Welcome to the home base for our ongoing and growing Webinar and Conversation Café program!!

Through this online series the Work That Reconnects Network coordinates and provides a wide range of rich educational and supportive opportunities for our global community of WTR facilitators, members and friends of the Network. 

Our offerings include a balance of events led by guest teachers from beyond the Network and those led by Facilitator Members of the Network. Our intent is to strengthen the web of the WTR community while also reaching beyond its current edges to weave deeper connections with others who are contributing to the Great Turning in diverse and complementary ways. 

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Following on from the rich exploration of Liberation for All: Bringing Tenderness to Conversations about Power and Privilege presented by Miki Kashtan in a recent webinar, this Conversation Café will give us the opportunity to explore these concepts more deeply and discuss how they can inform our service to the Great Turning, our work as WTR facilitators and participants and our engagement with co-liberation for all.

Experienced and emerging facilitators, as well as WTR practitioners, are invited to come together to share your insights and learn from your community.

More Webinars Coming Soon: 

January 28: Webinar: Resilience for the Great Unraveling with Richard Heinberg
February 18: Conversation Café
February 25: Webinar: Systems Thinking, Systems Doing, Systems Being with Felicia Chavez

Webinar recordings: The whole group portions of webinars hosted by the Network will be recorded. Activities and sharing that occurs within breakout rooms will not be recorded. Recordings will be available 48 hours after the live webinar and will be sent by email to all those who are registered.

Recordings of Past Webinars

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Liberation for All: Bringing Tenderness to Conversations about Power and Privilege

When engaging with topics of power and privilege, would you like for everyone who has experienced impacts across power differences to be heard and engaged with deeply? Are you longing for people with access to resources, relational power, or societal privilege to leave such conversations with growing capacity and insight? This webinar explores how we can move in this direction and transform such conversations even while the systems we live in are unchanged. View the recording here.
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Love, Rage, Rebel: Climate Activism and the Great Turning

In this webinar we explore how the three dimensions of the Great Turning relate to each other, and how bringing them forward through Work that Reconnects inspired sessions can build trust, courage and resilience in movements for climate justice. We include recent examples and insights from the UK where we are part of facilitator collectives holding experiential Work That Reconnects based sessions in-service of peaceful direct action movements including Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil. We also give space for you to reflect where you are personally at in the Great Turning, and share your experiences with likeminded people from all over the planet. View the recording here.

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Conducting Effective Work That Reconnects Rituals and Ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies are some of the most powerful, transformative experiences in the Work That Reconnects spiral, especially when they are done well. Leading powerful ritual requires a set of skills and understanding that you can’t find in the WTR texts. Learn how to conduct truly inspiring rituals with experienced WTR facilitator and ceremonial leader Kathleen Rude. With a focus on The Council of All BeingsThe Seventh Generation and the Truth Mandala, Kathleen offers insights and techniques about how to set intention and establish boundaries, how to lead with confidence in the power of ritual, how to open and close rituals and how to bring your unique gifts and wisdom into the process. View the recording here. 

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Ecological Civilization: Humanity’s Transformational Alternative with Della Duncan and David Korten

A choice making species of extraordinary potential, a false religion devoted to the worship of money has put us on a path to self-extinction. Join David Korten, global visionary activist and bestselling author, and Della Duncan, Renegade Economist and host of the Upstream Podcast for the most important conversation of our time. An exploration of the epic opportunity created by our existential crisis. This conversation will be both expansive and deep, touching on themes including science, spirituality, systems thinking, and economics. It will also be participatory, for the way forward must be collaborative. View the recording here.

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Postactivism, Transraciality and Decoloniality with Bayo Akomolafe

Dr. Bayo Akomolafe’s inquiry into postactivism challenges our conventional notions of activism and agency by asking the question: “What do we do when our response to the crisis becomes part of the crisis?” In a world replete with ever-increasing and compounding social and environmental crises, Bayo invites us to not just think outside of the box, but to “touch the box” by troubling our centrality within the complex, interconnected circumstances of a living world ‘suddenly’ alive, agential, and animated. View the recording here.

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Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation with Jeremy Lent

Our civilization is careening at an accelerating pace toward a precipice of climate breakdown, ecological destruction, and gaping inequality. Redirecting humanity’s trajectory will require a fundamental transformation of society encompassing virtually every aspect of the human experience: our values, our goals and our collective behavior. Jeremy Lent, author and facilitator lead of Principles and Practices of Deep Transformation: Laying the Groundwork for an Ecological Civilization shares his perspectives. View the recording here

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Active Hope (new edition) Book Launch

Since Active Hope was first published a decade ago, the Great Unraveling has progressed at an alarming rate. To better address this disturbing new context, Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone have taken a fresh view of Active Hope, with the tenth anniversary edition published in June 2022.

On July 23rd, Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone joined us to share in celebration of the launch of the second edition of Active Hope. View the recording of this highly interactive webinar here. We invite you to read the invitations, chat responses and shared resources here.

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Conversation Café: Regenerative Livelihood for the Great Turning

In response to the important questions that arose during our recent webinar with Della Duncan, we are again joining in conversation and opening community space for a deeper exploration of our experiences of regenerative livelihood. As we delve into the “unlearning” of everything we thought we knew about economics, let us join in conversation to uncover tangible ways to bring the invitations of regenerative economics into actionable ideas for our personal and/or our professional lives as facilitators. This offering is hosted by Della Duncan and Frieda Nixdorf. View the recording here.

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Regenerative Livelihood and Finances for the Great Turning

Unlearn everything you thought you knew about economics. Join our next Conversation Café for radical ideas, inspiring stories, and practical invitations for the just economic transition to a more regenerative and equitable world. Join Della Duncan hosted by Silvia Di Blasio, two WTR facilitators who have been practicing “regenerative livelihood” in their own lives and to inspire and coach others. View the recording here.

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Men and the Work That Reconnects

People who are raised as boys and men in our modern patriarchal society are typically trained to repress their emotions in an even more extreme way. This leaves them with a wide range of social and emotional barriers that can prevent them from becoming involved in the WTR or recognizing its value in their lives. As we strive to contribute to the Great Turning and dismantle systems of separation, working together across gender identities is a powerful and beautiful practice that is healing for all participants. 

In this webinar, Vincent Brown and Kevin Lay share insights from this inquiry as well as their personal journey as decades-long practitioners of the Work and discuss the powerful benefits they’ve experienced and observed for men who participate in the WTR. View the recording here.

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Global Elm Dance

The Elm Dance, a practice for global healing and connection, invites us into the center of our hearts, our compassion, our longing to live, and our belonging to all life on Earth. It also supports us in standing in solidarity with those who are suffering.

Joanna Macy was first introduced to the Elm Dance in the 1980s and began offering it in the early 1990s, as part of her workshops, beginning with a community that was impacted by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. She continued to offer the Elm Dance as a daily practice in workshops and intensives throughout her career. Activists around the world share the dance in public protests. Many facilitators offer the Elm Dance as part of their work to invite participants into their feelings of gratitude and grief. 

Typically danced in a group setting, we offer it here as a global, virtual experience. We invite you to join us, to learn more about the dance, to experience it, and to share it with your communities. Join our Facebook group to find the Elm Dance in your community or additional virtual offerings. 

View the March 19 recording with Kathleen Rude and guest appearance by Joanna Macy here.
View the March 20 recording with Frieda Nixdorf here

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A Systems View of Life with Fritjof Capra and Jeremy Lent

What happens when we bring together two great thinkers of Systems Theory and Deep Ecology in emergent conversation?

Fritjof Capra and Jeremy Lent discuss three of the foundations of WTR – patterns, systems and deep ecology – and how we can use these theories to support our practices as activists, facilitators and change-makers. Together we explore how evolutionary biology, history and spirituality interact and provide answers to the challenges we now face. View the recording here.

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Guidance for Emerging Facilitators: Panel Discussions with Experienced Facilitators

Feb 19 and 25/26, 2022 – Each week, the core team at the WTR Network receives inquiries from people all over the world who want to bring the WTR to their communities and are inspired to become WTR facilitators. They inquire about how to become a facilitator and what steps they should take. The truth is, there are many paths to becoming a WTR facilitator and a variety of ways to continually deepen our practice and skills as facilitators. 
So, we gathered two panels of experienced WTR Facilitators from a number of countries to share about their own journeys of becoming facilitators and to answer questions for aspiring or emerging facilitators and those who are pursuing and deepening their facilitation path.
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Continued Exploration into De-escalating Patterns of Harm in White Dominant Spaces

Oct 23, 2021 – This is a follow-up event from De-escalating Patterns of Harm in White Dominant Spaces on August 28. Aravinda Ananda, Tzy-Ping Chen, Jo Hamilton, Jane Hera, and Mutima Imani invite you to
join us to continue learning about and practicing how to de-escalate patterns of harm in white dominant spaces. Please watch the recording of the previous event here before the recording of this event, which can be viewed here.

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Re-Wilding Motherhood : Parenting Rooted in Soul

Oct 3, 2021 – This webinar for mothers  facilitated by Frieda Nixdorf and Meggan Hartman offered, a journey through the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects to (re)engage with the root of our motherhood, embody our true wild self, and embrace our ecological niche in order to parent and live with deeper clarity. This was for anyone who is currently actively engaged in the process of mothering. The only requirement was a genuine desire to show up for the wild re-imagining of your life purpose as mother and ever-evolving being. View the recording of this webinar here.

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An Exploration of De-escalating Patterns of Harm in White Dominant Spaces

Aug 28, 2021 – Members of the Anti-Oppression Resource Group (AORG) invite Work That Reconnects facilitators to an exploration of some recurring patterns of harm that have occurred in numerous Work That Reconnects workshop spaces and steps we can take to de-escalate this harm. Each person who facilitates this Work undoubtedly shares this work out of a desire to be in loving service. Nevertheless, many of us – both facilitators and participants – have been conditioned by toxic cultures and ways of relating, and that conditioning comes with us whenever we gather in groups.

As facilitators of this Work, let’s not perpetuate or stand idly by as harm happens on our watch. Let’s support each other in our learning and growth so that we can become more skillful in reducing and minimizing harm in workshop spaces. This event will offer an opportunity to explore the document prepared by some AORG members “De-escalating patterns of harm in white dominant spaces: a guide for the Work That Reconnects facilitators and participants.” This is an invitation to build and be in beloved community together. View the recording of this webinar here.

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Working with the Work That Reconnects in Community and Community Groups

Sept 4, 2021 – How can the Work That Reconnects help communities and community groups to become more cohesive and resilient? Communities succeed or fail in part as a result of the systems they have in place.  Shared rituals and structures allow voices to be heard, feelings to be felt and expressed, in a healthy and held way.  These systems are vital to a healthy and healed community / community group.

Listen in as Margo and Jacqueline share their experiences of bringing the Work that Reconnects into Community, including in the Findhorn Ecovillage. View the recording of this webinar here.

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Deeper Dive into Trauma Informed Group Work

Jun 12, 2021 – Following the inspiring panel on Trauma Informed Group work that we hosted on April 10th we received a flood of requests for a “part two” in order to journey deeper into this topic and to provide more opportunities to interact with other participants and the panelists. Here it is!
During this event our brilliant panelists offer deeper insight into some of the most poignant topics referred to in the panel. Participants had the opportunity to connect with each other and explore the topics in breakout sessions and enjoyed a dynamic whole-group community discussion generated by participant questions.
Before watching the recording of this event, we ask that all participants experience the April 10th panel. View the recording of the April 10th event here. View the recording of this webinar here.
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Panel: El Trabajo Que Reconecta en América Latina y Centroamérica: desafíos y oportunidades

¿Es el TQR una herramienta universal? Cuando los impactos de la desigualdad e inestabilidad social históricas, la degradación ambiental y el agotamiento de los recursos se manifiestan de manera diferente, ¿cómo funciona el TQR? ¿Cuáles son los desafíos que comparten los facilitadores traen el Trabajo Que Reconecta a la vida? ¿Qué está sucediendo en las diferentes regiones y dónde están las oportunidades?

Ven y únete a este “panel latinoamericano y centroamericano” moderado por Adrián Villaseñor (México / Estados Unidos) y Silvia Di Blasio (Argentina / Venezuela / Canadá). Panelistas: Lia Beltrão (Brasil), Ana Karla Enríquez (México), Javiera Carrión (Chile), Felipe Landaeta (Chile).

Painel: O Trabalho Que Reconecta na América Latina e Central – Desafios e oportunidades

O TQR é uma ferramenta universal? Em espaços onde os impactos da instabilidade e desigualdade social, assim como degradação ambiental e esgotamento de recursos, se manifestam de formas diferentes, como funciona o TQR? Quais são os desafios para os facilitadores que dão vida ao ‘Trabalho’? O que está acontecendo em cada região e onde estão as oportunidades?

Panel: Work That Reconnects in Latin and Central America – Challenges and Opportunities

Is the WTR a universal tool? Where impacts of historical social inequality and instability, environmental degradation and resource depletion play out differently, how does the WTR work? What are the challenges of the Work and for the facilitators who bring it alive? What is happening on the ground and where are the opportunities?

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The Work That Reconnects in the Corridors of Power: Examples from the Welsh Government 

Apr. 27, 2021 – In 2015, During this webinar WTR Facilitator, Karen Scott, and Sustainable Development Change Manager, Diana Reynolds, share their experience of working together to bring WTR into the Welsh government. They illustrate the methods they used and insights they gained in their experience of applying WTR within a 10-year behaviour change programme for the civil service, while engaging participants to envision how they may bring the WTR into the public and private institutions in their own areas of the world. View the recording of this webinar here.

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Trauma-Informed Group Work

Apr. 10, 2021 – This dynamic moderated panel discussion with Lydia Violet Harutoonian, Vahisha Hasan, Tabitha Mpamira and Maggie Ziegler explores the relationship between individual, systemic, and collective trauma in the context of facilitating group work. Our panelists and moderator share the wisdom and perspective they’ve gathered on their diverse paths of studying and working with trauma as well as tangible tools and exercises for trauma-informed facilitation that can increase distress tolerance and improve our capacity for collectively holding the traumas group members may be carrying. View the recording of this webinar here

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A Gratitude that Serves the World

Mar. 27, 2021 – Gratitude is a powerful practice that not only serves us as individuals, but acts as a healer of the collective. Our gladness for the world is subversive to the destructive elements of culture, including toxic individualism, consumerism, and other ideologies rampant in these times. Barbara Ford offers a model for deepening into a kind of radical practice to benefit ourselves, and our world. View the recording of this webinar here

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Introduction to Resilience-Building Tools for Facilitating in a Stressed and Traumatized World

Feb. 20, 2021 – To support WTR facilitators in being more trauma informed, Constance Washburn and Debra Clydesdale introduce the key concepts of the Community Resilience Model (CRM) of the Trauma Resource Institute. Learn how our nervous systems react to ongoing stress and trauma, and experience resilience building tools for working with WTR participants of all ages, genders and ethnicities. View the recording of this webinar here

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Active Hope: Creating Our New Year

Feb. 10, 2021 – Asking both how we would like to consciously step into 2021 and what it is we have gratitude for in 2020, Margo van Greta and Jacqueline Buckingham offer us the opportunity to create a new vision for 2021, and identify what steps we can take to create that new reality. View the recording of this webinar here.

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Parenting in Tumultuous Times

Dec. 14, 2020 –Jo delAmor, author of Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis, offers this full spiral Work That Reconnects webinar for parents. In our time together participants orient within this pivotal moment in history and the unique challenges and opportunities presented by parenting at this time. View the recording of this webinar here

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Active Hope in Times of Uncertainty

Nov. 4, 2020 – We currently are surrounded by challenges, both globally and personally. Is it possible to consider bringing hope into our lives, into the world? Whatever you are challenged by, Margo van Greta and Jacqueline Buckingham guide participants through a process by way of the spiral of the Work That Reconnects, to help evoke to a place of hope and inspired action. View the recording of this webinar here

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Active Hope – Emerging Into A New World

Aug. 15, 2020 – We currently are surrounded by challenges, both globally and personally. Is it possible to consider bringing hope into our lives, into the world? Active Hope holds the attitude of hope. It is not just an outcome, it is a process. In this Webinar, Margo van Greta and Jacqueline Buckingham will guide us through that process by way of the spiral of the Work That Reconnects. View the recording of this webinar here.

Conversation Café: In Response to White Supremacy in the Great Turning

Aug. 9, 2020 – As we work to dismantle systems of oppression during this time of the Great Turning it is important to continue to address racial power dynamics within the Work That Reconnects community. This Conversation Café, facilitated by Mutima ImaniSilvia Di BlasioMolly Brown and Jo delAmor, is being offered to allow for continued conversation and exploration following the “White Supremacy in the Great Turning” webinar on August 1. Details here.

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White Supremacy in the Great Turning

Aug. 1, 2020 – As women of African descent with deep commitment to and understanding of the Work That Reconnects, Sarah NaharMutima ImaniAravinda Ananda and Rachel Marco-Havens will begin this webinar by sharing how white supremacy shows up in our WTR Network and in the work itself. They will explore ways to dismantle oppression within our work to make space for all to engage in the Great Turning more fully. After their opening remarks they will take questions from participants and engage in discussion on this topic. More details about this event here. View the recording of this webinar here.

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How to See with Gaian Eyes

Jul. 19, 2020 – Join Deep Ecologist Jolie Elan as we explore the intelligence of nature and how to tap into it. This program offers brain food and practices to see through new eyes so we can source directly from our mother earth for wisdom and insight. Details here. For resources from this webinar, check here. View the recording of this webinar here

Conversation Café: Challenges & Opportunities of Facilitating the WTR Online

Jul. 4 & Jun. 20, 2020 – During this Circle Way style discussion, with Silvia Di Blasio, self-identified WTR facilitators will share about their experiences in offering WTR in online settings. We’ll explore what has worked and what hasn’t, what we’ve learned and what we can share with others, as well as what we need and want more of by way of support and information.

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Re-Conectando in the Wounded Land of Colombia

Jun. 28, 2020 – In this Webinar, Helena ter Ellen and Hector Aristizabal will share how the truth speaking WTR provides is essential in war torn countries, and how reconnecting with the Earth helps in opening ways to reconciliation between Colombians of all sides of the conflict and of all ethnicities. Details here. View the recording of this webinar here

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Parenting within the Pandemic

Jun. 14, 2020 – During this online session with Jo delAmor, we gather with other parents from around the world for deep reflection, connection and renewal. This full-spiral Work That Reconnects gathering was facilitated to create a safe and powerful container for authentic sharing and processing about our experiences and feelings of parenting within the pandemic. Details here. View the recording of this webinar here

Offering WTR Online to Build Community Resilience

Apr. 7, 2020 – These webinars explore ways to use WTR online to build community resilience in an online format. Also shared are suggestions for timing and structuring webinars using the Spiral that we have found work well, while mentioning pitfalls to avoid and offering templates for designing your own offerings. These webinars were offered by Constance Washburn and Mutima Imani. View the recordings here for April 7 and April 9.

Technical Support, Setup and Promotion

Mar. 29 & 30, 2020 – These webinars focus on the technical side of setting up and facilitating an online WTR offering. Learn to prepare, schedule, and promote online meetings, including: registrations, interactive features, recording and posting. Also covered are best practices when facilitating online from social justice and the WTR, and how to stay connected and strong. These webinars were offered by Silvia Di Blasio and Jo delAmor. View the recording of this webinar here

About the Webinar and Conversation Café Series

Webinars and Conversation Cafés, led by Facilitator Members of the Network:

Webinars with Guest teachers:

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Webinar and a Conversation Café?


A Webinar is an online class. It is designed in advance and facilitated by one or two facilitators or guest teachers. Webinars may include some amount of participant involvement in the form of Q/A, group discussion or breakout sessions, but are more focused on the material prepared by the facilitator(s).


Conversation Cafés are opportunities for group dialogue on a particular topic. Each Café will have a facilitator (or two) that will frame the conversation and hold space for the participants as they explore the topic at hand. The content of the Café is generated by the participants as they learn from and with each other.


Who can facilitate Webinars and Cafés?


Facilitator Members who would like to facilitate a Webinar or host a Café can submit a proposal by logging in to their account. You will find an option to “Submit a Webinar or Conversation Café Proposal” in your facilitator area. If you facilitate the WTR but haven’t registered as a Facilitator Member with the Network yet you can apply for membership here.


The Network will reach out to guest speakers from beyond the WTR community who have relevant and stimulating teachings or insights to share. If you have a suggestion for speakers for us to reach out to please let us know.


What topics are covered in Webinars and Cafés?


The themes explored in these Webinars and Cafés cover the full range of subjects relevant to our work in the Great Turning. Some topics that we’ll likely cover include: Foundations of the WTR (including Deep Time, Systems Thinking and the Spiral), Tips and Tools for Facilitators, Deep Adaptation, Indigenous Resilience, Working with Youth and Parents, Environmental Justice, etc.


If you have ideas of topics that you’d like to see covered please let us know.


How much do Webinars and Cafés cost and where does the money go?


In addition to providing valuable connections, education and support for our community, Webinars and Cafés provide a valuable stream of funding that supports and sustains the Network and allows us to continue growing our services.


Each Webinar and Café is offered by donation. We provide a suggested donation for each event and ask that you donate generously within your means to support the Network. However, no one is turned away for lack of funds and we encourage you to engage in the events even if you aren’t able to contribute financially.


A portion of the amount collected for each event goes to the facilitator of the event to honor their work and contribute to their livelihood. Donations also cover the tools, resources and staff hours each event requires. Whatever is donated above and beyond these expenses will go to the general operating fund of the Network to support our ongoing work.