Thank you for your interest in becoming a Facilitator Member of the Work That Reconnects Network

Please read through the information and criteria below before applying. If you are a new or emerging facilitator, please also review the WTR Network’s guidance on facilitating the Work.


The WTR is open source. This means that anyone can use the practices and facilitate the Work, as long as they provide proper Open Source Attribution.

However, Joanna Macy and the Work That Reconnects Network Weavers want the Facilitator Members listed through the WTR Network to have a depth of WTR experience, both as workshop participants and as facilitators. It is important to us that Facilitator Members have studied the core texts, are able to articulate the core teachings of the Work and incorporate WTR worldviews into their facilitation, and that they have facilitated the Work in a variety of settings.

The criteria listed below were developed in cooperation with Joanna Macy and a team of experienced facilitators to ensure that our Facilitator Members are facilitating the Work with integrity and are as effective, inclusive and informed as possible. In your application you’ll have the opportunity to share your own reflections on WTR and provide specific information about your background and experience.


Minimum requirements for WTR Network Facilitator Members:


  1. In-depth experience of the full Work That Reconnects Spiral as a participant in at least a one-day workshop and a weekend workshop or in online workshops. People unable to find workshops in their region or time zone can meet this requirement through an extended study group that includes experiencing practices from all parts of the Spiral. Whether in person or online, we are asking for a minimum of 18 hours as a workshop participant.
  2. Have read and studied Coming Back to Life (2014 edition) and Active Hope (2022 edition), and can articulate in the application your understanding of the concepts and purposes of the Work That Reconnects.
  3. Have facilitated a minimum of two workshops centered on the full Work That Reconnects Spiral. Incorporating a few WTR practices into other kinds of workshops does not fulfill this requirement. Whether in person or online, we are asking for a minimum of 12 hours as a workshop facilitator.
  4. Commit to finding or continuing to find ways to immerse yourself in social justice, cultural justice and anti-oppression awareness appropriate for your country. This could include training, study and/or personal experiences. If you have done some of this work, please describe in your application. If not, we invite you to seek out opportunities to do so. We are continuing to develop Resource suggestions that could help you acquire and deepen your awareness of these important issues. We ask that you bring this awareness into your personal conduct and into your workshop settings.
  5. Have read and agree with the Principles to Foster Collective Connection and Action in Service to Life.
  6. Being a Community Member of the WTR Network. Access to the application form is only available to Community Members. If you are not already registered as a Community Member, please register first. Please note: Upon registration, you will be asked to make a Community Member donation. If you intend on applying for Facilitator Membership right away you may choose to make a smaller donation as your initial Community Member contribution. When you submit your Facilitator Member application you will be asked to make an annual Facilitator Member payment that will then replace your initial Community Member recurring payment.


Your Facilitator Membership application will be reviewed by the WTR Network Facilitator Support committee. Please allow up to two weeks for the committee to respond to you with next steps. If your application is approved your Facilitator Member account will be activated and you will be able to access your member benefits right away. If your application is not approved, the committee will offer guidance on the areas in which they feel you need more experience and encourage you to apply again once that experience has been gained.


If you have already submitted a Facilitator Member application and haven’t received a response, please do not resubmit the form. If you haven’t heard from us yet or you have questions please email us at


Please note that your card will be charged when you submit this application form. If your application is not accepted we will issue a full refund.

The suggested sliding scale for your annual Facilitator Membership fee is $75-$200 USD. We invite you to consider your location within the global economy and contribute generously within your means.

If you require a lower annual membership fee, you can enter an amount equal to or greater than $25 USD into the payment field when you submit your form. If you are unable to make an annual payment of at least $25 USD, please contact us at to request a full waiver and an alternative form for your application submission. Waived memberships will be valid for one year, after which we will check in with you to see what makes sense for you at that time.