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Weaving Wisdom in Dark Times, 5-Week Series Full Spiral

May 8, 2024 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm BST


Zeinab Benchakroun

Event Overview

How do we come together and weave wisdom in these dark times? How do we handle our heavy emotions as we face humanity and life on Earth breaking apart? How do we collectively build resilience to keep moving forward with purpose and energy?

The Work That Reconnects, based on the teachings of deep ecologist Joanna Macy, provides a framework and a set of practices that help us tap into our common humanity and mend the cracks in our broken hearts. It is rooted in our innate care for the natural world. We are then more able to move forward with curiosity, courage, and compassion. And we can contribute to creating a life-sustaining society that draws upon the strengths of myriad cultures, faiths, languages, ethnicities, and ways of being – where ALL humans and ALL species are equally honored.

In these series, we follow a Spiral where we start with Gratitude to ground us and encourage us to face the challenge. Then we go through the hardest stage which is Honoring Our Pain in order to process how we feel about the state of the world. Then, harnessing the energy of our emotions, we can expand our perspectives, See with New Eyes, and reconnect with our interconnectedness within the web of life. At last, having unblocked our response, we can Go Forth and play our part in the self-healing of Earth. The Spiral is not a one-way path. It is meant to be taken over and over, growing our capacity of sowing seeds of love each time we engage again in the spiral.

These workshops are experiential, tailored to the needs of the participants, and designed to create a safe space where people support each other in their journey of healing and empowerment.

“The biggest gift you can give is to be absolutely present, and when you’re worrying about whether you’re hopeful, or hopeless, or pessimistic, or optimistic, who cares? The main thing is that you’re showing up, that you’re here and that you’re finding ever more capacity to love this world. That is what is going to unleash our intelligence and our ingenuity and our solidarity for the healing of our world.” ― Joanna Macy, Co-Founder of the Work That Reconnects.

Total cost $100. Please note that I reserve a few spots within the gift economy so if this payment presents a difficulty to you (need for financial support or inability to pay in international currencies), please contact me at or let me know in the registration form. Also note that participants of this course can join later the Work That Reconnects Facilitator Training (next training is in October 2024).

About me:

I am a Somatic coach and facilitator of climate grief and paradigm shift. After more than two decades working in different fields including social and climate activism, I started to hear a call for a deep healing on the individual and collective level. After a spiritual path, I transitioned to supporting people and organizations seeking agency, purpose, resilience, and deep transformation. As a minority who lived in France, US, and UK, I found in the framework of the Work That Reconnects the recognition of the polycrisis and the intersectionality with colonialism, patriarchy, and oppression. Thus, I am committed to bridging my attention between the current injustices and the stolen future of the young generation.

I love to pursue my own journey, continuously learning from different approaches, from neuroscience to nature-based or ancient traditions. But I enjoy even more collaboration as my core values are very well expressed by the African Ubuntu philosophy: “I Am Because We Are”. And with this heart-centered community, I aim to contribute to a reconnection with our true nature, with our natural environment, and with our deep survival impulse to bequeath a livable planet for future generations. Last summer I relocated to Marrakesh, Morocco with my youngest son and my doggie, at the feet of the Atlas Mountains and the land of my ancestors.


May 8, 2024
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm BST
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Zeinab Benchakroun
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