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Date: 08/10/2020
  • Music
  • Deep Time
  • Going Forth
  • Ancient and Enduring Spiritual Traditions
  • Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes
  • Honoring Our Pain
  • Grounding in Gratitude
  • Undoing Oppression
  • Transforming Our Relationship with Power
  • Elders
  • Activists
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Youth

“Remember Me” by Wildchoir

This song is a prayer for life. That we may wake up to the our holy responsibility – in every thing we think, say, or do. A prayer to protect the sacred, which is everything with a beating heart, everywhere and through everyone water flows on this small rock, dancing through the galaxy. Even now, amidst the Great Unraveling, the “take and the take and the take,” the murder of unarmed Black children, the clear cutting of old growth trees thousands of years young, the robotic wasteful mundane everyday deaths of late-stage capitalism, the persistent poison of colonial mind on a land that can never be owned – amidst all this we can: “be remembered | back into the order of things | remember me to this earth mama | a dream of a woman | becoming a grandmother tree | in it she says to me | kindness is honoring | kindness | everything else is condescension.”

Contributor/Author: Wildchoir