The Work That Reconnects first developed, and continues to evolve, from people gathering together to practice, try out new ideas, and support each other. We celebrate the vibrancy of all of these local efforts, and we welcome your participation.


Communities of Practice gather together to practice the Work That Reconnects on an ongoing basis, deepening their connections with each other and cultivating resilience. They may offer study groups, book groups and ongoing practice opportunities. In some cases folks who live in community with each other use WTR as a core practice.

Communities of Practice generally meet in person, but when conditions require, meeting online can sustain the group through challenging times or provide a way for people to practice together across distance.


We encourage you to consider starting a Community of Practice. A group of just two or three people can be the seed that will eventually grow into something bigger.


The Communities of Practice listed in our Map & Directory are submitted by members of the WTR Network. Check the map and the listings to find a Community of Practice to connect with. You can search by location and filter by language.