Faith and Spiritual Leaders Urged to Sign “Call to Action” to Build Psychosocial Resilience for Climate Change. Sign by 3/13/15.

ITRClogoThe International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC) believes it is essential to make it a national and international priority to build widespread levels of psychosocial resilience for climate change.

To do so, the ITRC is seeking the endorsement on the “Call to Action for U.S. and World Leaders to Proactively Address the Adverse Psychological and Social Impacts of Climate Disruption” from faith and spiritual leaders. We ask you to consider signing the “Call to Action.” Read More


WTR Continues to Grow

As we move further into 2015, new workshops and intensives continue to be offered around the globe. Here is an email excerpt from facilitator Helena ter Ellen who lives in Belgium.

“We have two 4-day workshops WTR coming up this spring in Belgium with Terr’Eveille, both almost filled up already, and I’m preparing 2 in Colombia with Felipe, for july, and in one of them we’ll be working with rural indigenous, afro leaders of rural communities in “resistance”… financial resources already found thanks to very good contacts in Colombia.”

1422226895786We appreciate all the work our facilitators create to hold the space for gratitude and grief as we face the challenges of climate change, resource depletion, endless war, and species extinction. As we guide folks through deep time and discovering new and old ways of being present in the world, may this give us courage and presence to create a framework  for what the future might hold.

May we continue to explore and offer our gifts to the world,

in gratitude,

Werner Brandt


Anthropogenic Climate Disruption and its Moral Challenges by Molly Brown

mollybrown “… we will not win the battle for a stable climate by…arguing, for instance, that it is more cost-effective to invest in emission reduction now than disaster response later.  We will win by asserting that such calculations are morally monstrous, since they imply that there is an acceptable price for allowing entire countries to disappear, for leaving untold millions to die on parched land, for depriving today’s children of their right to live in a world teeming with the wonders and beauties of creation.”   – Naomi Klein Read More


The Courage to See, The Power to Choose with Joanna Macy

Radical Compassion Symposium

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Non-stop war-making, climate chaos, lost harvests, poisoned seas and bodies, refugees in the millions pouring over borders while millions of Americans are locked in prison… How do we relate to such immensities of suffering? How can we dare to see the pain when we don’t know how to stop it? The helplessness of the bystander falls away as we discover that the pain is our own. What willingness arises then? And what clarity of choice? See Joanna’s Plenary Keynote at the Radical Compassion Symposium presented by  Naropa University. Shambhala Sun features Joanna Macy, Adam Bucko, Vandana Shiva, and Roshi Bernie Gassman from the Radical Compassion Symposium and is available for download.