Sunny Hill, association for a sustainable culture of living, is a space of cooperation, innovation, and supportive environment for research, education and active practice of sustainable development.

Association Sunny Hill organises workshops, retreats, conferences and events immersed in pristine nature, away form the hustle and bustle of the cities but still, only half hour away from tourist centers at Slovene and Croatian Adriatic coast.

Cooperative Sunny Hills of Istria offers the venue. 200 years old traditional building where the events take place was fully renovated in 2016 and exhibits sustainable solutions such as compost toilets, reedbeds for wastewater treatment, clay plasters and more.

Cooperative and association are entangled in a vibrant community that hosts long and short-term volunteers who help with the household, maintenance, gardening and whatever is on the to-do list at a time. Cooperative members, volunteers and long-term guests live and work together in luxurious simplicity following four guidelines: agreement of people, harmony of space, resonance of life, and joy of co-existence.