Date: August 9, 2023
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August 25, 2020 – Interview with Network Facilitator Member, Margo van Greta

Location: Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland, United Kingdom
Involved with the WTR since 2000
Language(s): English, Dutch

WTR Network: Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you become involved in the WTR and what role does it have in your life?

Margo: I got involved with WTR around the year 2000, when Joanna Macy visited the Findhorn Community where I live and work. I was invited to join Joanna’s support team for the week, and bring my Buddhist background. It was a delight and an honor to get to know her better, and glimpse behind the scenes of how she facilitates a session, and adjusts the schedule to the needs of the group. She visited on two other occasions where I joined as a participant. For me it brought so many aspects of my life together: the activist, as I have a strong social activist background from my years in my city of origin: Amsterdam. Being a Buddhist practitioner. My passion for the environment, and my life in the Findhorn ecovillage and spiritual community.

WTR Network: What are you grateful for in the WTR world?

Margo: I am grateful it provides a supportive structure for transformation to take place. It is reliable, trustworthy, and profound. Again and again, we simply follow the spiral, and every time people get results, and are encouraged to take steps in their own lives. I am grateful I can bring into WTR some of my passions. 

For example, I am surrounded by nature, living near the sea and dunes. During the on- site workshops we included the natural environment a lot.

WTR Network: What challenges and struggles have you experienced as a facilitator of the WTR?

Margo: There was one situation, probably in the Truth Mandala, where two participants were quite polarized in their perspectives on an issue. In hindsight I wish I had kept clear time for the initial sharing, to keep it succinct, and therefore possibly more safe for the group as a whole.

WTR Network: What has emerged for you since you started facilitating the WTR?

Margo: What emerged recently is working online. Since the pandemic most on site gatherings are impossible. I started doing some online sessions, and am delighted to see how effective they are! Teaming up with a friend who is a dance teacher, we held Dancing into Active Hope. Another time I teamed up with one of my Buddhist friends, and we held a course “Active Hope and Green Tara”. This attracted a good number of fellow Buddhist practitioners.

WTR Network: What are your next steps in this Work?

Margo: My next step is holding a Work That Reconnects Facilitator Training. It gives you the skill and confidence to be a facilitator in the Work That Reconnects. It includes 10 facilitated sessions, plus time in small buddy groups, and integration material. It is very interactive and experiential. Find out more here:

WTR Network: How many workshops and/or events WTR focused do you run a year?

Margo: This year there have been 6 events. They range from a one hour webinar to a 6 month facilitator training.

WTR Network: What would you say to someone who is new to the WTR?

Margo: Try it out! Find out where people hold WTR or Active Hope sessions, and join in. It is a beautiful form of inner work that is of benefit to life on Earth.

WTR Network: What recommendations do you have for new facilitators?

Margo: Use whatever skills you have. Play your strengths. For example: if you like singing, include a song. If you are into movement, include movement. If you are experienced facilitating trauma, bring that awareness in. Use any facilitation skills you have. Find someone to work with you are comfortable with. Teaming up with someone can really help. Taking turns to lead a session, and then relax a little.

WTR Network: Do you have a favorite practice? Why?

Margo: At the moment the Bodhisattva journey could be my favorite. I am aware it actually includes the other aspects of the Spiral.

WTR Network: Are you part of a hub?

Margo: Yes, I am part of the WTR hub in the United Kingdom. Recently I joined the WTR network as a volunteer in the Facilitator development group. I also live and work at the Findhorn Spiritual Community/Eco village.

WTR Network: Are other facilitators in your area?

Margo: Yes. Chris Johnstone, who co wrote the book Active Hope with Joanna Macy, and with whom I facilitated some workshops. Jacqueline Buckingham, with whom I held a month long programs and webinars. Jane Hera lives nearby.  Several others have been involved in the WTR over the years, but are not registered facilitators.

WTR Network: Do you have any upcoming events you’d like to share?

Margo: I am involved with a Work That Reconnects Facilitator training, a six month online course, giving participants the skill and confidence to facilitate the journey through the Spiral. :

WTR Network: Are you available for mentoring others?

Name of facilitator: response

Margo can be contacted via her profile page or website.