The Work That Reconnects Network is a global community of WTR facilitators, emerging facilitators and other people inspired by the Work That Reconnects who are weaving connections, uplifting creative expressions of the Work and collaborating in service to the Great Turning.

We invite you to join this vibrant and engaged community by becoming a member. As a member of the WTR Network, you can create an online profile detailing your interests, talents and experiences. You will also be able to connect with, learn from and collaborate with other members from around the world.

We offer two paths of involvement: as a Community Member and as a Facilitator Member.


Both types of members make payments that help support the WTR Network. We recognize that, within our global community, disparities in access to funds are significant. As an organization, we strive to use regenerative practices in how we work with money to dismantle oppressive hierarchies of access based on wealth.

We encourage you to consider where you are positioned within the global economy and contribute generously at an amount that is comfortably within your means. The registration process for both types of membership allows for you to choose the amount of your contribution. If you are in need of a payment waiver, please do not hesitate to request one. Access to membership benefits is not tied to the amount of money you contribute.

As we pitch in together in the ways that we can, we trust that we can sustain our collective work and create a community of abundance.

Community Member

Community Members are people who have benefited from the Work and want to continue learning and participating in a supportive and diverse community. People interested in learning to facilitate the Work are encouraged to become Community Members.

As a Community Member you can Connect, Learn and Explore…


To become a Community Member, we ask you to pledge a recurring monthly or annual donation that is comfortably within your means. Waivers are available upon request.


Facilitator Member

Facilitator Members are people who are offering WTR workshops, teaching the Work or are engaged in facilitating the Work in some capacity. They have applied for membership and have met the basic criteria of immersion and facilitation experience in the Work That Reconnects. These criteria, developed in cooperation with Joanna Macy and a team of experienced facilitators, are designed to help you become an effective, inclusive and informed WTR facilitator and to ensure that the Work is offered and facilitated with integrity.

As a Facilitator Member you can…
Grow and Share
  • Share your wisdom with the community by facilitating events through the WTR Network’s Webinar & Conversation Café Program
  • Submit articles to be posted in the WTR Network blog and shared in our newsletter and social media pages
  • Contribute resources, including new or adapted WTR practices to the WTR Network Resource Library
  • Mentor emerging WTR facilitators and/or receive mentorship from other WTR facilitators
Learn and Explore
  • Improve your skills through Facilitator Support offerings provided by the WTR Network
  • Receive special WTR Network newsletters written just for Facilitator Members
  • Receive WTR Network newsletters and issues of the Deep Times Journal


Facilitator Members pay an annual membership fee within a sliding scale. Waivers are available upon request.