Through this series of online events the Work That Reconnects Network coordinates and provides a wide range of rich, educational and supportive opportunities for our global community of WTR facilitators, members and friends of the Network.

Our intent is to strengthen the web of the Work That Reconnects community, while also reaching beyond its current edges to weave deeper connections with others who are contributing to the Great Turning in diverse and complementary ways.

This program includes a balance of events led by guest teachers from beyond the Network and those led by Facilitator Members of the Network. If you are a Facilitator Member you’re invited to submit a webinar or cafe proposal.

Upcoming Events

Additional offerings are being curated now.
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About the Webinar and Conversation Café Program

Our offerings include a balance of webinars led by guest teachers from beyond the Network and those led by Facilitator Members of the Network, as well as more interactive Conversation Cafes for exploring material together and expanding our understanding of the Work.

  • Provide a diverse range of opportunities to learn from each other and build our internal network of support and education more meaningfully
  • Offer Facilitator Members of the Network a chance to practice facilitation, experiment with new material and gain exposure within our growing global community
  • Give Facilitator Members the opportunity to become more involved in the Network and contribute to the direction of our collective work by suggesting, creating and facilitating events based on their unique work

  • Provide inspiring, high quality content that complements WTR and offers a wider base of support and perspective for our members and friends
  • Allow for cross pollination and networking between the WTR Network and other groups or individuals actively involved with the Great Turning
  • Provide opportunities to engage and learn from teachers with diverse backgrounds that are not historically represented in the WTR community. Intentional emphasis will be placed on learning directly from teachers from conventionally marginalized communities to grow into our Evolving Edge together and understand more deeply how power, privilege and oppression shape our global crises.

  • Provide opportunities to have meaningful conversations on topics that emerge from recent webinars or directly from the community. The main content of each Conversation Café will be generated by the participants as we learn from and with each other.
  • Are hosted by WTR Network Staff and facilitated as council-style discussions, in a way that allows us to connect with each other more deeply while entering into edgier conversations and exploring actionable ideas that can contribute to our personal and/or professional lives as WTR facilitators, emerging facilitators and/or participants.
  • Will not be recorded in order to create a more interactive and intimate environment.
  • May require the review of certain material ahead of time with the intention to delve directly into discussion of the selected topic

In addition to providing valuable connections, education and support for our community, Webinars and Conversation Cafés provide a valuable stream of funding that supports and sustains the Network and allows us to continue growing our services.

All of our events are offered by donation. We provide a suggested donation for each event and ask that you donate generously within your means to support the Network. However, no one is turned away for lack of funds, and we encourage you to participate in events even if you aren’t able to contribute financially.

Our Revenue Sharing Policy to allow for a regenerative flow of resources that supports the continued work of the WTR Network and provides ample compensation for facilitators. After covering the basic costs of producing the event, 50% of the remaining amount collected for each event goes to the facilitator(s) or speaker(s) of the event to honor their work and contribute to their livelihood. The other 50% goes to the general operating fund of the WTR Network to support our ongoing work.

The whole group portions of Webinars are recorded. Activities and sharing that occurs within breakout rooms are not recorded. Recordings will be available 72 hours after the live webinar and will be sent by email to all those who are registered.

In order to create a more interactive and intimate environment, Conversation Cafés are not recorded.