WTR Network Mission

To nurture a regenerative and thriving world for all beings by providing support, connection and inspiration to the global Work That Reconnects community.

Our Vision

what will come to be as we fulfill our mission


  • The global Work That Reconnects community is a vibrant and evolving living system that actively engages in the opportunities provided by the Work That Reconnects Network for communication, education, mutual support, and collaboration for the ongoing development and practice of the Work That Reconnects.


  • Anti-oppression values and learnings are deeply woven into the framework and practices of the Work That Reconnects, making Work That Reconnects spaces welcoming and empowering for people of all races, cultures and sexual/gender orientation, while leveraging the Work as a powerful tool in the co-liberation of all people.


  • The Work That Reconnects is available to and being used by people in all parts of the world to cultivate resilience, inspire active hope and empower creative responses to the needs and challenges of their communities and the world.


  • Schools, universities, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and NGOs utilize the Work That Reconnects to transform their structures and mobilize their resources to care for life in service to the Great Turning.


  • Local WTR Communities of Practice are active in many areas of the world, providing in-person community and establishing grassroots resilience that isn’t reliant on the global grid and Internet.




“Thank you for giving my life a sense of meaning and purpose. This work is so vital now. May we be able to reconnect .. always.. Thank you for being there.”

– Carolina

“This community & these teachings illuminate a path that carries us through these death-rebirth times. Thank you”

– Kaia

“So glad to be a member of this wonderful community, creating fertile ground for emergent transformation.”

– Tom

“Your work is making a subtle but lasting difference to what I feel able to do – thank you!”

– Liz

“Grateful to everyone at WTR Network for carrying on Joanna Macy’s vital and inspiring message through the Work That Reconnects Network programs and community.”

– Michael

“Thank you all for being a part of the solution.”

– Helen

Our Shared Values


In grave recognition of the atrocities of widespread social injustice and environmental devastation within the Great Unraveling, the Work That Reconnects Network values the honest assessment, deep contemplation, and the expression of emotions that the Work That Reconnects Spiral facilitates and the empowered action on behalf of life that it encourages.


With all of this in our hearts, the Work That Reconnects Network team seeks to embody the following shared values* in everything we do, in service to the health and vibrancy of human communities and the living systems of planet Earth.

Words of Values are listed on a transparent, rainbow underlay.
* The content and emphasis in the word cloud was provided by feedback from the global WTR community

To see where we are in the process and fulfillment of our organizational vision, you’re invited to explore our annual Strategic Vision.