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Date: 02/24/2024
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February 24, 2024 – In this time of pervasive social, economic and environmental collapse, caring for our youngest generation and the ones yet to be can weigh heavy on our hearts. Drawing from the wisdom of the Work That Reconnects and over twenty years of experience supporting children and their families, Jo delAmor has developed a body of work that invites us to embrace caring for children as an exciting and powerful opportunity to contribute to the radical paradigm shift being called forth by these converging crises.

Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis moves us through the Work That Reconnects spiral as we ground ourselves in the subversive nature of gratitude, develop our emotional fluency, nurture thriving life qualities in our households, tend to our intergenerational traumas and partner with our children in meaningful ways, as we rise with them to meet this unique moment in history.

Jo delAmor is a mother, coach and Work That Reconnects facilitator who has dedicated over twenty years to the care of children and their families. She is the author of Raising Children in the Midst of Global Crisis: A Compassionate Guidebook for New Paradigm Parenting. She has been facilitating the Work That Reconnects since 2013 with a focus on dismantling oppression, transforming our cultural paradigm and supporting parents through these unprecedented and challenging times. She has led dozens of parents from around the world through her signature group program: Parenting in Tumultuous Times – a practical, engaging and supportive program for parents looking to do right by their kids in these times of converging global crises. She has also been one of the core staff members of the Work That Reconnects Network since 2019.

Jo is on a lifelong journey of remembrance and reconnection that is guided by being a mother, a caregiver, a grower of food, a spinner of wool, a maker of beauty and a disciple of Life. Learn more about Jo and her work at

Award-winning songwriter, Folkgoddess Diane Patterson subverts the dominant paradigm with rocking acoustic guitar and ukulele, a mighty pen, and a woman’s voice. Since 1989, Patterson weaves her original Mystic Acoustic Americana music and unifying stories, planting seeds of love and revolution.

Contributor/Author: Jo delAmor