What Does the Great Turning Mean to You?

“This time we are in is to me an opportunity. I believe we are faced with an incredible challenge to take part in the Great Turning or the Great Unraveling. There is no guarantee either way but as Joanna Macy once said, it is in uncertainty that we are our truest selves. I think that we have to take action in every way we can to shift our consciousness and sense of community. It is critical that we take charge right now, and open our eyes to the true need of the Earth and the state we have put it in. I think that it is schools like Manzanita and communities like the one we have, that will thread the importance of earth connection and social connection back into our society, which I believe will eventually result in the Great Turning.”

– Puma B., age 14, Manzanita School, 1/30/15


Let’s Institutionalize Virtues

by Molly Young Brown (co-author of Coming Back to Life)


Molly-Young-BrownOur U.S. medical system is based on the idea of individual responsibility for our health, part of a common perception that sees each person as separate and almost entirely self-determined.  This is an illusion, because the larger fields in which we live—social, economic, and environmental—affect us all. Any of us may be sickened by pollution or injured in an accident or disaster beyond our control.  Yet we each have to pay for our own health care (and our children’s), as if sickness was solely our individual responsibility.  Although many previously uninsured citizens now have health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies are still raking in the profits, at taxpayer expense. Read More


Our Spiritual Return to Nature with Joanna Macy

Soulstream-600x200Rev. Kristin Powell of Soulstream interviews Joanna Macy. In this interview, Joanna speaks heart-to-heart about this era of The Great Turning. With humor she implores us to act our age and stand on the authority of our 15 billion years. She guides us through the four stages of the spiritual activist’s journey, including opening to gratitude and owning our pain, as we turn the tide and choose Life—together. Follow this link http://www.unity.fm/episode/Soulstream_022515 to listen.


Interview with Joanna Macy by Ayana Young

spiral2Ayana Young  of Unlearn & Rewild, a weekly radio program, brings you conversations with the philosophers, scientists, activists, healers, artists and others who are leading the movements to restore our beleaguered planet to its natural balance. Listen to an engaging interview with Joanna that was recorded on January 30, 2015.

You download many of Ayana’s other interviews here.


Faith and Spiritual Leaders Urged to Sign “Call to Action” to Build Psychosocial Resilience for Climate Change. Sign by 3/13/15.

ITRClogoThe International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC) believes it is essential to make it a national and international priority to build widespread levels of psychosocial resilience for climate change.

To do so, the ITRC is seeking the endorsement on the “Call to Action for U.S. and World Leaders to Proactively Address the Adverse Psychological and Social Impacts of Climate Disruption” from faith and spiritual leaders. We ask you to consider signing the “Call to Action.” Read More