WTR in Governments and Institutions

In service to the Great Turning, many Work That Reconnects facilitators around the world have chosen to work within governments, institutions and corporations in order to transform the Business As Usual (BAU) mindsets and practices that have upheld the Industrial Growth Society.

As the impact of the Great Unraveling accelerates and intensifies, even historically BAU institutions such as governments and corporations are looking for guidance on how to tend to the harm that has been done, shift their practices and change the trajectory of our collective future. Work That Reconnects facilitators are being called upon to bring the Work into the realms of these institutions.

Below you’ll find some examples of this type of work happening in various institutions around the world. If you have a project or a working group that we could highlight here, please let us know.

Work That Reconnects in the Welsh Government

Some time after Wales passed The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act in 2015, Work That Reconnects facilitator, Karen Scott, was hired to create a pilot programme of four workshops for civil servants, especially for those working in sustainable development, along with some of their key partners.

Re-Conectado in Colombia

In 2018, as part of the Peace Agreement with the FARC-guerrilla, a Truth Commission was installed in Colombia with a three year mandate. In that same year, Helena ter Ellen and Hector Aristizabal launched the initiative “Re-Connecting: Laboratories of Truth and Reconciliation in the womb of Mother Earth” to accompany the Truth Commission.

Watch the recording of their Work That Reconnects Network Webinar: Re-Conectando in the Wounded Land of Colombia

More groups and projects coming soon!

If you have a project or a working group that we could highlight here, please let us know.