As our worldwide community grows, the WTR Network needs your skills and talents. Please help us co-create a thriving future for the Work That Reconnects by engaging in one of the following committees.

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Purpose: In addition to maintaining and building the Network’s presence virtually, through the website, social media and newsletter, the communications committee continues to “tell the story” of the Network, of the Work, and the stories of those who offer it and are impacted by it.

If you have skills in graphic design, branding and/or content generation and a passion for building digital community please complete this form.

Questions? Contact Frieda Nixdorf.

Deep Times Journal

Purpose: To publish a biannual journal that provides brain-food, heart-food, and methods for people involved in the Work That Reconnects and who are working to co-create life-sustaining, equitable cultures for all.

If you are passionate about writing and have editorial experience and are interested in being part of the Deep Times team, please complete this form.

Questions? Contact Silvia Di Blasio.

Facilitator Support

Purpose: To create welcoming, high quality support for Facilitator Members of the Network, including emerging facilitators.

If you are drawn to supporting our international community of Facilitator Members by engaging connection, building community and responding to their emerging needs please complete this form.

Questions? Contact Silvia Di Blasio.

Regenerative Finance

Purpose: To develop regenerative flows of resources for the WTR Network to meet its long and short term financial goals.

If you have experience with traditional fundraising and grant writing or skills, passion and ideas for developing regenerative revenue streams please complete this form.

Questions? Contact Jo delAmor

Social Justice

Purpose: Tend to issues of inclusion and equity within the existing structure of the network and support the network in outreach and expansion to additional communities.

If you are excited about social justice issues and interested in supporting this work within the Network, please complete this form.

Questions? Contact Silvia Di Blasio.

Webinars and Conversation Cafés Program

Purpose: To provide a wide range of rich educational and supportive online events for our global community of WTR facilitators, members and friends of the Network. These online events strengthen the web of the WTR community while also reaching beyond its current edges to weave deeper connections with others who are contributing to the Great Turning in diverse and complementary ways.

If you have an interest in transformational online education and experience supporting digital events please complete this form.

Questions? Contact Jo delAmor

Great Gratitude to the Incredible Network Volunteers!

Bruce Bekker began his career as a musician and instrument maker and has served as an arts leader and nonprofit administrator for much of his life.  For over thirty years he co-directed the chamber ensemble Philomel Baroque.  He has also led development at cultural institutions and at educational organizations serving inner-city students and families.  He currently directs development at the Community Arts Center in suburban Philadelphia.  Bruce is an avid gardener, reader, hiker, and concert-goer, and a believer in the transformative gifts of communities.

Bruce serves on the Regenerative Finance Committee.

Carolyn Treadway is a therapist, pastoral counselor, social worker, and life coach, now retired after more than 60 years of facilitating change and growth in people’s lives.  She “speaks for Earth” however she can—as a climate leader and mentor (trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project) since 2007, anti-nuclear activist, conference planner, workshop facilitator, writer, editor and photographer. She and Molly Brown co-edited Held in Love: Life Stories to Inspire Us Through Times of Change. Since the early-1980s she has been part of the Work That Reconnects. With her husband Roy, she lives in Lacey, Washington. Their three children and four young grandchildren constantly fuel her motivation to preserve our precious Earth. Contact her at [email protected].

Carolyn serves on the Deep Times Journal.

Eileen Kelly-Aguirre worked as a teacher and school leader for four decades, having served in both independent schools and study abroad at the high school and college level. In addition to lending grateful support to the The Work That Reconnects – to whom she is indebted for helping her convert overwhelm and fear into agency – she also volunteers for Bill McKibben’s Third Act. At present she and her partner are taking first steps towards homesteading and working on creating a local climate action and empowerment alliance in her hometown in northwestern Connecticut. She is an aspiring WTR facilitator and is particularly interested in working with high school-aged students.

Eileen serves on the Webinars and Conversation Cafés Program Committee.

Ellen (Hoffenberg) Serfaty is a retired American-Israeli, currently living in the northern Mediterranean area of Israel. She spent 45 years as a public service lawyer, leading human service organizations, and teaching teachers and people of all ages with special needs students.

Since retirement, Ellen has been focusing on her contemplative photography, pottery and arting, and has been volunteering with the Charter Education Institute for several years. Her main role now is a Nana:-) She has become a (physically) active environmentalist in her new community, as well as volunteer with the Israel Nature Authority protecting sea turtles, doing citizen research and leading her new community beach and sea clean-up and protection efforts. She is a proud member of Israel’s network of Sea and Beach Protection organizations, volunteers, local authorities and non-profits working together to protect our environment.

Ellen is a facilitator for the Work that Reconnects, a multi-decade meditation practitioner and teacher, and in training with Upaya Center for Socially Engaged Buddhists.

Ellen serves on the Facilitators Support Committee.

Erin Holtz Braeckman is a writer and educator who seeks to rewild the Earth-based ancestral wisdom traditions of the Deep Feminine in her art and activism. She holds a B.A., B.Ed., and an M.A. in English Literature (Public Texts), as well as certification in Spiritual Counselling and a background in World Religions. She is a part-time faculty member at Lakefield College School, and teaches Hatha and Qigong as an E-RYT and reiki practitioner out of her home business, The Village Yoga Studio, in Ontario, Canada. When not with a book, her garden, or beloved family, she can be found weaving the Work that Reconnects into an “embodied inner life” by observing the sacred in the everyday. You can find Erin at:

Erin serves on the Deep Times Journal.

Gunter Hamburg was born in 1951, is married with Barbara, and has 2 sons Florian and Christian. Study in Social Work and Social Therapy. Activist in the German Peace Movement. First seminar in deep ecology in 1983, I met Joanna 1986 for the first time, co-founder of the German Society for Applied Deep Ecology in 1992, co-founder of the German Holon-Training, a 1 1/2 year long training in Deep Ecology/WTR. Studies in Systems Theory – also in the USA, f.e. at “California Institute for Integral Studies”. Experienced in NonViolentCommunication, VisonQuest, Open-Space-Process, and Circle Training. Vision Quests especially with Youth together with Barbara once a year. Seminars, workshops, conferences in D.E., WTR, Deep Time, and Nuclear Guardianship Project in Germany.

Gunter serves on the Facilitator Support Committee.

Hank Obermayer is a spiritual counselor and group process facilitator working on the relationship with self, with community, and with the planet. He helps individuals harvest from visionquests, psychedelic ritual, meditation retreats, and similar work in order to make lasting change using an emphasis on mindfulness and the body. With groups Hank focuses on ecological despair and empowerment, mixing in his theater, group process and counseling background. Hank has over 25 years of leadership related to ecovillages, intentional communities and housing cooperatives, including founding Mariposa Grove, his former home. Through his family he is also deeply involved in German-Jewish reconciliation work. Hank has worked extensively with Joanna Macy and is a Webweaver for the Work That Reconnects Network, is trained in Hakomi, and has an M.A. from CIIS in East-West Psychology.

Hank serves on the Regenerative Finance Committee.

Julie Hsieh holds a B.S. in architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently Julie works as a web programmer in Silicon Valley. She has interests in user experience, knowledge management, and Chinese translation.

Her WTR-related experience include presentations on global capitalism and “modern addictions” / “Earth as a fractal organism”. She also ran a Zombies Anonymous Meetup group on mindless consumption of food, goods, and media.

Julie serves on the Communications Committee.

Karina Lutz is a writer, editor, teacher, lifelong activist, and Work that Reconnects facilitator. She is the author of two books of poetry, Preliminary Visions and Post-Catholic MidrashimShe has taught writing, yoga, energy auditing, global water issues, sustainable systems, and green social ventures. She also knows how to make food, clothing, shelter, community, social change, and love. Her poetry blog is Poetry for the Great Turning.

Karina serves on the Deep Times Journal.

Kelsey Eaton is a volunteer of the Work That Reconnects Network, who is pursuing her M.S. in Community Development to learn more about what brings people to the Work and how it supports social and ecological healing. Her background stems from over a decade in nonprofit management, entrepreneurship, and energy work. She currently spends most of her free time nurturing her acre backyard to become a suburban retreat center in Sacramento, CA. 

Kelsey serves on the Communications Committee.

Kirsty Heron is a volunteer with the Facilitators Support Committee. She’s involved with network building amongst facilitators of the WTR across Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England (W.I.S.E), initiating collaborations, creating spaces for peer support and inspiration, and co-offering sessions to learn about how we might undo oppression and integrating decolonised practices into our facilitation.

Facilitator of the Work That Reconnects since 2012 she’s also a permaculturist and sometime ecological grower and natural builder. All threads of her work are about connecting people with information, ideas and experiences that can shift perspectives and lead to action on behalf of life on Earth. Her current offerings and practices of the Work include finding collaborative and creative ways to bring the work to diverse communities through Walks That Reconnect, and supporting climate justice activists to build courage and resilience.

Kirsty serves on the Facilitators Support Committee

Martha O’Hehir is an educator and writer and has served as an editor or contributing editor for several publications, including the The Music Practitioner,The Orff Echo, and Reverberations. She wrote curriculums, elementary music and math, religious studies, and music improvisation for healing musicians. She is a facilitator of the Work That Reconnects and gives retreats and workshops connecting the Great Turning with the spirituality of Teilhard de Chardin. Ordained to interfaith ministry as an Eco-Chaplain in 2017, Martha aspires to bring greater consciousness to Earth stewardship as an act of spirituality, through her writing, music, and spiritual direction.

Martha serves on the Deep Times Journal.

Rebecca Selove has worked as a clinical psychologist in community settings and private practice for several decades. Currently she is a public health researcher focused on cancer-related disparities. The foundation for her love of  Earth was established during her childhood on her family’s dairy farm in West Virginia. She was blessed to be surrounded by animals, flowers, clouds, creeks and mountains on a daily basis. She read her first Joanna Macy book in the mid-80’s and has been facilitating WTR-inspired workshops since the early 90’s. She lives and gardens on a certified organic farm in Tennessee.

Rebecca serves on the Deep Times Journal.

Shar Molloy is wild about connection. Connection with Ourselves, each other, the Earth and the Source of Life. I facilitate the Work that Reconnects and also Nonviolent Communication. I am working as the Co-Director of the Environment Centre NT, in Darwin – Northern Territory. Through the Centre we will be offering nature connection experiences during the year. Please check out our events coming up at

Shar serves on the Webinars and Conversation Cafés Program Committee.