As a nonprofit organization that serves the global Work That Reconnects community and the Great Turning, the WTR Network has the unique opportunity and challenge of learning how to move beyond Business As Usual in the way we relate to and work with money.

With a commitment to fiscal transparency and a desire to tell the story of how the resources moving through our organization have supported and shaped the services that we’re able to provide, we’ve generated a collection of Impact Reports and Financial Summaries by Year for the past several years.

Regenerative Finance is the term we use to describe our approach to channeling the flows of money, resources, relationships and energy that come through our organization towards generating wellbeing and abundance in the global WTR community, while continually improving access to supportive resources and connections.

Some of the ways we do this are:


Using the Gift Economy to radically increase accessibility while allowing generosity to flow throughout our community. Since our global community includes people from many different national economies and economic circumstances, we encourage a collective approach to the finances that support the organization. As part of a global community, we encourage you to consider where you exist within the wider spectrum of global economic privilege and give accordingly. As we pitch in together in the ways that we can, we trust that we can sustain our collective work and create a community of abundance.

Cultivating a Regenerative Revenue Garden that includes many different ways for financial resources to flow into the WTR Network. This creates a community-based web of support that allows for more resilience and deeper fidelity to our community values. Every contribution is deeply appreciated and nourishes our shared garden, from event registration donations and membership fees to grants from individuals and foundations that are committed to the Great Turning.

Operating as a Worker Self Directed Nonprofit and valuing our staff as whole humans working in service to the Great Turning. In this model every staff member has a leadership voice and role within the organization. We work together to determine the means and direction of our work with respect to our shared values and the health, dignity and wellbeing of each member of the team.

Creating exposure for our Facilitator Members and professional opportunities to uplift their work and support their livelihoods by curating our active WTR Event Calendar, promoting Facilitator Member events through social media and our newsletter, making it easy to find WTR Facilitators in your area with our Map & Directory and creating opportunities for facilitators to connect with organizations and individuals that need the support of WTR.

Growing our team of volunteers from around the world and generating mutual support as they offer their skills in service to the WTR Network and, in turn, have the opportunity to build relationships across difference and distance while cultivating connection, skills and resilience for the Great Turning. As this vibrant team of volunteers offers their skills to our shared work we deepen our support systems for them.

Increasing social capital. In addition to finances, we understand that the social capital  of mutually supportive relationships is an essential resource for our community. Because of this we’re always working on ways to generate connections, deepen relationships and enhance the collective wealth of our community in non-financial ways, as well.

Love notes from our donors…

“Thank you for giving my life a sense of meaning and purpose. This work is so vital now. May we be able to reconnect .. always.. Thank you for being there.”

– Carolina

“We really appreciate the wonderful webinars. Such a gift and such an investment in transformation!”

– Bruce

“Thank you for being such a wonderful web of conscious compassionate souls”

– Sabina

“Thank you for providing hope in our frighteningly dismal world.”

– Susan

“Thanks for the gift of open eyes, open heart community and guidance towards gratitude and fearless connections.”

– Laura

Impact Reports and Financial Summaries by Fiscal Year

The WTR Network is committed to fiscal transparency. Below you’ll find Impact Reports and Financial Summaries for each year of our operation beginning in fiscal year 2019/2020. The WTR Network began in 2015 with a very small group of volunteers. Information from these startup years (2015-2018) is not available in this form.

Our fiscal year goes from July 1 to June 30. All amounts are presented in US Dollars (USD).

Fiscal Year 2022/2023: July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023


This has been a year of creativity, hard work and learning for the WTR Network team, from deepening our study and application of co-liberatory practices to expanding our committees and volunteer support, improving our offerings, laboring through the redesign of the website and getting the ball rolling for the inaugural Gaian Gathering.


The energy of global co-creation and dynamic web-weaving has been strong this year! As we come together, more and more, in community across difference and distance, it is exciting to see what we can do and learn together.


Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Revenue and Expenditure Charts

Fiscal Year 2021/2022: July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

In our sixth year of operation the Work That Reconnects Network experienced a significant period of growth that required increased staff time and creativity to improve our internal systems and expand our capacity to meet the needs of our growing community. During this year our core team focused on increasing involvement from and collaboration with the wider global WTR community.


Fiscal Year 2020/2021: July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

We began this fiscal year by getting ourselves established under the fiscal sponsorship of Inquiring Systems, Inc. and working with Kathia Laszlo of Magenta Wisdom to clarify our goals and hone in on the organizational structure that would best serve our values and our community.

Although this was a year without much grant support our community-based revenue increased quite a bit as we journeyed through our first full year of the Webinar & Conversation Cafe program, offering 17 different events to over 3,000 participants. We also introduced the option to become a Community Member of the WTR Network in exchange for a free-choice monthly or annual donation.


Fiscal Year 2019/2020: July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020

During this year we completed updating and revising our website and starting bringing focus to our next steps as an organization. We hired a consultant to help us evaluate the dynamics within our leadership team and began the process of searching for a new fiscal sponsor, as we were outgrowing the generous support of Interhelp, Inc.

In March of 2020, the Webinar and Conversation Cafe Program was born. We had been envisioning and working toward this program for a while so, when the pandemic began we were ready to jump into action to provide support for our Facilitator Members who had to move all of their work online.