Many of these resources have been submitted by Facilitator Members who have kindly shared their work here, for the benefit of all.

A team of volunteers and paid staff review the resources for edits, accuracy and alignment with the Work That Reconnects Network vision, mission and values before they are posted. We make every effort to ensure resources are inclusive and appropriate.

A few of the original practices from Coming Back to Life have been intentionally omitted, as they reflected a colonizer or privileged frame of reference. Some other practices have been revised (as indicated in the descriptions) and some new ones have been added. Feedback on the practices posted here is welcome. If you see anything missing or have suggestions or edits for any of the resources, please contact us.

Most of the resources in this library are in English. We welcome resources in other languages and plan to translate many of the resources here, as we are able. If you want to volunteer to support this translation project, please contact us.

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