’t turn out that way. And now, having been unemployed for almost three years, I’m feeling isolated and adrift. I want to help, but I feel “diminished” and lost. Just asking for prayers for strength and direction. I hope I can put my knowledge and talents to work for this great goal. I am called to feel the depth of emotion that comes from living in our time. While feeling this depth, I am searching for a meaningful way to embody my own unique place… my “part to play” in all of this. As part of a local climate action team – this work is a key part of our strategy – build community,  bring them to the great turning so they don’t lose hope.

It’s so empowering to not be divided into us (good guys) and them (barbarians). Hearing this prophecy brings up some sadness for me as I was deeply involved in the Shambhala Buddhist community for several years until the lineage holder was exposed for sexual misconduct with students and abuse of community members who were serving him. It also reminds me of my love of Tibetan Buddhist tradition. My understanding of warriorship is that it is based on the balance of compassion and wisdom. The enemy is ignorance, not other people (“the barbarians”). Many things, including a reminder that cultivating both wisdom and compassion more will help me move through my own blocks to more effective action. The idea of Warrior brings me to the Prince/Knight of the Esoteric Tarot. Aligned with Cosmic Source, the Prince/Knight is Us connected with Soul purpose in service to the Whole. A very dynamic place to be. Difficult because of the idealism and very much the part of us in action but again in action as Soul in human form with a Willingness to sacrifice the egoic needs for the Greater Good. “Bloom where we’re planted” every day, wherever that is, with whatever we have! 

I see the need for this teaching to reach further into the darker corners of our communities than it does now. We need WTR so badly in the prisons and deprived communities of Glasgow in Scotland that are plagued with drug deaths and addictions and I feel called to be useful in this space in which I have meaningful strategic links, networks and relationships. I struggle to find others in Scotland who could also be part of this and I would love to connect with anyone here who is based in Scotland.

I want to shelter endangered nature with my own body as we are parts of each other. “To experience ourselves alternatively in a world “now” alternatively experienced”?? I work directly in efforts to convert communities to clean energy and planting native gardens for pollinators, but in my interfaith and diversity work, it has become evident that we need to touch something deeper in humanity to save our planet. So many people are operating from a place of fear and hopelessness but what gives me hope is that I see the effort of restoring balance coming from so many different sources, faiths, cultures, and movements. The environmental effort needs to address both the science and the spirit. I have found a path of action. I’ve built a house that models a way to be in energetic balance with the environment. It would take a network of commitment to change, but would result in shared benefit. It is frustrating that the status quo is so resistant. What’s happening now has triggered for me the worst of my violent upbringing and made everything much harder. Yes! Trauma is behind it all!!! Think of the trauma that the young Trump, the young Putin must have endured. Think of generational trauma passed down with fear and anger. Yes compassion.

I am from Myanmar, the country with the longest civil war ongoing and now it is escalating into nationwide conflicts. Even in this dark and difficult time, we are pretty much hopeful to make a new future. I am working for “Freedom Fighter” , where our main weapons are non-violence, ideological change and dialogue to find common ground. I am glad that Joanna mentioned Shambhala Warrior Prophecy today, as it is very much relatable to our fight and I am inspired to see many other warriors here today who are creating positive changes with the combination of wisdom and compassion. Yes, I also do not enjoy the word „warrior“… And neither the identification with „We are the good guys” and the easy labeling of others as „barbarians” (though there certainly are people out there whose decisions and actions deserve that name because of the consequences of suffering for many). Shadow-work seems to be called for at these times… I like the term „upright humility“.  „The Work that Reconnects” is so deep and full of understanding. The key and the bell, love and truth! AND trauma, as I understand, is a consequence of the violence we do to each other … and we all need healing and mutual support, I believe for ourselves and mother nature. How do we awaken the spirit in an enduring way, instead of a small spark that dies out. I think part of the path is joining a movement that is dedicated to action. I’ve chosen the climate change movement and am turning towards it as my primary work. For years I have spent time imagining the destructive powerful men in the world as children. It really shifts my perspective.

As a Quaker, environmental scientist, author and activist, I’ve been trying for decades – with many others – to integrate science and spirit, love and action, poetry and political action, heart with mind, the masculine and the feminine, habits of the heart and culture…. What I find I need is the nourishment of my unity with spirit, with all beings, and the Earth, and my kindred spirits, so that I can draw on a well of compassion and courage within, and without, in order to be able to continue this work without despair, fear or rage. We can dismantle patterns of thinking that cause harm. Yes. So very powerful. For me, the thinking of ‘right’/’wrong’, good/bad, etc. are at the bottom of our judgement of each other and violence we are committing and suffering. Yes! So amazing to hear Joanna speaking it live! I prefer to think of those of us actively working towards a better future as “builders” or “creators” instead of “warriors”. We need to leave war language behind.

And the extent to which “the worst of/in us” has been encouraged by the Industrial Growth Society. SO very different from the Wendigo story/tradition of many Indigenous peoples of North America. For me, there is no good and evil, just love and its terrifying absence. Dear Joanna, your work helped me so deeply to become in a state to help others…Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This work in combination with my ecopsychology education is the work I love to do in this time, as a warrior, with empathy and wisdom for the rest of my life. Thanks!!!! What Chris just said: “We can dismantle patterns of thinking that cause harm.” The line between good and evil runs through every human heart. Thank You Chris.Perhaps now is the time to draw that line, and occupy humanity, the good part of our human heart, the common good. Share the goosebumps of the Shambhala Prophecy.  I agree, it’s time to leave ‘war’ language behind. I have heard and read the Shambhala Prophecy many times, but it was special to listen to Joanna’s recitation with “Beginners’ Ears” and allow myself to be entranced by it all.

What’s resonating with me: It is precisely when the world is facing its collapse that is the time for great courage and Shambhala Warriors to fulfill their purpose. Personally, I am reminded that the presence of great sadness, and even despair, at the state of the world does not negate me from being part of this Warrior work.

Extinction Rebellion clearly puts into practice the compassion and wisdom of the Shambhala Warriorship!! I find Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS) very useful and effective in healing/dismantling the internal divisions and conflicts that create outer divisions between people. Beautiful sharing! I resonate with so much being said. One thing I think of is that we probably will not see the transformation we long for in our lifetime and yet we do whatever we can for the benefit of all beings and the earth for future generations and the regeneration of what has been devastated on the earth. With the deepest gratitude for the prophecy and this training. Perhaps now is the time to “occupy humanity”, “invoke the Shambhala Prophecy”, “Call it into BEING”?? I am feeling very called to bridging work right now – bridging political/cultural divides and talking to the other. The presence of sadness and despair can be a portal to compassion, deep connection, and taking action. My Mum used to say “Smile at everyone you meet, and see what happens.” I wrote on my front door here in a village in the south East of France burning…BEYOND IDEAS OF WRONGDOING AND RIGHTDOING THERE IS A FIELD, I WILL MEET YOU THERE… from Rumi… Also I remember the last training with Joanna and Chris in England with 65 European activists when I was invited to walk in the shoes of an employee from Monsanto who I was fighting…what happened then was the field….

⬇️  The Seven Point Spiral  ⬇️ 
for group or personal practice
(Active Hope page 42)

Chris posed the question:

If you were to take a physical position as a Shambhala Warrior, what would that look like?

(These are your responses)

An open-handed leaning toward. It would be in a place of complete vulnerability and it is there I find the most clarity, compassion and strength and much, much grace. “A Shambhala warrior Sees with Sacred Eyes.” Showing up with a loving presence. Receiving, centered, giving. Strong back, soft front. Strength, clarity, love. The Shambala Warrior dances with reciprocity; actively responding with gratitude and service for the life that is given. Open heart, open mind sharing our challenges and joys exploring and finding connections to heal.

For me the gesture of a Shambhala Warrior is expressed by one arm reaching up toward our higher self/purpose and one arm reaching down to help lift others up. Practicing being in the kingdom of ‘we’. Quan Yin with the Thousand arms and eyes in her hands…. A Shambhala warrior lives in Joy and Gratitude for this opportunity to Serve the Whole. F M Alexander (of the Alexander Technique) said that there’s no such thing as a right position, but there is such a thing as a right direction. From Brene Brown–strong back, soft belly, wild heart.

All people awakening to loving Black. “Fear not” and “teaching” mudras. “A Shambhala Warrior then Occupies Humanity”?? One of the things that was so heartening for me about the concept of the Great Turning when I first heard about it a dozen years ago was the feeling that it was inevitable. Maybe not in my lifetime, but we would get there. Do we still feel that that’s true? Yes… meeting each other in Rumi’s field embodies the compassion and wisdom of the Shambala Warrior!!  Gracias!! <3 Long spine, open heart, smiling mouth. “Beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field – I will meet you there.” – Rumi

FIVE VOWS by Joanna Macy
I vow to myself and to each of you:
To commit myself daily to the healing of our world and the welfare of all beings. 
To live on Earth more lightly and less violently in the food, products, and energy consumed.
To draw strength and guidance from the living Earth, the ancestors, the future generations, and my siblings and kin of all species. 
To support others in their work for the world and to ask for help when I need it.
To pursue a daily practice that clarifies my mind, strengthens my heart, and supports me in observing these vows.

Perhaps the positive opposite of fear is not hope, but rather compassionate action. Sawubona … African greeting ” I see you and I value you and you are important to me.” SW dances with the Great Turning, both turning inward to find presence and embodiment and outward to serve the world. DARING GREATLY. For me the gesture of a Shambhala Warrior is expressed by one arm reaching up toward our higher self/purpose and one arm reaching down to help lift others up. Pure powerful stillness, clarity and boundless joy. Sensing the truth from nature, speaking my truth, hearing others who speak their truth. Repeat.

Physical movements that remind me of Neolithic goddess figures, then deep bowing, Taino openness, Ghost dancers, complete openness, then deep bowing. I’m reminded of: We are not a collection of objects, but rather a communion of beings. My greatest challenge is that while I am acknowledging the deep sadness, I still want to stay smiling..joyful and not be a “Debbie Downer.” Open hands upturned reaching outwards; offering and holding simultaneously. “Occupy Humanity, Invoke the Shambhala Prophecy, Call it into Being”??? Physical presence: letting myself tremble and cry in public with enough trust that the light coming through me will convey what needs to be said. Not waiting to feel brave or confident…. Those gifts of youth have dissipated in my current season.

We need to bring more BIPOC people to this movement.
and also young people…

“Occupy Humanity through Presence”??? I once, in a light trance, heard the words: “Listen for the call. Hear the call. Give yourself over to the call.”  Occasionally, I hear it clearly. Gratitude, joy and love.

⬇️  The Seven Point Spiral  ⬇️ 
for group or personal practice
(Active Hope page 42)

The Shambhala Warriors go into training. We practiced the Seven Point Spiral practice on page 42 of the new edition of Active Hope.

Complete the sentence:
I love…

(These are your responses)

I love trees. Life. I love my cats. Feeling inspired. Walking. Zoom. Life, Aliveness! Birds in trees. My mom. I love being in community. I love being here with everyone. Armin and our children, nature, deep authentic sharing. I love my children. The song of the Swainson’s Thrush in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. I love smelling the cut grass, I love the smell of coffee. I love God. I love the opportunities to grow as a human, walk my talk increasingly. Friends. Trees. The breeze of the wind. Water, lakes, swimming. Children and trees. I love nature. I love being alive in my body. Family. I love my life.

I love deep connection with another human mind. I love life!!! The one I love this communing. I love the world. The sky, music. I love my dog. My small neighborhood urban forest. Dancing. The thunderstorms raining on the dry forest. I love my wife and dog, and birds. Swimming in the lake. I love… my daughter, my husband, and kindness. In God We Trust. I love creativity. I love inspiring books. Music. Being free. The animals. My studio. I love Joanna Macy. I love spinning wool. Creation, music, my children, this planet, the friends of my heart. I love beauty. Quiet time. My kindred spirits. Apprehending beauty. Walking in the Rain! Walking.

My children. I love summer vegetables in my garden. My husband. My dog. Song of the waterthrush. Living near the ocean. Being alive in a body and able to receive the beauty of the world around me. Deep belly laughs. The earth. I love the smells of Earth. I love people, nature. Abundance and ease. I love the animals, flowers, my dog, and walking along the river. I love the spruce tree in my backyard—over 60. Good music…. Wild nature. Laughter. I love the music from JS Bach. Making stuff with my hands. Dancing to live music.

Wider natural world. Swimming in the river. Wholeness. My grandson Colby who will inherit the earth. I love wildlife.. from Emma 9 years old and my home and family. The woods, flowers. Fresh air, nature’s greenery, my dog, my garden. Skyyyy. I love possibility. I love moving my body. My wonderful house. I love forested mountains. Dance. My daughter. Nature. My partner. I love my home, friends, rain, sun, and feeding the plants. I love graffiti-covered industrial relics. Nature, sunrise, mist, friends, my husband, community. I love nature. I love my garden. All nature. Rain. Birds. My children. Love trees.

I love listening to wise teachers. My friends. I love this community conversation. I love being held by the sea. I love the sun coming up over the Sangre de Cristos and going down behind the Jemez Mountains. I love when I act on all I love. I love trees. Walking in the fresh air. I love my children. I love this happening. Sunsets. My cat. Trees. My girls. Swimming in a cool, clear lake. I love the skin of babies. Generosity and authenticity. Dancing, getting lost in conversation. My friend who introduced me to Joanna. Being in nature. The beauty of nature, and my darling dog. I love being up in the hills surrounding my city. I love creative imagination. The view from the top of a hill or mountain. Water. Brian Eno’s Ambient Music for Airports. I love snails. Swimming in river pools. I love my blackness. Small animals. I love the beauty and generosity diversity of Gaia.

Birdsong and trees, ocean and whales. I love the smell and taste of bread. I love the sounds of birds. Cycling with my hubby. I love the cello. My garden. Babies. I love the sea – and all the information she holds…. Olive oil. Singing. Lakes, rivers, oceans. Four Noble Truths. Foggy mornings. Music, sounds. I love dirt. Love my experience of humanness. The silence where I live. I love my non-self which contains the whole universe. The marsh. My Sangha. Be-longing. Animals. Mountains. I love wind. Feeling the rain. My children, the sky, laughter, water, trees, flowers, walking. My niece. Love wildness within. All creatures great and small. I love the courage of Iain McGilchrist in writing ‘The Matter with Things’. Being alive.

Being outdoors, Connecting with nature. Dark chocolate. The sound of a heart beat. Crabs! All life! I love being able to be of service. Flowing water. I love the Earth. Bella the cat. The miracle of life. Cuddling my 4 cats. I Love nature and all the wonderful people. I love rivers and witnessing acts of generosity 💚. Creation. Sunshine. I love you. I love…my son, my partner, all of the non-human world, humans, nature…. Joanna! Lilla. My maternal roots in India.

Complete the sentence:
I’d like to thank…

(These are your responses)

I’d like to thank planet Earth, Mother earth, I’d like to thank Joanna, I’d like to thank…Peter, Barry, my teachers, Nature, Joanna and Chris, generosity of aunties & uncles, my teachers, my mother, i would like to thank the trees, my partner, My parents, my children, my family, my friends, I’d like to thank Iain McGilchrist, my guardian angel, I’d like to thank Joanna, my husband, my teachers, My parents and other Nurturing Generative Adults, the sky, my son and mother, Like to thank my Beloved, ancestors, I’d like to thank the incredible people in my life, I’d like to thank my ancestors, I’d like to thank my city, all my teachers, My mom, my maternal roots in India, I’d like to thank Gaia, my mom and dad who encouraged our love of learning, Armin for all care-taking, My beloved teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, My dearest friend who introduced me to Joanna and Chris, Joanna, Thank you for the soil, land protectors, my friend Barbara,

I’d like to thank the poets, love of my family, I’d like to thank Chris and Joanna, my dad for teaching me resilience, Joanna for her words, my heart, my lineage, i like to thank my friends and teachers, meditation practices, my friends, my ancestors, everyone here, space, Joanna and the lineage of teachers, the universe, the WTR community, the universe, the ocean, my sisters, Susan, my partner, Narayan, I would like to beautiful, beautiful life, the people that think differently than I, every cell that makes the oxygen I breathe, people who share their curiosity and insights, old growth forests, My husband, my family and friends, my teachers, I’d like to thank God, ross, my sisters, for the food we get, the intelligence of life, the Living World, i thank my health, my partner, the buddha and all the bodhisattvas, DaeJa, the earth giving harvest once again, the redwood trees, The systems of the world, the garden, I´d like to thank GAIA´s intelligence, The Ancestors, my friends, the authors of all the books and articles and TedTalks that helped me escape despair, including Joanna and Chris!

My life partner, I love my relationship with the moon, Lessons from Nature, nature, I’d like to thank my grandmother, Marjorie, the lakes and trees and creatures of the desert, the sun and the rain, our higher power, I would like to thank the praying mantis babies, Joanna’s teaching since 1983. They have shaped who I have become. my teachers, mentors, family, I am grateful for the supportive relationships of my husband son girlfriend and the team at Be the Change Earth Alliance. I’d like to thank the earth, soil and the air, the sun, deep hearts joining. My body, that does so much. Water. The intelligence of my body. Thank those who have the courage to express Joy in the midst of the Great turning. Dependent co-arising. GAIA!!! I’d like to thank the flowers. My enemies. Extinction rebellion. I’d like to thank my DAUGHTER Eyr. Everyone who chooses love over fear. My mother, my teachers, my friends and family. My grown sons. Water keepers. All the people who help and support. Boreal forest. My teachers. The resilience of seeds. Buddhism. My grandmothers. Ability to have my senses. My father, who gave me a love of spirit. My partner. My mother, my grandmothers, mother earth. I’d like to thank my partner for seeing and supporting me, and my mentors and guides and wisdom sharers 💚.

I would like to thank…Joanna, Chris, my loved ones, my friends,mother earth…. Life, universe, ocean. The elements and the creative force. I’d like to thank Brother David. Nighttime. The mystics. Thank you to the Natural world. The trees. Animals. All activists. My sister. Be-Longing. My neighborhood. Silence. Ocean. Friends. Benny, my dog who taught me service and compassion. My music teachers. I’d like to thank my grandfather. I’d like to thank my teachers, my community, my friends, the trees, my animal friends and guides. Anna Halprin. The dharma. All my teachers, especially Joanna. Thich Nhat Han. All of you. Thank you to all who dare to be at this time. I’d like to thank the people who grow our food. Nora and all young ones. My sangha mamas group. Ponlop Rinpoche. I´d like to thank the Quantum Soup of all that is, was and ever will be. Barbara Kaufman. Extinction Rebellion. The Mother Goddess. Silvia, Frieda. Thomas Berry and Joanna and Joan Halifax. My best friend.

Complete the sentence:
Looking at the future we’re heading into, my concerns include… 

(These are your responses)

My children. My daughter’s quality of life. All children. That people will fight and kill each others. Human population. My children and all children. The world my son grow up in. My kid´s health. The absence of bird song. Heat. War with ABC weapons. Survival of my daughter and future children. Pollution, consumerism, violence. My unborn grandchild(ren). Drought. Starvation and war. Famine. Violence between people. Droughts. The suffering to come to people who haven’t created the problems to come. War. The life and future for my grandchildren and all future generations who had nothing to do with what we face now.

Looking at the future we’re heading into, my concerns include whether I serve for the benefit of all…That I do my bit…. Loss of animals, birds, and all species. Wildfires taking our community. Suffering. All the creatures on this planet. Animals great and small. Greed. The future of all earthlings. All the young ones, from all species. Greed and selfishness. I’ve reached the end of my usefulness. Fires. The extreme right gaining power. Wars. My children’s resilience. My concerns include dynamic action within community that creates new opportunities to return love and service to the earth. Heatwaves. Ignorance of how we are all impacted by what we do. Staying warm in the far north without fossil fuels. How to be together safely during the continuing pandemic. 

Looking at the future we’re heading into, my concerns include the hatred inside of human hearts. Mass suffering of many life forms. Rise of dictatorship, loss of democracy. The world my daughter will grow up in. Concerns include the effects of inequalities – “we are all in the same storm but not in the same boat.” Water. The loss of so many of our non-human kin. The widening gap of social inequality. Depressed Young People committing suicide. My grief for the world and our country. My grand niece’s future. My own resilience. Biodiversity loss. Inhabitable planet. Starvation. Environmental destruction. The end of a supportive earth life system. Future generations, and loss of species, beauty. The amount of suffering, fear and confusion that will overwhelm so many of us. 

The planet Earth’s oceans balance and health. Selfishness. The birds. Planned new oil infrastructure being put in the earth. Brutal fight for resources. Getting attached to outcomes. The water beings. Climate crisis. Destruction of trees and land and water. All the critters. Will we manage the great turning? The mental health of our young people. The land beings. Fear. Fighting over resources. Collapse of everything—ecosystems, social systems, the world as we have known it. My children having no food resources. The decline of mental health in our most vulnerable communities. Descent into anarchy and war. Social unraveling and fragmentation. Inevitable conflicts and loss. Birds in peril. Loss of biodiversity. Divide and conquer strategy of the ruling class. The deep depression and apathy in many young people. Be-Longing. That the Great Turning is no longer inevitable. Humanity not awakening in time to respond to the opportunity to co-exist peacefully. For the children and grandchildren, for what they might have to endure. For the creatures. False views & inability to overcome conflicts and differences. Water shortages. Extinction of all oxygen-based life. All the lonely people. Mental instability. 

Too many fears. Impact on all species and the earth — suffering and loss of the innocents. The world my grandchildren will live in. Wildfires in Northern California. Polarity, dictators, autokraties, loss of democracy. Loss of all civilization. The destruction of nature. The animals…the innocents. My home burning. Not being able to breathe because of the smoke. The windstorms mauling the vegetable gardens. The monsoons ending too quickly…too early. Denying care. The climate changes in every part of the world. Fires, civil wars, security..I can’t find it. Loss of beauty, compassion. Water shortage. How fear might move through me. The vastness of the problems before us. Grief at so much loss. Horrible harms being done to children, to animals, water, and land. Loss of species. Unwillingness to be honest and direct. Losing this precious earth and lives; not having the where-with-all to make a difference.

Looking at the future we’re heading into, my concerns include the wildness of our children being diminished. The disconnection from nature. The children being born today. How we can create an overarching sense of meaning and purpose to life that is accessible to all people. The great suffering and death that is coming, terrified of living through this. Concern for the children, for my son, for those who come after, for those who are soo affected by sea rise and climate change, for those whose courage. The use of technology and social media. Pain and no relief. Being forced into more and more vaccinations “Occupy Humanity”???? Threat to democracy, division of society.

Getting old, the suffering of others and the destruction of life and beauty. People’s minds still having a basic belief in being separate. My fear is that there will be more anti vaxxers. Occupy Life! “Occupy Humanity through SacredEyes”???? Fear generated conspiracy theories separating us. Destruction of truth in social media. Yes I feel with all you sharing, thankyou. I am scared of when we are going to turn against one another in ways that will drive us mad …even more…. Loss of all the arts, music, painting etc. Yes I feel with all you sharing, thank you. I am concerned that we will not listen to our Soul…. Truth Telling. Gathering with purpose. Kindness in unexpected places. I look into the present and even the past and see this terrifying collapse has been going on for some time.

Complete the sentence: Facing these concerns, what inspires me is…

(These are your responses)

All the possibilities. Young people. I am not alone. Inspired by the beauty of the earth. The beauty that still is. My grandchildren. The creativity of humans. Gatherings like this. Facing these concerns, what inspires me is seeing humans who are coming together. That others are doing the work. Inspired by those I work with and their desire to evolve. The resilience of nature. Purpose and resilience, with others. adrienne maree brown. Communities like this one. Artists! These kinds of meetings. Daily practice. Brave people stepping up. Meditation. All of you. 

What inspires me is to see young people being compassionate to each other and the earth. What inspires me is that when a rose bush is pruned, it blooms even more vividly. The many grassroot movements. Beauty. Joanna’s love of being here now. Life itself. Our capacity for love and imagination. The incredible strength of our inner character. The love of others. Emergence. My unborn grandchild inspires me to be active hope. Planting nut trees. Trees. The ones who show up. Yoga. Nature. Music. Bird song. The work That Reconnects, the Taizé community, Non-violent communication, Circlework. Learning to be together. Everyone here. 

The passion and vision of my fellow journey-ers. Mother Earth keeps giving. The possibility of realizing the power of love. Liz Cheney who I never thought I’d be inspired by. A truly courageous change-maker. The joy and innocence in children, what comes out of gathering in groups, beauty in the living world. Evidence of people’s creativity, compassion, and ingenuity. That the people here haven’t given up. Witnessing the resilience of people around me. my children. The new songs being written and new culture being created. So many people are working to strengthen communities, in myriad ways. It must be as much a part of us as destructive capacity, and it magnifies itself. All the wonderful people that work through understanding systems intelligence. Universe exploration, understanding of dark matter, etc. New levels of emotional intelligence, especially in young people. 

Resilience and creativity of humanity. Connecting with kindred spirits. The ongoing creative force. Astrophysics. Seeing the resistance across the world. Living in this moment. Healing capacity of nature. The resilience of the planet with or without us. More and more trans/non-binary people feeling free to be themselves. Moving through the spiral again and again. Our youth’s commitment to life. The unexpected support I experience when I reach out. How much we really do care. People doing their best. Feel Nature and study about nature. Life resilience! Music and letting myself dance. The amazing people I encounter. Journaling. My grandchildren. QiGong-training. My cat. 

The innate goodness of people inspired to make a difference. Walking in nature. Social activists. Community. Our capacity to Pay Attention. Be Astonished. And Tell about it. Life and the beauty around me and all the non-human life. Integrity. Children. Humanity. Facing these concerns, what inspires me is seeing the natural wildness of our children. People of color and the poor who have endured. Sleeping on the earth. Plants, birds, life. Not thinking that I know. “Possibility”. What inspires me is the reality and beauty of death, rebirth, grief, initiation, soul, love in action, water, bees, mycelium, raven…. 

Beauty of nature, serendipities. My sangha. All the good being done. All the Shambhala Warriors active, openly and secretly in our struggling world. The generosity of others. Events like this one. Seeing/hearing the many levels of kinship. Honesty and vulnerability. A higher view, seeing humanity as a smaller blip. Hearing stories of people who get squished like the tomato and then bear fruit. You all! New ways. Courage to give up life for a greater future for others. Again, Iain McGilchrist’s writing and communicating. Convergence and coming together of many things and being. Joanna, Valarie Kaur, many books about the Gospel of Mary (Magdalene) by Watterson, King, and Bourgeault, Aloha Aina, Rainbow warrior prophecy, Shambhala prophecy, laudato si…. 

Similar messages of balance coming from so many sources! The laughter and happiness of my grandchildren playing with our old dog. Looking at the future we’re heading into, what I deeply hope for is…. A part I’d like to play in support of this is…. A step I’ll take toward this in the next week is…. I deeply hope that we as human beings will be able to connect no matter what. Deep hoping for increased kinship. Community. What I deeply hope for is a sustainable, life enhancing future. I hope for friends and connections. My part is to engage in WTR and grandmas for future. My next step is to finish my active hope online course on Monday.

Complete the sentences:
Looking at the future we’re heading into, what I deeply hope for is…
A part I’d like to play in support of this is…
A step I’ll take toward this in the next week is…

(These are your responses)

The part I deeply hope for is a world that acclimates to a changing climate. The part I want to play is to connect with people here and work with them on compassionate communication – I will start a training for Rwandan clinical psychologists next week, for two days, with a local organization. Looking strangers in the eye with love. An awakening of compassion for all beings. Taking Action with others with passion and in Presence. Teaching nonviolent direct action. I continually build my support network. Hope for a real change in the way we live as human beings that care for eachother and the earth, continue my small acts of care and praise with others around me. An awakening of mind, sharing, showing my empathy to all, arresting my judgment and seeing through a sacred, connected eye…. Others. I’ll reach out from my cave to support others. A part I would like to play in support is being a grandmother inspiring active hope.

Creating community, bringing a broader community together, meeting with local politicians. An awakening/elevation of consciousness on the part of people at large. Advocate and influence for positive change inside of my employers and clients. Redouble my efforts to find a job, so that I can use it to make a difference. A world where people see the beauty of collaborative creation. Volunteering in the local Climate Hub. Finding kindred spirits in my local community (I’ve just moved). Difficult conversations, speaking up, having a conversation about the mess we are in. I hope for people to work together.

My part to love and support others. Write, speak, inspire. Send notes to seniors alone. Respectful and open conversation between people on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Escape from hope and fear to never give up to make my bed every morning. Deeply hope for sanctuary all over the world for all creatures, two-legged, four-legged, flying and swimming. A great awakening spreading throughout humanity—of love, clarity, belonging, joy. Teaching and writing as I am doing now. Keep on with what I’m already engaged in. Each day I pray for the human caused destruction and harm to come to an end…. Peace within all of humanity and appreciation of mother earth. Make small changes in my life and challenge others to do the same. Connect with others who feel similarly. Energy, right action, be still and listen.

Realizing that love, nonviolence, peace, forgiveness and joy will reconcile all in the end. People coming together…being a listener and supporter…self-compassion and then I can be more present for others. Support others to face the immensity of our collective situation and find their own way to respond. Continue with training in Active Hope facilitator course, reflecting on how to integrate Internal Family Systems Therapy into the Active Hope training. Solidarity. Creating an example of permaculture. Start building the farm. A part I’d like to play is helping us all to connect with nature. A step I’ll take is connecting with a wide range of people to help them connect in their own way. Community, meditate, get grounded, so I can help others stay connected to the WTR community. Learning and using my indigenous language.

 Sharing this with grandchildren and others. Honoring and using these languages connects us to the land and to our non-human relatives. This is a perspective that the planet needs. My step for this week is to use my language every day. That community keeps building, leaving less room for divisiveness. I’d like to strengthen my own skills & capacity to do this. This week, I’ve started reading a recommended community-building book and will be hosting an event that might turn into something bigger. Widespread wisdom and compassion; sharing the work that reconnects; meeting with my WTR co-facilitator to plan our next workshop. Laying down the tired head of our modern world in gratitude and beauty – co create a culture of life honoring rituals with Life – hold a grief composting council and listen to the waters. I deeply hope that we cooperate. I deeply hope that art/beauty/creativity/singing/dance continue. Carry on composing and sharing my music. Do a little each day next week. Less consumption. Less greed for food. Less drama. 

To be able to align my life and my work more fully with the way that I would like to be and show up in the world…..undertake more training, speak up and find the community that I need……reach out to people locally. I hope to be of service healing the divides and imbalance in our world. I am helping lead meetings next week about clean energy and hope to have meaningful, open discussion with all people in our community. Some will be climate deniers, but I hope to leave them feeling at least heard, maybe even touch some part of them that cares about our natural world and how humans are part of it. And ordering + spreading the word about the new edition of Active Hope, of course!) 🙂 Preservation of our natural ecosystems—soil, trees, all species. Support tree and salmon groups. A step I take towards this in the next week is connecting with my unborn grandchild daily mindfully completing my offering to inspire people to deepen their connection to nature and see with new eyes. Peace, Sustainability, the hearts of dictators getting turned around, Freedom, Safety, Food and Water Security…. 

Connecting people, being a bridge between people belonging to different groups, e.g. by interpreting / translating. Hosting that Ukrainian. Jordanian family. Learn more and do the spiral over and over. That more and more people face and feel the urgency and be honest and courageous. Learn more to facilitate this work. A growing number of communities of compassionate humans living into the Great Turning. Continuing to share WTR and “Active Hope” with those in my circles. I’ll be offering a short WTR Zoom program this week. An inspiring community of elders sharing long views and witnessing what we have lost. 

Discovering my own wisdom and courageous compassion to bear witness to what we have lost over my seven decades. Over the next week I will begin to imagine and put into words what I discover so I have it in a format to share. To speak and act on behalf of all life. Get a grip. The energy and wisdom–the compassion and insight—to play my role. Working with all of us to heal in ourselves the barbarian mind that created this world. I will work next week to create a series of talks on my new book Inherited Silence: Listening to the Land, Healing the Colonizer Mind. I hope for the awakening will of others to shift current mindsets and engage in creative problem solving. Finishing graduate school, designing a curriculum that speaks to all of this. Continue to seek new mentors, new voices that align with my hopes and dreams. What I deeply hope for is that we find ways to reduce the human population. A part I’d like to play: support for activists. A step I’ll take in the next week: planning a WTR workshop here in Roanoke, VA.

Looking at the future we’re heading into, what I deeply hope for is a recognition and embodiment of our wild and meaningful place as members of Earth. A part I’d like to play in support of this is to honor and tend to the wildness inside of the children that I know and see regularly. A step I’ll take toward this in the next week is to interact with my own two children in a way that encourages the wildness and wonder inside of them. A surprise in observing the essence of goodness in people, across all belief systems. Using creativity and art to express and connect with all. Online Active Hope Training. Finding kindred spirits in my local community. Building a spiral labyrinth mandala garden. Immediate focus on my own health. A world where people see the beauty of collaborative creation. The part I play is facilitating creativity in groups of people suffering common heartache. The steps include talking about it and sharing my vision. 

I deeply hope we can see beyond the pervasive orientation of “I”. Play a support by doing deep inner and outer work. Take a step by starting again and again. Supporting friends and organizations working for peace, ecological wisdom and love. I deeply hope for the awakening of the interconnected consciousness of humanity. A part I”d like to play is to bring transformative education to our youth. Step I’ll take in the next week is to continue my writing of learning resources to support and inspire teachers and students. Humanity turning to collectively restore and take care of mother earth and all her beings. I’d like to support the regeneration of the soil. This week |I will reach out to people who can help support a new vision for our valley. To involve the teens I work with in NM in the work that reconnects; to introduce it next week at our gathering. Some positives daily. Being off my cell phone when I’m in public so my attention is out and welcoming rather than inward and a barrier. Working on the project I sometimes avoid. 

Looking into the future we are heading into, What I deeply hope for is to be more instrumental and emotionally stable (past trauma) to have a clear voice in my work – which is systems work in construction and beyond. A part I’d like to play in support of this is going into an NGO working with CPD for Architects, and people who desire to grow. A step I’ll take towards this in the next week is, dedicating my time even more structured and purposefully inspired / augmenting my capacity, nurturing my love and flame from my heart. Enough hiding :-). I’ll continue my community organizing work with new energy and vitality. Respectful and open conversation between people on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Teaching skills for communication. Proposing a workshop to a local organization. Practice this 7 point spiral this week.

 A change of consciousness in our culture. Changing my consciousness. Practicing being aware that I am a part of a universe that is conscious. I hope more people will wake up to the present reality, the part I play is continue painting the Elements (Air, fire, air, earth) and show their splendor, and my next step is creating a performance including art, music, dance, theater so the Elements can express themselves live and communicate their need for respect and nurturing. Deeply hope that we who are left in the end days will come together in small communities to thrive. That we may create sanctuaries of possibility, of love for a new future for humanity. Already in this process. Become a Shambhala Warrior, Seeing with sacred Eyes, Occupying my Humanity, Living my Responsibility, Doing my Duty. We all learn to love life and take care of it ~ I’ll talk my talk and walk my walk ~ I shall speak to at least three people about how I feel. 

Growth of a sustainable culture and all being well cared for; reducing my consumption to just enough and using abundance to benefit others; make donations to organizations who are doing good work. I deeply hope for a sustainable society based on human ingenuity, equality, compassion and support for all. For my part, I see advocating for more sustainable practices through writing and speaking up, educating myself and others about the earth and survival. Write to senators re: midterms, and Trader Joe’s to stop using so much plastic. Also more Active Hope training! I deeply hope for a coming together of humanity to tackle this mess with love and compassion. in support of this – I would like to join with those spiritual friends of mine and start creating a better future. A step I will take next week is to prepare for a retreat, something I could offer, inspired by this workshop. Peace. love and understanding of our interconnectedness. 

The inner transition part – conflict resolution, Qi Gong ways to strengthen our communities. Enough people to awaken in time that we will not lose all of current life on earth and humanity will survive in a new and more beautiful way. Helping people find the courage to wake up, and do their part to make the necessary changes happen. Sharing these ideas among some of my networks. Deeply hope — that we pull it together and act collectively for the well being of all beings and our earth. Part I can. The beautiful light being within each human to become the guide of each person. Joining with other like minded people to expand the WTR and help move on the Great Turning. I would like to know this group of facilitators better. Connect somehow with a place or a fabric of people and be part of the sanctuary I want to see all over the world. 

Use my resources for good for all – not only my own care and well-being. A step this week. hmmm. Write more about this idea of sanctuary. What do I mean by this? More quality time with people I love, my kids. Create occasions for them, stay relaxed for them. Let my son move out and allow him to make his own experiences. I hope for a willingness of others to listen to different points of view and see each others’ humanity. A part I’d like to play is to offer more NVC workshops and other opportunities for people to experience what this looks like. A step I’ll take in the next week is to sign up for a Braver Angels training and share more about my NVC work on FB. Beloved intention. Form a circle of elders. Ask two people if they want to join. Listening to the prophecy, I got a sense that our actions need not be huge. Considering our interconnection… I imagined our actions to be even as small as a vibration. Could be the vibration of our hearts or our beings, could be compassion. Our heart vibration could power our thoughts and actions, allow it to touch others, compassionately and with the innate wisdom that’s there. Vibration, subtle and profound, each one of us, our life force vibrating. As we all begin to vibrate with the love force that is who we really are, our subtle beings and actions become unified. Our smallness then, is mighty. MIGHTY as collectively we vibrate as ONE. When we vibrate as one, even the smallest action/vibration matters a whole lot. With Love.

World becomes more loving, caring, appreciative, respectfully offering workshops on divesting from fossil fuels. Looking at the future, I deeply hope for social justice issues being addressed through reparations. The part I play in support is to be honest and real about healing the wounds of racism and next week I will write more prayers for the healing the heart of humanity. What I bring,…I bring my focus and dedication of my time and energy to encourage and support greater community in pursuing active hope. In this next week, I will take more time to develop “the reciprocity project” by talking and reaching out to more ppl. I want to find more partners to create circles where there is volunteer activity, with intentional mindfulness and sharing about inner and outward reflections and observation. Curiosity and personal investment about our world encourages more active love and hope. I hope more people will wake up to the present reality, the part I play is continue painting the Elements (Air, fire, air, earth) and show their splendor , and my next step is creating a performance including art, music, dance, theater so the Elements can express themselves live and communicate their need for respect and nurturing. I deeply hope for courage to work honestly with the trauma in my family and the impacts on my sons, and to make our journey available for others to learn from too. I am taking more steps towards this with my husband and sons, this week and for how long it takes. 

What I hope is the rise and strengthening of democracy & freedom; A part to support is to help people be aware and compassionate; I will continue to counsel lawyers. Awareness, awakening, humanity coming to her senses; making people aware of the power of their hearts, that mourning is vital and should not be avoided and free them from the dictatorship of so called rationality. I don’t know what part I want to play in support of the desired transitions… so I don’t know what step to take next….

A step I’ll take next week is sharing with my closest friends and family the Shambhala Prophecy and inviting them to talk about it. Five Vows:) I am writing down my project for the show and performance that will be created by a team of artists (I still need a choreographer and a producer!). I’m going to take some people to a local nature reserve to connect with butterflies! My own inertia. What I deeply hope for are honest and forthright companions on the warrior journey. A part I’d like to play is holding space for others to come together and showing up a warrior for the human spirit. A step I’ll take toward this next week is that I will sign up for warrior journey training. I love your plan to help people to connect with butterflies. Will be introducing this idea of Shambala Warrior to my student friends in the coming week. They are all warriors but don’t know it yet. (-: Agi and Looby are in a heatwave in hungary, preparing for a Mother Nature training with 20 women coming together to explore mothers as natural leaders – this call has come at a great time to help us deepen into our intentions for this training and support these women to step into their leadership. Invoke The Shambhala Warrior Within and fulfill, call into Being the Shambhala Prophecy. I’ll do that same thing, sharing the Shambhala Prophecy with family and friends. Step to take in the next few weeks: spend a lot of time in nature, to become more grounded and relax my nervous system, so I am more able to be fully present for the people I love and the task ahead of us. 

I have felt that we need to address imbalance of energy, power, values in our country and world and feel that even more intensely after this session. I will continue to work through my interfaith group and church as well as environmental activities. To continue to practice the discipline of connecting to and creating creativity and strength. Loving kindness to ourselves so we can be kind to others, awareness of who or what is being “left out”. I want to assist others to reconnect with their true nature through nature. Gather folx in nature to feel their interbeing. Talk to friends about the Shambhala Prophecy in this next week. How we can take Active Hope to the next level with Prophecy. Share the prophecy with my people and also do the work of putting my work/outreach together for next year…this includes the work that reconnects. 

Practice the 5 Vows with my friends. I will keep working to find ways to create spaces for deep conversation and sharing around the climate emergency – especially with young people. Bring the Shambhala Warrior story into the student learning resources of Student Leadership for Change. Really work on my speech how I speak to myself and to others…the othering and the swearing to notice…. Working with my group of entheogenic elders to break the trance of illusion, conditioning, ageism, and inaction. To continue to sing songs to the river that is drying up this summer. Thank you all for creating this space. The Shambhala Warrior concept takes “boddhisatva” to a more operational level for me. Thanks Joanna for that and Chris for making all of this very practical/doable. Blessings to all. I like the “book group” idea.

+++ Vote!! I would love to connect with more local practitioners of active hope in my Region of Germany. I had a very frightening vivid vision of what might happen to Europe …not clear what to do with this…? my action might be to ask the vision guardians? “Be-Longing, Be-coming, Be-ing Human”??? I follow an ecopsychology training next week. I will talk about the Shambhala prophecy. So grateful for your work and ongoing love, Joanna! We are Bodhisattvas. Für alle Teilnehmer*innen aus Deutschland: Schaut mal hier rein: „Netzwerk Tiefe Anpassung Deutschland.“ “What if we are not in the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb?” – Valarie Kaur. Much gratitude to everyone, especially organizers, for continuing to inspire. Loving black… and loving the shadow…. It was recently brought to my attention about the racism of yet another word in the English language: “denigrate”! Woo-hoo–love for black: night, shadow, dark-skin, deep woods, deep underwater, new moon…. We need new words that will represent the things that used to be represented by “black” ex evil, etc. So glad to year of this work going on—finding the residue of the barbarian in ourselves. We are made for this time. “One Human Race”, “One Planet” “one People” “Occupy Humanity”??? Thank you for the wisdom and blessing of blackness!!!! Ubuntu, we say here in Africa – i am BECAUSE YOU are. We are made BY these times <3. Thank you all for the love and energy and hope. 

Deeply grateful to feel less alone by connecting with you all. WE are made of, by, and for these times. In terms of what I’m going to take away, I’d say that for years, I’ve tended to think of the Great Turning as an abstract concept, a set of ecological and “macro” processes that will eventually move our world to a better place. Today reinforced that the Great Turning is about *all of us*, doing the work as Shambhala Warriors out there in the world. It made Active Hope personal again, and reminded me of my own responsibility, in community with others, to make it happen. So very grateful to hear everyone’s perspective, feeling love and connection through this wide web of earthlings.

“Quiet friend who has come so far, feel how your breathing makes more space around you. Let this darkness be a bell tower and you the bell. As you ring, what batters you becomes your strength. Move back and forth into the change. What is it like, such intensity of pain? If the drink is bitter, turn yourself to wine. In this uncontainable night, be the mystery at the crossroads of your senses, the meaning discovered there. And if the world has ceased to hear you, say to the silent earth: I flow. To the rushing water, speak: I am.” – Rilke

You have created an amazing loving movement Joanna! Thank you so much. What I take away from the Webinar is the incredible power and spell in Joanna´s voice, and the authority in her message. Deeply received. It will be forwarded! I want to be like her at 93. I am grateful. From Norway with Love! Thank you Chris, Frieda and Silvia. Thank you…I got some great ideas for what I can do. Gratitude and blessings from Saskia in coast miwok lands, upward and onward! What a beautiful session. Thank you so much we feel energized and supported by this community. Thank you Joanna and Chris. Thank you all!💓My heart is full — thank you all so much. Thank you so much from Northern Germany. Wow, wow, wow, thank you so much! Thank you Joanna and Chris and all involved ❤️ I feel so alive, buzzing with truths, thanks so much for being on this journey with me ❤️


Active Hope Foundations Training: a free, self-timed online course:

Other opportunities to engage with the book and experience the Spiral: https://workthatreconnects.org/events/

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Our work in B.C. is focusing on dismantling the ‘mind-made’ weapons by bringing critical-creative-transformative education into the secondary schools. Our youth are highly activated and need this empowering education. Teachers are coming onside in droves. It is called Student Leadership for Change and is freely available to everyone. You are invited to bring this to any teachers you know and to access it personally. It is available at www.bethechangeearthalliance.org. Blessed Be.

Meg Wheatley’s self- paced Journey into Warriorship.

I am inspired by Sam Daley Harris, the founder of RESULTS and the empowering organization Civic Courage. He guides organizations to mobilize ordinary people (us) to make a systemic difference. In this approach, we definitely need both wisdom and compassionate action.

In tune with what Molly said about the take on this from Indigenous peoples who have already experienced collapse, I found this talk by Kim TallBear (Dakota) in 2020 very enlightening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO14od9mlTA  amazing 30 min talk “A Sharpening of the Already Present: Settler Apocalpyse 2020”

I love hearing these groups of mothers getting together to do the Work. For more support for parents check out: http://www.radiantbalance.com/parenting-in-tumultuous-times/

For all participants who speak German: my partner and I translate the revised edition of “Active Hope” into German. The new book will be published in 2023, probably in summer. The title of the previous edition was “Hope through action”. More Infos see: www.holoninstitut.de




‘Speaking up – Waging Peace’ in the Nonviolent Communication Africa Network, 4 sessions, online (4th session on August 21)

Tiefe Anpassung – Kollektive Resilienz in der globalen Krise https://tiefe-anpassung.de