Decisions within the Weavers Team and in each of the committees are made by informed consent of all members. This means that everyone has the opportunity to be informed and understand the matter at hand and everyone’s voice is welcomed into the decision making process. We assume the good intentions of all team members, listen to all voices and we are transparent in our decision making process.


Each team member is responsible for staying informed and/or asking for clarification and support in understanding a topic as necessary to be an informed participant in the decision making process. Sometimes this may require reading materials provided prior to a meeting.


All decisions are made in service to the mission of the WTR Network and the purpose and scope of the committees within which they are made. Instead of focusing on personal preference throughout the decision making process, we each strive to see the decision through the lens of how it will serve and whether it is in alignment with our shared purpose.


Most decisions will be made during the course of committee meetings without entering into a formal consent process. However, the qualities and practices of consent decision making are still followed. When more important decisions need to be made, we will slow down to follow a more thorough step-by-step consent decision making process.