The Work That Reconnects Network is grateful for the global community of people who are deeply moved by the Work and wish to share their experiences. Enjoy the testimonials below and consider submitting one of your own.

“Thank you for giving my life a sense of meaning and purpose. This work is so vital now. May we be able to reconnect .. always.. Thank you for being there.”

– Carolina

Thank you all for being a part of the solution.”

– Helen

“Grateful to everyone at WTR Network for carrying on Joanna Macy’s vital and inspiring message through the Work That Reconnects Network programs and community.”

– Michael

“Just realizing that through the selection of where to place my money on #GivingTuesday, I get to see my priorities and appreciate the value of amazing movements and organizations like the WTR Network – thank you!”

– Lisa

“I’ve engaged with Joanna’s work through the WTR this last year and am so impressed and inspired by the network of facilitators and all this is offered. So I’m pleased to make this contribution with gratitude.”

– Jean

“We really appreciate the wonderful webinars. Such a gift and such an investment in transformation!”

– Bruce

“Thank you for being such a wonderful web of conscious compassionate souls."

– Sabina

“So glad to be a member of this wonderful community, creating fertile ground for emergent transformation.”

– Tom

“Your work is making a subtle but lasting difference to what I feel able to do – thank you!”

– Liz

“I love WTR and I’m deeply grateful for the training facilitators and coordinating group guiding and weaving this important work.”

– Kolya

“Thank you for providing hope in our frighteningly dismal world.”

– Susan

“Thanks for the gift of open eyes, open heart community and guidance towards gratitude and fearless connections.”

– Laura

“This community & these teachings illuminate a path that carries us through these death-rebirth times. Thank you."

– Kaia

“Thank you for all the great work you are doing. I so appreciate all of you!”

– Ann

“May the work continue to connect for a more compassionate world working in partnership with human and more than human alike”

– Jon

Do you feel called to share your WTR story?

With participants across the globe, Work That Reconnects serves people of different backgrounds. Each person contributes unique threads to the global web of The Work That Reconnects.

We would love to hear your story about your experience and gratitude for the Work That Reconnects and WTR Network.

If you feel called to share, please submit one through the form below. We’ll share it on the website and other online platforms. Your testimonial will help increase awareness about the impact and benefits of the Work That Reconnects and WTR Network. Thank you!