Work That Reconnects facilitators offer a beautiful gift when they guide workshop participants on journeys through the WTR Spiral. We invite you to explore our Map & Directory to find and connect with WTR facilitators in your area.


The WTR facilitators listed in our Map & Directory are Facilitator Members of the WTR Network. They have applied for membership and met the basic criteria of immersion and facilitation experience in the Work That Reconnects. These criteria were developed in cooperation with Joanna Macy and a team of experienced WTR facilitators. Facilitator Members support the Network with an annual fee.


The Work That Reconnects is an “open source” body of work, available for anyone wanting to use the practices and concepts in workshops, study groups, and other presentations. Facilitating WTR does not require certification or being registered with the WTR Network. There are WTR facilitators who are not listed in our Map & Directory because they have chosen not to apply to become Facilitator Members with the WTR Network.


We trust that each WTR facilitator accommodates participants’ needs to the best of their ability. However, we do not monitor the actual workshops and are not responsible for venues, payments, meals or special requirements. Please contact the appropriate facilitator for questions, requests and concerns.

If you do have serious concerns about a listed facilitator, please contact us. While we are not responsible or liable for what facilitators offer, we take seriously the job of protecting the integrity of the Work That Reconnects and the WTR Network.