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The Soul Journey: Living Your Purpose in The Great Turning

Online Event

This 4-month journey follows the Spiral journey of the Work That Reconnects. Practices and guidance are curated to support participants in growing connection with the truth that they were meant to embody in this world. Together and during solo time, we will explore our own unique ways of relating with and being in the world, uncover the roadblocks that hinder true expression, and build emotional resilience and authenticity. As we learn to receive guidance and support of Soul, we begin to move through life from a place of gratitude that also acknowledges the challenges we face, while maintaining a sense of balance and purpose.

A Foundation of Wholeness: 5-Week Work That Reconnects Full Spiral Workshop

Online Event

In this 5-week series, we'll journey through the Spiral of the Work–Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New Eyes, and Going Forth. Together, we'll remember the value of our emotional landscape, embody our unique contribution to the world and reconnect with our inner resources, to support our navigation of these chaotic times of great possibility.