A Community of Practice is a group that gathers together to practice the Work That Reconnects on an ongoing basis, deepening their connections with each other and cultivating resilience. They may offer study groups, book groups and ongoing practice opportunities.

We encourage folks who live near one another to create a Community of Practice to connect with each other in person and develop resilience rooted in place, beyond dependence on the internet. The groups may develop strong mutual support and can serve as “rough-weather networks,” Joanna Macy’s term for solidarity networks that we can rely on in times of crisis.

Community of Practice gatherings often include a journey around the WTR Spiral, with shared facilitation. Group members learn together, drawing on resources like Active HopeComing Back to Life, webinars and other resources. If there are experienced WTR facilitators in the group, they may help guide the learning process.

Communities of Practice can offer emerging facilitators a chance to practice, and over time a group may choose to offer Work That Reconnects opportunities for a larger community.

Members of a Community of Practice may have a shared focus on a particular area of activism, and may develop ways to integrate Work That Reconnects perspective and practice into direct action and long-term strategic planning.

You can begin by gathering two or three folks with an interest in the WTR. Take time to get to know each other, perhaps share a meal together, and offer each other the gift of listening from the heart.