Date: July 10, 2024
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As the Work That Reconnects Network team looks ahead to FY 2024-25 and we envision our journey to mirror the external structure of a forest. 

We are nurturing our soil by embracing a Worker Self-Directed Non-Profit model of functioning. 

We are fortifying our canopy by building supportive environments for conflict transformation; investing in unique trainings and deep learning opportunities for our core team; deepening our efforts at presenting opportunities to engage with the Work through an intentional lens of social and cultural justice; and creating accessible and modern spaces of connection and education via our online spaces and offerings.  

We are extending our underbrush by providing direct support to a global network of facilitators; and establishing mutually supportive relationships with other individuals and organizations who are working in service to the Great Turning.

Our Soil
We are committed to collaboration, equity, and efficiency within our organization through the adoption of a Worker Self-Directed Non-Profit model. We strive to create financial stability through innovative regenerative finance approaches which are aligned with our organizational values.

Our Canopy
By strengthening our understanding of and capacity for conflict through education and formal training, we prioritize the cultivation of a supportive working environment for our core team and volunteers. The Weavers team make time to attend trainings and educational programs about functioning as a Worker Self-Directed Non-Profit, sociocracy, regenerative finance, and other aspects of business and professional growth in the Great Turning. We have created a beautiful, dynamic, and interactive website, including an exciting and exclusive space of connection, to support our global community. We are also fostering fruitful collaborations and supportive partnerships with organizations and individuals working towards the Great Turning to amplify our collective impact.

Our Underbrush
The Network continues to support and promote facilitators working all over the world. The Network is nourishing connections among the facilitators with a dynamic online forum on the new website, the Deep Times Journal, and regular offerings of spaces of connection and education through our Webinars & Conversation Cafes programs. Additionally, we facilitate monthly live calls to hold spaces of support for active Facilitator Members.

As we journey into FY 2024-25, the Work That Reconnects Network embraces the challenges and opportunities ahead, with a clear commitment to interconnection and being an educational resource for our global community, embodying the spirit of love, regeneration, and Active Hope — all in our common endeavor to inhabit a better world.