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The Heart of Listening: On Behalf of Our Collective

February 2, 2025 @ 9:00 am - August 17, 2025 @ 10:30 am PST


Deborah Eden Tull

Event Overview


On Behalf Of Our Collective


2 Sundays a month at 9-10:30am PST/12-1:30 pm EST:

February 2nd & 16th, March 2nd & 15th, April 13th & 20th, May 4th & 18th, June 1st & 15th, July 6th & 20th, and August 3rd & 17th*

This program is a prerequisite for the RELATIONAL MINDFULNESS FACILITATOR TRAINING

and SEEING WITH THE HEART year-long immersion.

Who this program/mentorship is for:

This training is for those who are ready to go much deeper in their embodiment of presence, courage, deep listening, relational intelligence, and regenerative leadership on behalf of collective transformation. The paradigm of leadership taught in this course is not “power over” but “power with” or shared power.

It is for experienced practitioners and those who facilitate meditation, mindfulness, or other forms of awareness practice or healing. It is also appropriate for community leaders and activists with a spiritual practice. Personal growth is also a welcome motivation for joining this program. Those who do not currently facilitate but are ready to embody shared presence more fully in their everyday life may also apply. Please do not be intimidated if you are not currently a facilitator.

This is an opportunity to work intimately with Eden to deepen your embodiment and to expand your capacity as a facilitator of compassionate awareness and healing in changing times. This training will help you to cultivate your capacity to access relational intelligence in everyday life; hold a heartfelt, inclusive, earth honoring, and transformative space; and to guide transformative Mindful Inquiry with individuals and groups. Eden will help you to identify and address the areas that you need to grow in personally as a practitioner, facilitator and leader, and will offer demonstration of how to skillfully use the tools she offers.

This training does not offer a certificate, it offers an invitation to work intimately with Eden and a community of experienced practitioners on behalf of our collective. It is about being of service in an age of global uncertainty, rather than collecting an external credential. This training will impact every aspect of your life, and not just your work as a facilitator.  It offers an exploration of the integration between presence, relational intelligence, and collective transformation.

The Heart of Listening draws from the wisdom streams of Zen Buddhism, Relational Mindfulness, Regenerative Leadership, Sacred Activism, and the Work That Reconnects. Participants have included meditation and mindfulness facilitators, Buddhist teachers, climate crisis and social justice activists, educators, therapists, non-profit leaders, healers, leaders seeking to bring change to corporate environments, and meditators seeking to be of greater service in the world-at-large.

There are 4 basic understandings that are pre-requisites for this course:

1- We can only ever teach what we know deeply. Empowering oneself as a facilitator requires deepening one’s personal practice, and understanding facilitation as a sacred expression of presence.

2- Being of service as a leader or facilitator requires the willingness to “get out of the way” and allow oneself to be guided.. Being open to receiving guidance requires an understanding of the interplay of both the light and dark elements of the human experience.

3- The dominant paradigm follows a leadership model that affirms “power over” rather than “power with.” Practice offers a path for investigating and releasing collective biases that stem from patriarchy, colonialism, and individualism and that affirm the lens of separation, hierarchy and domination/subordination. We see these biases reflected in systemic oppression throughout our world and in a “top down” approach to leadership. The Heart of Listening offers a radically different approach.

4- We are living in an age of global uncertainty. The times we are living in provide a unique set of circumstances and an incredible opportunity to expand our embodiment of true nature, resilience, right action, acceptance, and collective healing.


This program acknowledges that many of us are navigating full schedules and demanding life circumstances. While some trainings are designed in a linear, rigorous way, this program is designed and led to be restorative and regenerative. There will be a small amount of mandatory practices and reading offered between sessions; however, it is designed not to be overwhelming. There will be optional assignments and readings for those participants who have more free time. This program emphasizes relational forms of knowing and care for our bodies and beings as we learn.

Topics include:

  • Getting Out of the Way: Deepening Your Commitment to Leading from Presence, Rather than Ego

  • Mindful Inquiry: Learning to Assist Others Through Their Own Organic Transformation

  • Developing Both Soft and Fierce Compassion: Deepening Your Capacity to Hold Space for Difficult Emotions and Unmetabolized Pain

  • Cultivating True Humility and Genuine Confidence on Behalf of the Collective

  • Learning How to Address the State of the World: Making the Connection Between Personal Practice, Systemic Biases, and Collective Healing

  • Authentic Power and Post-Patriarchal Leadership: Shifting the Paradigm from Power Over to Power With in a Complex World

  • Cultivating Deep Listening and Learning to Attune to Both Individuals and Groups

  • The Balance of Conscious Allowing and Conscious Boundaries Required to be a Transformative Presence in the World

  • The Courage and Skill Required to Teach from Your True Voice

  • Right Action and the Integration of the Inner and Outer Work Required to be a Change Agent in Our World

  • Topics will also include self-care, personal sustainability, and avoiding burnout; creating sacred space, helping people to address shadow work through love and courage, power dynamics, and more. Time and space will be built in for the specific topics that you wish to have covered and address. Racial affinity groups will be held for certain topics.

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February 2, 2025 @ 9:00 am PST
August 17, 2025 @ 10:30 am PST
2350USD – 3600USD
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Facilitated by
Deborah Eden Tull
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