In addition to contributing one time donations to the WTR Network or supporting the Network with recurring monthly or annual donations by becoming a Community Member, you may want to include the Work That Reconnects Network in your Planned Giving portfolio. This is a powerful way to serve the Great Turning and leverage some of your financial resources towards the transition to a Life Sustaining Society for the ones yet to be.

Recommended Ways to Give

Gifts to the WTR Network in the form of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds appreciated in value – as well as closely-held private stock – may be especially attractive under the current tax laws.

A bequest is a gift from your estate. It is one of the most popular and flexible ways that you can support the WTR Network and our mission. You can make a bequest to the WTR Network by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate to the organization. You can also designate the WTR Network as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy. With thoughtful consideration, you can help ensure that the WTR Network will thrive for decades to come.


Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are the fastest-growing tools for philanthropic giving.  DAFs provide a convenient and tax-efficient method of giving to support the WTR Network’s mission and programs. They can be easily set up through a community foundation or a financial institution to serve as a flexible charitable giving vehicle. For more information on how to establish a DAF, contact your financial advisor or local community foundation.

An IRA Qualified Charitable Contribution allows you to meet your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) requirements without adding to your taxable income. This can benefit you while supporting the important work of the WTR Network. Using this option, you would instruct your IRA administrator to direct an IRA distribution to the WTR Network’s fiscal sponsor, Inquiring Systems, Inc., a qualified 501(c)(3) charity. Exercising this option means you will not be taxed on the distribution, and for many individuals, this provides advantages over a direct gift to the Network.

For more information on how to arrange any of the above mentioned planned giving options please contact us.

The Work That Reconnects Network is a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems Inc., a US-based tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. EIN 94-2524840. All donations are tax-deductible for US taxpayers. Donors from other countries should consult local tax professionals for guidance regarding tax deductibility.

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