The Work That Reconnects Network’s Gaian Gathering was an incredible success, bringing together inspiring speakers, engaging facilitators and participants from all over the world. It was made especially wonderful by Joanna Macy’s presence and lively participation in many of the sessions.

If you couldn’t make it to the Gaian Gathering live, don’t worry!

You can still access the treasure trove of conference recordings which contains profound sessions on foundational WTR concepts of gratitude, honoring our pain, dharma and spirituality, deep time, deep ecology, undoing oppression, and so much more! Feel free to delve into our extensive line-up of keynote speakers, panelists, guided WTR practices and skill-building sessions – comprising 40 hours of valuable recorded content. Discover the combination of sessions that best suits your interests and preferences.

Journey through the spiral and get a sneak peak at the incredible richness of this gathering in this beautiful trailer…



Access the Gaian Gathering Recordings


You can access the complete collection of Gaian Gathering recordings by registering through the button below. When you register you’ll be given the option to make a donation of any amount or complete the registration without a donation. 

We value radical accessibility. Since our WTR community includes people from many different national economies and a wide range of economic circumstances, it’s important to us that each person is invited to contribute the amount they are joyfully able to offer within their means.

We also appreciate your support. Creating the Gaian Gathering and putting together this recorded collection for you to enjoy has taken a significant amount of effort, creativity and hours. Any amount that you are able to offer in reciprocity for that effort and to help us continue providing resources like this will be received with deep gratitude. 

As part of a global community, we encourage you to consider where you exist within the wider spectrum of global economic privilege and give accordingly. As we pitch in together in the ways that we can, we trust that we can sustain our collective work and foster a community built on generosity and mutual support.


Some guiding questions:

What do you think is a fair contribution? What can you afford? What can you offer with joy?

The right contribution is the one that fits all three answers.



* Please note: If you previously registered for the Gaian Gathering on our Whova platform you should have received an email from us with instructions to access this collection. However, if you’re inspired to make an additional donation to support the WTR Network, please click on the link above.


This transformative event continues to fulfill its promise to uplift, connect, and empower our global community. As we seek unity and resilience in a world challenged with struggle and crises, the content from this gathering allows us to Learn, Experience, Engage and Celebrate in profound ways.